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MEPs at EIMA: a policy for specialised crops

A delegation of ten parliamentarians visited the agricultural machinery exhibition. A conference, a guided tour and a round table were the programme of an event that highlighted the role of fruit and vegetable crops, which are increasingly important for the market and the profitability of the primary sector

Irrigation controllers for gardening

Horticultural nurseries, greehouses, public and private parks, road trees, gardens, sports fields and golf courses, etc. There are many areas where irrigation controllers are successfully used in conjunction with a wide range of sensors for better management of watering operations

Advanced distribution for centrifugal fertilizer spreaders

In addition to an excellent control of distribution with traditional solutions, the new technologies related to fertilizer spreaders allow a profitable application even adopting the Variable Rate Tecnique, one of the cornerstones of precision agriculture. On the best models, different ways to control the distributed dose are available

Burying and spreading slurry of agricultural origin

The management of manure is a fundamental problem for livestock farms. Burying slurry is a good solution, able to limit emissions of ammoniacal nitrogen in the atmosphere and the spread of unpleasant odour. Systems with different characteristics and uses, produced by important industries in the sector, can be employed today, with significant advantages for both disposal and distribution on the ground of fertilizing substances

The subsoiler does not go out of fashion

To ensure an optimal circulation of air and water, soil preparation (both traditional and minimum tillage methods) still avails itself of a periodic deep slicing, carried out with a subsoiler

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