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Burying and spreading slurry of agricultural origin

The management of manure is a fundamental problem for livestock farms. Burying slurry is a good solution, able to limit emissions of ammoniacal nitrogen in the atmosphere and the spread of unpleasant odour. Systems with different characteristics and uses, produced by important industries in the sector, can be employed today, with significant advantages for both disposal and distribution on the ground of fertilizing substances

Sustainable distribution of slurry and digestate

Slurry spreaders have been quickly adapted for the need to distribute products of various origins on fields even with site specific methods while improving performance in maneuverability, safety and comfort, especially in transport

Mutti Amos: high tech range for slurry treatment

Mutti Amos Macchine Agricole located in Asola, near Mantua, is strengthening the manufacturer’s success by putting on the market a full lineup of slurry tank trailers with capacities from three thousand to thirty thousand liters, all with galvanized tanks and...

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