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A multi-tasking area at EIMA International

In the setting of the great review of agriculture engineering scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna Pavilion 33 III will host an EIMA Digital space and the EIMA Desk and EIMA Campus. The first of the three ...


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An ideas factory for EIMA 2018

FederUnacoma organized a day of work in Reggio Emilia dedicated to analyses and proposals for further strengthening the international agricultural machinery exposition scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna. Taking part in the event were 140 FederUnacoma industries representatives which enlivened work on agriculture 4.0, the agro-food supply chain, the components and gardening sector and new criteria for furnishing the trade fair quarters

Specialized and mechanized, Enovitis 2018

The Emilian vineyards of Il Naviglio di Fabbrico (RE) host the dynamic Enovitis in Campo event, which has reached its 23rd edition. Machines and equipment for the various processes necessary for the cultivation of vineyards at work. Among the collateral events, several conferences and the two awards Innovation Challenge and Vote the Tractor

Gardening: the first quarter freezes purchases

The prolonged winter weather in Italy in the first quarter of 2018 reduced the demand for machinery and equipment for gardening and the maintenance of greenery. Comagarden, the manufacturers association, expects to see the recovery of sales over the year thanks to bonus tax breaks for restructuring gardens and green areas. In the meantime, preparations are moving ahead for EIMA Green, the salon on gardening scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna for 270 specialized industries

Mowers with driver on board, an innovative segment

This type of machines, mainly used for professional maintenance, has a wide range of solutions both for the engines and for the cutting decks. From the petrol engine to the electric and hybrid motor, from the front cutting deck to the ventral or lateral one, the industry offers the most suitable means for the most different applications

EIMA Show, the big event of agriculture 4.0

From July 13th to 15th appointment in Casalina di Deruta with the field tests for EIMA Show. Three dedicated areas: one for haymaking, one for tillage, the third for combine harvesters. Besides the focus on technologies for agriculture 4.0 and precision farming - increasingly digital - the thematic insights, as well as the historical tractors will be highlighted, and there will also be a musical parenthesis with a folk group

Agriculture, the future is digital

The technical agenda of AEF, the association that gathers and coordinates researchers and activities in the field of digital agriculture and Isobus systems and precision technologies, has become increasingly widespread. AEF's President, Peter Van der Vlugt, interviewed by Mondo Macchina, highlights the wide range of activities, and the need to standardize the operating systems realized by the companies working in the area, in order to optimize their use and develop the market

Advanced distribution for centrifugal fertilizer spreaders

In addition to an excellent control of distribution with traditional solutions, the new technologies related to fertilizer spreaders allow a profitable application even adopting the Variable Rate Tecnique, one of the cornerstones of precision agriculture. On the best models, different ways to control the distributed dose are available

Agri-food companies strengthened by the crisis

Stronger, innovative and export-oriented. Italian agri-food companies are strengthened after the long recession that hit the country between 2011 and 2016. This fact is supported by a Nomisma study that makes a check-up of the sector to assess how the country responded to the challenge of a crisis that lasted more than five years.

Shredders and milling machines, technology for forests

Designed to carry out operations of arrangement and maintenance of the wooded areas, the shredders and milling machinery represent a particularly interesting segment in the field of agricultural mechanics. The difference between a forest shredder and a forest milling machinery is that, while the former is used for shredding trees, bushes, cutting waste and piles of branches, with the latter it is also possible deeply mill and crush roots and stumps

The Antonio Carraro bestsellers at Enovitis in Campo

The Series R of the most compact and narrow range of tractors in their category is certain to draw special attention. Also highlighted will be the Tony 10900 TR model, an isodiametric tractor with a steering chassis and a variable, hybrid-hydrostatic-mechanical transmission

BCS, Volcan L80 takes to the field

The Lombard Group, present at Fabbrico (RE) for Enovitis in Campo, showcases its full line of specialized tractors for vineyards. The spotlights are aimed at the Volcan L80, available in three versions; AR, RS and Dualsteer

Spray Veg, the new Caffini sprayer

Time for new products in the Caffini house, with the debut of Spray Veg, a sprayer designed for range IV horticultural crops. Suitable for greenhouse or open field work (on 4 rows) and equipped with asymmetrical hydraulic bar (three working...

Caron new series with Euro 6 engines

The Vicenza-based company Caron continues developing its range with the renewal of the transporter series. The CT models with rigid axles and CTS/CTA, equipped with overlapping triangles suspension, self-levelling and lockable on both axles or only on the front axle...

Model Farm, a partnership dedicated to productivity

Model Farm is the name of a project launched by Maschio Gaspardo to create strong synergies with companies in the primary sector through a full immersion into products of the Paduan company. It is no coincidence that the watchword chosen...
MACHINE BUILDING 25 - 30 settembre 2018 Plovdiv (Bulgaria)