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Tree pruning and felling in the city

Tree pruning and felling in urban contexts are necessary practices to fix planting errors and diseases also due to stress and climate change. The Agroener project analyzes work times, costs, and technologies of 33 work sites in urban green areas

Campagnola double click technology makes pruning easier

The Stark L and Stark M shears with plug-in battery, manufactured by Campagnola (Zola Pedrosa, Bologna), have been enhanced with the innovative "double click" system that allows the blade opening to be changed quickly and intuitively. In most of the...

Pruning in the vineyard: the suckering machine

Suckering consists of the elimination of unfruitful shoots. Although there is a chemical pruning technique, the most common technique adopted in vineyards is the one that includes the use of mechanical suckering machines, crucial tools for improving and speeding up operations

The easy handling of the new Campagnola pruners

News from the Campagnola brand. During EIMA Digital Preview, the Emilian company (the headquarters are in Zola Predosa, in the Bologna area), specialized in the production of pneumatic and electrical systems for pruning and harvesting, presented three products from the...

Different mechanized sites for harvesting biomass for pruning in Southern Italy

A mulcher produced by Peruzzo di Curtarolo (PD) was used to collect pruning residues from various tree crops. By measuring the multiple harvesting parameters and comparing the different productions, it has been possible to establish the most efficient mechanized supply chains. The citrus fruit harvesting site showed the best production capacity, followed by the pear and apple tree sites

High-performance mechanization for valuing pruning residues

The agricultural waste handling, which has always been a burden for farms from an organizational and economic perspective, can now constitute a valuable resource if the residual material is used as an energy source. Mechanization makes it possible to use this resource conveniently. Still, technologies must be chosen according to the specific needs of each company. The choice of the most suitable site is, therefore, crucial

Line 44 Campagnola, the complete range for pruning

Campagnola celebrates its sixtieth year of activity by launching, at EIMA International, a line of electrical equipment dedicated to pruning. As the company based in Zola Predosa (Bologna) explains, the models of the Line 44 series make up an integrated...

Pruning shears and branch loppers

Among the maintenance procedures to perform in agriculture and groundskeeping lopping off branches and pruning are those done most frequently. Traditional tools for performing manual operations have been extended to models run by vacuum and electric and hydraulic equipment. The choice of a model depends on the type of work and the thickness of branches to cut

Oregon presents PS250 model pruning pole saw

The new cordless Always Ready telescopic pole saw by Oregon was a star in the Sabart stand at the EIMA International exposition. The PS250 Oregon, designed for precision and power, is the latest model in the manufacturer’s 36V Cordless Tools...

Pruning – Easy and Safe

Vineyards, orchards and other trees need dry, winter pruning if they are to produce the desired yield. While maintaining the desired shape of the tree, pruning also decides how many buds should be left for the following year, a key factor in the quality and quantity of production

Greening highways: reasonable maintenance

The biodiversity of highway greenery must be preserved through sound crop practices and this means reasonable maintenance. Mowing, brushcutting and pruning are the main operations involved for which ranges of specific and efficient machinery and equipment are available

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