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Campagnola double click technology makes pruning easier

by Emanuele Bredice
July-August-September 2021 | Back

The Stark L and Stark M shears with plug-in battery, manufactured by Campagnola (Zola Pedrosa, Bologna), have been enhanced with the innovative "double click" system that allows the blade opening to be changed quickly and intuitively.

In most of the professional tools on the market," reads a note from the Emilia-based company, "changing the opening requires the use of a special button that requires a time delay to allow the tool to adapt to the new configuration. Campagnola's engineers have designed and patented the "double click" system, which allows the blade opening to be varied from 70% to 100%, simply by two quick presses of the trigger and with no waiting time.

But the quick-change aperture system is just one of the many advantages of these shears, which offer steel blades, an LCD screen to check the cuts made, long operating times (thanks to lithium batteries) and freedom of movement thanks to the absence of cables.

The Stark M electric pruning shears - notes the Bologna-based company - can cut branches up to 32 mm in diameter. Stark L, on the other hand, is the largest plug-in battery model by Campagnola: the blade opening allows it to cut branches up to 37 mm in diameter, making it a versatile tool that can be used in olive groves, ornamental plants and citrus orchards.

Both Stark L and Stark M - Campagnola concludes - can be mounted on an extension pole to reach higher branches.


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