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Falc, integrated solutions for shredding

After EIMA 2022, the bestsellers from Falc, a company located in Faenza, in the province of Ravenna, make a stop at Agritechnica. In the exhibition spaces of the company, the spotlight is on the Spit Green Hydro professional shredder-mulcher. It's...

TL 50 shredders safety

In the field of side mulchers, Alpego introduces the new TL 50 range, three-side machines designed to be combined with the tractor in the rear position. These models are intended for professional use on extensive green areas, uncultivated surfaces, roadsides,...

New Emak shredders, designed for heavy duty use

The latest novelty from Emak for the green maintenance sector is a heavy duty shredder capable of working in all those situations where it is problematic to intervene with traditional models of lawn mowers, flail mowers and mowers. The new...

L9 flex, the shredder that fears no obstacles

A powerful and stable mulcher with variable trim for large areas, these are the main features of the L9 flex branded Seppi M. The heart of the new machine is the PENTALINK system, a device with two additional stabilisers connected...

LAND/P, high performance for the new Berti shredder

The Bolognese event showcases the new LAND/P folding shredder designed by Berti Macchine Agricole, a company from Caldiero (Verona) with a high level of specialization in the field of soil tillage machines. The latest addition to the Berti brand sees...

Shredders and milling machines, technology for forests

Designed to carry out operations of arrangement and maintenance of the wooded areas, the shredders and milling machinery represent a particularly interesting segment in the field of agricultural mechanics. The difference between a forest shredder and a forest milling machinery is that, while the former is used for shredding trees, bushes, cutting waste and piles of branches, with the latter it is also possible deeply mill and crush roots and stumps

Shredding of lawn grass

The maintenance of lawns presents different technical needs depending on the quality and intended use of the surfaces. The mechanical industry creates specialized machines, with various types of engines, able to carry out targeted operations, optimizing consumption and maintenances

XPRO and Dual, the super shredder by Berti

Berti Macchine Agricole attends Agritechnica 2015 ready to present its new products and some models already known to the general public, but enhanced with technical features that provide greater efficiency during the various work phases. In particular, visitors to the...

The Unika shredder from Falc, ready for Hanover

Falc is unwrapping their brand new open field front or rear shredder, the Unika, at Agritechnica 2015 in Hanover. The Unika was designed to provide contractors and farmers with a high performance instrument for shredding operations on crop and pruning...

FreeLand, the Falc rotary plow making a debut

Falc in Faenza, near Ravenna, has been at work in the agricultural mechanization sector for more then fifty years and is now getting ready for the important SIMA appointment in Paris with two new soil preparation machines geared for the...

Shredder MU2 by Vigolo

The MU2 shredder built by Vigolo in Alonte, near Vicenza, was designed for cutting up vine branches, grassy residues and other small to medium plants and is suitable for small  to medium size agricultural enterprises as well as big farming...

FALC Fast, the fast lane to baling

Designing a machine to chop up forage and line it up for a baler is easier said than done, as the R&D staff at Faenza-based FALC can testify.Working at the FALC factory not so far from Ravenna, they are used...

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