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The performance of the BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher

FAE is launching on the market the BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher, designed to be used on skid steer loaders with power ratings between 45 and 65 Hp. The new machine from the Trento-based company - its headquarters are in Fondo (Trento)...

Fidenza, the "green dream"

The vast gardening and forestry project of the Emilian municipality was presented at EIMA. In just a few years 175,000 square metres of new urban greenery were created, of which over 46,000 covered by woodland. New projects are in the pipeline for a city that aims at full sustainability also in the energy and mobility fields

FAE forestry mulchers: the BL system

New FAE applications for forestry forage harvesters with Bite Limiter (BL) technology.     This is the BL4/EX/VT model, suitable for shredding logs up to 30 cm in diameter, compatible with excavators from 18 to 25 t and available with working widths...

MAXIFORST, the new forestry mulcher made by SEPPI M.

Medium-and high-powered forestry mulchers are a valuable aid in forestry and environmental care. Lately, these machines have also been used for cleaning and felling pest-ridden plants that infest forests. For this work, performance is not the only important element. There...

Sabart expands its range

A spring full of news for Sabart, the Reggio Emilia-based company of the Emak Group, including the launch of the new Extreme line under the Forestal brand and the expansion of the range dedicated to irrigation thanks to the partnership...

BL2/EX/VT, a mulcher for demanding jobs

FAE expands the range of professional mulchers for excavators equipped with Bite Limiter technology. This is a market segment in which the Fondo (Trento) company is already present with the BL1/EX model, which has quickly become one of the most...

Forestry winches: technical characteristics and applications

The winch is an absolutely indispensable piece of equipment for a business operating in the forestry sector, and is offered on the market by many manufacturers. The prices vary depending on the product characteristics, and are within the reach of both forestry companies and the agricultural farms that do sporadic forestry activities

SSH-SSH/HP forestry tiller, quality and power

In the forestry tiller segment, FAE presents the new SSH-SSH/HP with fixed tool rotor, for tractors between 160 to 500 horsepower. As explained by the company from Fondo (Trento) on its website, this is a model designed for heavy duty...

Quality and performance for Gandini Meccanica chippers

In the exhibition stand of Gandini Meccanica - Mantuan company based in Guidizzolo with a strong specialization in the chipper market (more than 7 thousand machines produced compared to a catalogue composed of over 60 models) - the spotlight is...

Innovation and sustainability in forest activities

The definition of the optimal mechanization level of the forestry site must take into account many parameters, including the environmental ones. National forestry businesses need machinery suitable for the terrain and for the extent of the area

Shredders and milling machines, technology for forests

Designed to carry out operations of arrangement and maintenance of the wooded areas, the shredders and milling machinery represent a particularly interesting segment in the field of agricultural mechanics. The difference between a forest shredder and a forest milling machinery is that, while the former is used for shredding trees, bushes, cutting waste and piles of branches, with the latter it is also possible deeply mill and crush roots and stumps

Consolidated Text on woods and chains forestry

With a long-awaited provision, the national forest sector can be relaunched by stimulating active forest management through modern governance, sustainable production, infrastructure creation and knowledge transfer. The text is the result of a constructive dialogue between policy and industry stakeholders, aiming to ensure environmental and landscape protection, the development of new "green economies" and employment growth

Machinery and technology for precision forestry

Technological progress in forestry mechanization over the past decade had led to a significant increase in the competitiveness of timber brought down from mountain woodlands, typical in Italy, compared to users in the flatlands and hilly areas of North Europe. The development of innovative worksites with techniques and highly efficient machinery now ensure interesting margins for lower the cost of timber, optimizing the safety of workers and limiting the impact on woodlands to a minimum. This is the challenge of the SLOPE Project financed by the European Union with an authentic technical-scientific contribution provided by Italian partners

Fire prevention: maintenance experiences in Siena

The results of trials carried out by DREAm Italia in the regional forest of Merse have been published. These covered types of vehicles, costs and operating conditions tested to derive parameters for the effective construction of fireroads

High performance for the Merlo forestry machines

At the exhibition in Hanover, the Cuneo brand presented two new tool-carrying tractors, ideal for road and forest maintenance. These are models MM 135 MC and the flagship MM 350 X, powered by a vigorous Deutz 7,800 cm³ , capable of delivering 350 horsepower

Forestry: types and models for specific mechanization

Mechanical engineering industries manufacture a wide range of machinery for work in the field of forestry. Systems for harvesting timber and biomass have become increasingly technologically advanced but the choice of machinery depends on the specific requirements of the worksite and environmental conditions in which operations are performed. Important new developments have been achieved through the collaboration of the specialized industries and university and research institutes

Mechanization and adding value for woody agro-forestry biomass for energy use

Work on the "green economy" has generated income and jobs throughout Europe. There is still very great potential associated especially with agricultural and forestry biomass for the production of energy but steady support for research and a more ample distribution of mechanization are required. The mechanization industry is today capable of manufacturing harvesters and forwaderes, chippers, shredders and bundlers along with basic machines to make the bio-energy supply chain more efficient and productive

Tecnomeccanica srl: innovation and safety

The Turin company has risen to the fore in the Turin industrial district through the manufacturer's application of innovative to production. Tecnomeccanica machinery is known for reliability and durability and especially for great attention to the safety of the operator

BOSTER: the international forestry event

The first North East Fiera BOSTER running from 6 to 8 June in Pian Cansiglio in the Province of Belluno in the Veneto Region marks the creation of a new trade fair project focused on the wood production chain....

Wood chippers: a necessary technology for forestry economy

In logging and in areas where clearcutting is carried out it is now necessary to leave a clean area behind after this work has been performed. The most convenient method is to chip or reduce the logs felled. The chips produced can be used as fuel, for the production of chipboard panels or compost. Manufacturing industries now market a wide range of wood chippers suitable for the requirements of various work operations

Two Pezzolato plants for processing fire wood

Two systems for processing firewood built by the manufacturer Pezzolato are on their way to the Verona exposition. The first is the Tl 1000 Professional designed for handling bundles of wood of various lengths and diameters. Using this machine...

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