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The green economy in times of crisis

In order to cope with climate change, health emergencies and geopolitical instability, Europe has long relied on strategies aimed at sustainability. The BRANCHES project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme has collected a large number of virtuous examples of circular bio-economy in agriculture. These models show a remarkable capacity to withstand the adversities of our times and bode well for the future

Wood chips from Short Rotation Forestry with low mechanisation intensity

For smaller surface areas, the use of a less intensive mechanisation of the key operations of the cultivation cycle, such as harvesting and uprooting with stump grinding, can be a versatile and rational solution. The positive experiences already gained in this setting in central and northern Europe are very encouraging

Miscanthus for local pellet production

Miscanthus is a biofuel that can be efficiently grown in marginal soils with a non-intensive cultivation technique. Partly due to the reduced collection humidity, the biomass obtained is particularly suitable for pellet production

Energy, the exhibition dedicated to biomasses

Renewable energies and the circular bio-economy will be in the foreground at the Bologna exhibition centre with the "Energy" show, an open-air demonstration area between halls 35 and 37, where visitors can see machines for processing and treating biomass in action. During the five days of the exhibition, there will also be space for in-depth thematic studies with meetings promoted by the organising partner ITABIA

EDP, the meetings of the "energy" section

The program of events to be held in the virtual platform of digital EIMA includes three important meetings dedicated to research and experimentation activities in circulare economy and renewable energy. Of particular importance is the event dedicated to presenting the European Project Enabling results focused on enhancing "bioproducts"

Different mechanized sites for harvesting biomass for pruning in Southern Italy

A mulcher produced by Peruzzo di Curtarolo (PD) was used to collect pruning residues from various tree crops. By measuring the multiple harvesting parameters and comparing the different productions, it has been possible to establish the most efficient mechanized supply chains. The citrus fruit harvesting site showed the best production capacity, followed by the pear and apple tree sites

Mechanization and biomass production: a multimedia training course

As production resumes after the stoppage caused by the pandemic, great opportunities emerge for the green economy, but the primary sector needs workers in the field. With this in mind, the Ministry of Agriculture has funded a training course, available for free online, on the mechanization of the supply chains linked to bioenergy

Biomass and circular economy, a challenge for South of Italy

Decarbonizing the economy is a crucial step to combat climate change. Agriculture is the optimal context for putting into practice the principles of the circular economy, activating innovative crops and supply chains and minimizing the impact on the agro-ecosystems. Mechanization also plays an important role in this, and Agrilevante will be an opportunity to deal with the issue thoroughly

Biomass, a campaign against fakes

Sustainable progress must be supported not only on the economic level, but also on the cultural level. For implemeting works of public interest it is necessary to promptly inform and involve the communities of the territories concerned. In the absence of adequate participation processes, there is a risk of also blocking virtuous initiatives due to fears based on unfounded news. With this in mind, Itabia, together with FederUnacoma and the Nuova Energia magazine, launched an information campaign during EIMA Energy "So much rubbish about biomass"

Biomass, a strong point for the circular economy

The residues left after agricultural and agro-industries operations work are sources for generating energy and these prospects are becoming more important. The development of this supply chain requires efficient and integrated mechanization as is emerging in the technologies exhibited in the EIMA Energy Salon and through the program of public meetings to enliven the spirit of the five days of the Bologna exposition

Biomass for India, a winning choice

In India, where most of the population lives in small villages, the ability to create the conditions for widespread production of electricity from renewable sources at a local level is a winning choice. In the specific case of energy from...

Mechanization and adding value for woody agro-forestry biomass for energy use

Work on the "green economy" has generated income and jobs throughout Europe. There is still very great potential associated especially with agricultural and forestry biomass for the production of energy but steady support for research and a more ample distribution of mechanization are required. The mechanization industry is today capable of manufacturing harvesters and forwaderes, chippers, shredders and bundlers along with basic machines to make the bio-energy supply chain more efficient and productive

Bioenergy: policy agenda in Italy and in Europe

Europe is looking to the 2030 consolidation of the idea of a future economy increasingly attentive to environmental questions. The new objectives set by the European Council for the use of FER, energy efficiency and climate-altering gas emissions mark a further but slight acceleration towards a green economy. The worlds of research and industry are intensifying the dialogue for a change of pace for opening new horizons in the field of the bioeconomy. These are issues which will be given thorough treatment on the occasion of EIMA Energy

Agroenergies in the spotlight, with a new dedicated Salon

During this edition of Agrilevante, the Salon AgriforenergyMed devoted to bioenergies attracted attention

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