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FALC Fast, the fast lane to baling

by Giovanni M. Losavio
october/november 2013 | Back

Designing a machine to chop up forage and line it up for a baler is easier said than done, as the R&D staff at Faenza-based FALC can testify.

Working at the FALC factory not so far from Ravenna, they are used to designing farm tools that are solid, reliable and high-performance. After all, they've been doing it since 1960, when the company was created.

But the stakes were higher when they were asked for a chopper capable of creating a swathe of forage immediately available for the baler's pickup.
Positioning the forage directly in the right size rows also means a significant reduction in costs as- well as the production of cleaner feed for animals and for biomass plants.

Another by no means insignificant advantage is that higher quality chopped forage reduces the risk of causing mechanical breakdowns, lowering maintenance costs and lengthening the life cycle of the various machines used on the crop.

The Fast has an augur to achieve its quality product. The operator can also set up two forage rows close to each other if need be. The working width is from 3.2-5 meters, the latter being foldable for highway transport. The power needed ranges from 70-180 HP.

The company also pointed out that the Fast models with an augur could be transformed quickly and easily into standard choppers depositing the chopped forage on the ground as it comes.

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