Information on the mechanization of agriculture, gardening, components and multifunctionality.
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Tractors, European market down at the start of the year

After a strongly profitable 2021, the first quarter of the new year saw a slight contraction for the European tractor market, which lost 5.3%. Nevertheless, demand for agricultural machinery continues to remain at high levels. War in Ukraine, rising raw ...

May - June year 2022 / nr. 5-6

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Trade with Russia: ongoing restrictions

EU measures launched following Russia's aggression against Ukraine do not only concern the direct export of products, including machinery, but also the shipment to countries that do not adhere to sanctions and can therefore triangulate goods towards the Russian Federation. The insertion of clauses in contracts to ensure that goods are not subject to restrictions is of particular importance
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Dealers, Climmar's new structure and programs

Numerous changes for Climmar, the confederation representing international dealers in machinery and equipment for primary activity and green care, which is seeing its senior management, articles of association, and headquarters renewed, with a series of new activities making their debut

Tractor of the Year, rendez-vous in Bologna

The event that rewards the best tractor of the year is scheduled to take place at the EIMA in November. Award ceremony on the first day of the exhibition and dynamic show of the finalist models in the large arena set up inside the exhibition centre

High-tech drought-fighting systems

EIMA Idrotech is the exhibition specialising in technologies for water management in agriculture located within the great exhibition of agricultural mechanics, and already with 210 exhibiting industries, the show offers answers to the water emergency that is now affecting all Italian regions. In the first four months of this year - according to CNR data - the amount of rain has halved compared to the average of the last thirty years

Gardening machines, good market levels

Sales figures for gardening and landscaping machinery and equipment indicate a decline (-7.4%) in the first three months of the year after the record growth recorded in 2021. Variables related to weather trends and industrial raw material supplies may influence the market in the coming months, although forecasts for the end of the year indicate still high sales volumes

Biomass, a resource to reduce energetic dependence

Against the dramatic backdrop of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we must not lose sight of the strategy to decarbonise Europe. At the invitation of the FREE (Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency) Coordination, a group of experts met to discuss the italian energy model

The technological evolution of combine harvesters

Combine harvesters are operating machines that have been manufactured in their current configuration since the first half of the 1900s. They have their origins in fixed-point threshers. As a matter of fact, their development has been uninterrupted, both mechanically and from the (more recent) mechatronic point of view. The current models are highly sophisticated, resulting in a combination of high work capacity and high-quality results

X Series, John Deere expands its range

John Deere adds two new models - the X9 1000 and X9 1100 - to its combine range. The X-Series is designed to deliver top performance in difficult conditions and with high volume and moist straw. The X9 1100 -...

The innovative technology of New Holland's CR Revolution

the combine segment, one of New Holland's flagships is undoubtedly the CR Revelation range. This is a line of machines that, as the manufacturer itself points out, has been designed with the aim of offering a high harvesting capacity (+10%...

Success for the 2022 Agriumbria trade fair

Among the spring agricultural shows, Agriumbria makes a comeback, bringing to life the exhibition spaces of UmbriaFiere with all the latest innovations for primary activities and a large number of professional and amateur visitors

Machinery for forest fire prevention

Maintenance work on forest areas, such as fire tracks, among others, is increasingly important in light of climate changes. These increase temperatures and reduce rainfall, exposing forest canopies to fire risk. A wide range of specialized machinery and equipment is the necessary support for prevention efforts

Fixed tanks for agricultural diesel fuel storage

DM 22.11.2017 set out the rules for installing agricultural diesel fuel fixed tanks appropriately. From tank placement on the farm to maintenance, all regulations provisions to prevent fire or fuel spillage

Pazzaglia, innovative technologies for nurseries

The growth path of Pazzaglia, a Tuscan company based in Pistoia and active in the design and manufacture of nursery machinery, follows that taken in the last century by many companies in the agro-mechanical sector, which later became important players...

Tritone Big Cingo, the new Ceccato Olindo biochipper

The Tritone Big Cingo tracked biochipper is one of the latest new products brought to market by Ceccato Olindo, a company based in San Giovanni delle Pertiche (PD) and active in the agricultural machinery sector since 1889. The machine is...

Irrigamatic, irrigation by Matermacc

Making the most of water, through irrigation machines and systems. It is with this objective in mind that Matermacc offers to the market the electric control units of the Irrigamatic range, applicable on self-propelled sprinklers. In particular, the advanced systems...

The "digital life" of Walvoil spa

Avaiable online since last May for the general public, the virtual platform Walvoil Home allows you to travel inside the products and activities of Walvoil spa, a company of the Interpump Group, specialising in the design and production of hydraulic...

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