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Implements from A to Z

by Patrizia Menicucci
January - February 2021 | Back

First edition for the Assomao Directory, the association of implements manufacturers set up in 2012 as part of the product category structure of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (FederUnacoma).

There are over 150 associated companies that express an Italian sector of great excellence, that of agricultural equipment, with 240 product categories that include devices for irrigation, tillage, first processing and preservation of products and for livestock farms, crop protection, harvesting, sowing, transplanting and fertilization, and handling and transportation.

By virtue of the geomorphological structure of the Italian peninsula, with territories alternating between plains, hills, mountains, and swampy and drought-prone areas that have required manufacturers of agricultural machinery to design and build devices capable of operating in the most diverse settings, the Italian machinery sector is able to offer technical solutions for agricultural work in the most varied territorial contexts at all latitudes. 

The Directory contains productions and contact data of all Assomao companies and a corporate profile with product data sheets and images of 21 manufacturers. The publication, which can be accessed online in a browsable and downloadable version on the Assomao and FederUnacoma websites, will be made available to all those involved in the mechanical-agricultural supply chain and at industry trade exhibitions.


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