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Campagnola olive harvesters, comfort ed efficiency

by Emanuele Bredice
January 2024 | Back

looking for innovative solutions, the Campagnola company of Zola Pedrosa, in the province of Bologna, is also investing in electric equipment for the olive harvesting sector, which now sees the launch of two new olive Always harvesters, Alice Star and Master. An evolution of the Alice model, Alice Star was designed by Emilian engineers for professional use. The machine is equipped with a brushless Power 58 Plus motor, which guarantees high performance and low maintenance. Alice Star's rakes operate at three speeds (1080, 1150 and 1180 rpm), which are kept constant by the electronic motor management. Among the pluses of the new harvester is an electronic system (switchable), which accelerates the speed of the rakes in the working phase and slows it down in the rest phase. The low weight of the tool is evenly distributed thanks to the position of the motor unit in the lower part of the extension pole, which balances the weight of its harvesting head. The machine can be powered by a Li-Ion 700 lithium-ion backpack battery, a standard 80/90 Ah - 12 V car battery, or alternatively by the Energy 4 portable electric generator specifically designed for olive harvesters. The Master model, on the other hand, is designed to facilitate the operator's freedom of movement. The equipment is equipped with a 350 W brush motor, positioned on the upper part of the extension pole. Power is supplied to the harvester by the ENERGY4 electric generator or by common 80/90 Ah - 12 V car batteries. Harvesting is performed by a double comb with opposing lateral movement, equipped with robust carbon teeth and can be combined with telescopic carbon or aluminium extension poles. The total absence of vibrations, together with the high ergonomics of the handle with three gripping points - says the Emilia-based company - promotes operator comfort. The use possibilities of the tool are extended thanks to its compatibility with telescopic extension poles, also made of carbon or aluminium, of 150-220 cm or 185-270 cm.


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