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EIMA Digital Preview to boost the market

The first half of 2020 meets the forecasts and confirms the sharp stop of the Italian market. Major falls across all the main types of machinery; the downturn occurred mainly between March and May. Recovery is possible for the second ...


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EIB initiative for agriculture and bioeconomy

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is jointly controlled by EU countries. Its purpose is to increase the European potential in terms of jobs and growth and to support initiatives to mitigate climate change and promote EU policies outside its borders....

R.I.V.E, the viticultural exhibition moved to November 2021

The third edition of RIVE, the International Viticulture and Enology Exhibition organized by Pordenone Fiere in partnership with FederUnacoma, moves to the end of 2021. Scheduled from 26 to 28 January next year, the event was postponed to 3, 4...

Instability in Sardinia, a complex issue

The region is among those most exposed to geological risk and has potentially good economic resources to carry out the works. However, the distribution of responsibilities between the different bodies and the mechanisms for allocating funds and launching construction sites are holding back the projects’ implementation. This also affects the mechanization front, since the failure to start up the construction sites is holding back the development of demand for specific agricultural machinery and equipment

Iran and sanctions: the current state of play

From 2018, following the withdrawal of the United States of America from the so-called Nuclear Agreement, the mistaken belief that Iran is also under embargo by the European Union and, consequently, is forbidden to enter into commercial transactions with it, has spread among economic operators. In this article, the current state of play on international sanctions against the country

Emak cordless lawnmower, up to 1000 m2 of range

The end of the lockdown marks the launch on the market of four new battery-powered lawnmowers by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia): the Oleo-Mac Gi 48 P and Gi 48 T models (with a cutting surface of 600...

Sustainable viticulture is digital

The viticulture sector, especially with its top-tier productions, has always demonstrated that it is at the forefront of the adoption of new technologies and advanced systems. The skills required today include those related to the use of digital systems, which require specific skills and define new professional roles

Innovative equipment for olive growing

Olive growing plays a very important role in Italy, both for the quantities produced and for the quality of production. The search for solutions that optimize the processes has led to the creation of super-intensive systems. Instead of the traditional single plants, these have production walls, where the cultivation operations are fully mechanized

Biorefineries tested by an Operational Team in Tuscany

The COBRAF project – Biorefinery co-products, approved by the Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 of the Tuscany Region, promotes the launch of a solid model of bioeconomy, starting from four oilseed crops: camelina, hemp, safflower, and flax. All species that have been grown for thousands of years in Europe, but which are yet innovative for the current Tuscan cultivation system. These crops, which are extremely interesting from a nutritional and healthy point of view, need modern mechanization to optimize the yields of the supply chains related to them

Alliance Forestar 644, a forestry tyre

A little over a year from its debut, the Forestar 664 tyre sees the launch of three new models in sizes 710/40-24.5, 710/55-28.5, 780/50-28.5, which join the classes 600/50-22.5, 710/40-22.5, 600/55-26.5, 710/45-26.5, 750/55-26.5, 800/40-26.5 already available on the market. This...

Campagnola: the lightweight pruning shears of the Green line

For over 60 years, Campagnola has been engaged in the design and manufacture of equipment that improves the quality of work, both for professionals and hobbyists. It is with hobbyist in mind that the Bologna-based company has created the new...

Maxo, a compact and agile tool holder

Handling of materials for the construction or agricultural sector, road maintenance work for the road segment, but also greenery care for the municipal area. The loaders, designed and manufactured by Cast Group, a Venetian company based in Mirano (Venice), are...

iCUT3, a tool carrier for extreme conditions

A remote-controlled vehicle to work in the most critical conditions. We are talking about the iCUT3 tool carrier powered by a 40 horsepower 3-cylinder Isuzu engine, created by the Emilian company Ferri (the headquarters is in Tamara, in the Ferrara...

M Series loaders, versatile and lightweight

Range expansion for John Deere front loaders. After the launch of the R series, dating back five years, the US company launches four new models for tractors up to 155 horsepower. These are the M series loaders, versatile and lightweight,...

Kuhn VB 7100 round balers: performance and durability

Great news at Kuhn. The French company launches the new series of variable chamber round balers VB 7100, intended for large farms and contractors. The models in the VB 7100 range are high-performance work tools, capable - the manufacturer specifies...

Massey Ferguson, new MF 4700 M models

The three new Massey Ferguson models are finally on the market, taking the baton from the current MF 4700 Series. The new series, called MF 4700 M, is equipped with the latest AGCO Power Stage V three-cylinder 3.3-litre engines, with...

Plant protection treatments: Virtual Terminal Hydra 590

News from MC Elettronica. The company from Fiesso Umbertiano updates one of the key products in its range of technologies for plant protection treatments. We are talking about the Virtual Terminal Hydra 590 monitoring system, which is compatible with sprayers,...

Forty years of innovation, the Braud milestone

The Braud New Holland grape harvesters turn 40, and the heart of these innovative machines is the Noria system. Here is a brief history of this machine. Founded by Alexandre Braud in 1870, Braud launched its first self-propelled grape harvester,...

TM1000 Trelleborg, traction and durability

A tread designed to increase the machine’s transmission power and operating efficiency and, at the same time, to minimize soil compaction. This is the strength of the innovative TM tyres created by Trelleborg, which made their debut last February at...
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