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Agricultural machinery, market at top performance with the commodity uncertainty

Between January and August, sales grew in all the main markets. In Italy, tractor registrations were up 45% compared to 2020, driven by the digitalisation of the primary market. Raw material trends weigh on future trends

October year 2021 / nr. 10

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European policies, a 'turning point' autumn

The new CAP will be put to the vote in November, with environmental and social sustainability as qualifying points. In the "Farm to Fork" perspective, Italy and Europe can become leaders of a highly qualitative agri-food system

EIMA International, agricultural machinery on track

1,350 exhibiting industries, 350 of which from abroad, are expected in Bologna from 19 to 23 October for the 44th edition of EIMA International. The great exhibition of agricultural machinery, the only one in the sector scheduled for this year, is back in-person after the closures dictated by the health emergency

EIMA ENERGY, planned initiatives

Focusing in particular on agricultural and forestry biomass - which is a very important resource that can meet a significant part of Italy's energy needs, if properly used - the exhibition offers a complete overview of both the bioenergy chain...

Alpego technology, all the qualities of the "Agile"

Agile is an innovative machine designed by Alpego of Lonigo (Vicenza), for mechanical inter-row weeding in wine-growing crops. It consists of five elements (supporting frame, traversing system, tool group, transmission, accessory parts). The supporting structure consists of a main frame...

Babini technology: Sirio all-terrain forklift truck

Restyling is on the way for the Sirio all-terrain lift truck which, available in the 20.4 and 27.4 Stage V models, is offered by Giorgio Babini SRL of Longastrino (Ferrara) with even more innovative constructional solutions than the previous versions....

BCS presents the new Stage V ranges

After the teaser presented at the EIMA Digital Preview, the BCS Group is ready to launch on the market its new range of specialised tractors with Stage V engines and a brand new mid-range tractor with high technological content and...

Bonsegna tanker lorries, also in version 4.0

A range of machines designed to meet the needs of livestock, olive and service companies. Presented at EIMA 2021 by Bonsegna of Nardò (Lecce) which, in addition to many types of agricultural trailers, can boast in its catalogue a line...

Capello technologies in the spotlight at EIMA

Pro Connect, one of Capello's bestsellers, present at EIMA International 2021, is an integrated system designed to manage workflow according to 4.0 standards. Pro Connect is compatible with all headers produced by the Cuneo-based company and works independently of the...

Celli's new products for tilling

Celli participates in EIMA International with the main new products and the most successful machines of a range that today counts about 100 models of 10 different types. In particular, the spotlight is on the new EV lateral displacement rotary...

Clim.air.50, featured at EIMA a line of wood chip dryers

A counter-flow dryer for baled forage, equipped with an innovative wood chip burner and a new feeding system. This is the main innovation that Clim.air.50, a company based in Santa Giustina in Colle and operating on the international market, is...

Dragone, the safe mechanical weeding

Dragone's mechanical weeder CR16 is designed for row crops, i.e. vineyards, orchards and hazelnut groves where, in addition to the need for optimal weed control without damaging the plants, there are also problems with working in difficult conditions, for example...

Faresin, innovation at the service of productivity

Among the protagonists of EIMA 2021 is one of Italy's most active and dynamic businesses, a company that has become an international player in the mixer wagon and telehandler sectors. We are talking about Faresin Industries, a company that took...

ZMGE, performance and strength for the new Ferri mulcher

Last September saw the start of the marketing of the new ZMGE side mulchers by the Emilian company Ferri (headquartered in Tamara, in the province of Ferrara) intended for farms and contractors. The new range, highlighted at EIMA 2021, consists...

Sprinter seeder, reduced costs and working time

Frandent, a company based in Osasco (Turin) and active in the design and manufacture of power harrows, tedders and rakes, is expanding its range with a seeder that will make its first official appearance at EIMA in October. Available in...

TeleCrawler13S, Hinowa signs electric platform

The TeleCrawler13S is the latest Hinowa product, and it will make its debut in Bologna during EIMA 2021. It is a lithium-ion tracked platform - it has a horizontal outreach of 6.4 metres - capable of reaching a working height...

Cultirapid NXT, the new MA/AG subsoiler

Preview at the 44th EIMA for the “Cultirapid NXT” subsoiler from MA/AG, the company from Casalbuttano (CR) that has been producing agricultural equipment since 1976 and has specialised in the construction of innovative solutions for minimum tillage and conservation agriculture...

Mascar, new products for the whole range in Bologna

Mascar, based in Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza, Italy), will attend EIMA International with many top products, as detailed below. Multiwrap 130.  This round baler with a fixed roller chamber stands out for its high level of baling with any product. ...

McCormick X7 SWB in the sign of innovation

One of McCormick's main novelties for Eima International concerns the X7 range in the new Short Wheelbase (SWB) versions, which will be presented in Bologna with the new Stage V engines with HI-eSCR2 (DOC+SCRoF) exhaust gas treatment. The most innovative...

Nardi, a presence in style

Four flagship products are on show at Nardi's Bologna stand, starting with the Strasem electronic and pneumatic precision seed drill from 50 to 250 Hp. The machine features a gear-driven sowing disc drive, rotary chamber, magnetic disc, ISOBUS control system...

EIMA 2021, in the spotlight Nobili's new "electric" model

Moving from the virtual to the real. After their official launch, which took place last November on the EIMA Digital Preview platform, the two pieces of electric equipment- the E-SPRAYER and the E-MULCHER– developed by NOBILI from Molinella (Bologna), will...

Olimac, innovative solutions for corn harvesting

At EIMA, Olimac will be presenting the DragoGT and Drago2 corn headers and the latest addition, DragoGold, winner of the EIMA International 20-21 Technical Innovation Award for its innovative hydraulic stalk chopper. All the mechanical components of the Drago header...

Ortiflor, an upgrade for TSP and TSAP

Ortiflor is a company specialising in the design and manufacture of machines that can bury stones, clods of earth and surface vegetation and prepare a clean and level seed bed. Behind Ortiflor there are generations of innovators, so much so...

Pellenc brushcutters, effective in every situation

Powerful and manoeuvrable, durable and multifunctional; these are the main characteristics describe the new Excelion 2 battery-powered brushcutter by Pellenc, presented at EIMA 2021. The Excelion 2 is at its best in all situations, from clearing brush to intensive mowing...

PTH ALL ROAD, Pezzolato launches its series production

Following the first prototype started in 2015 and the subsequent low-volume production, the series production of the PTH ALL ROAD kicked off in January 2020.  A self-propelled chipper approved to circulate on the road at 80 km/h, powered by a...

6000FP BIG, the Repossi swath rake cuts costs

At EIMA 2021, the stand of Repossi, of Casorate Primo (Pavia, Italy), will be showcasing the 6000FP BIG central mounted swath rake, which can be coupled to the tractor in the rear or front (in the latter case the machine...

ROC's RT 1150, the "alternative" windrower

It is named RT 1150, the ROC windrower that stands as a machine ready to revolutionize the concept of raking. The RT 1150, in fact, has a distinctive feature, which is the harvesting system: Unlike conventional rakes, which drag the...

Selvatici, 4.0 solutions for soil working

Selvatici of San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) has implemented the Agrismart 4.0 system on its 150.150, 150.200, 180.250, 220.250, 180.350 and 220.350 series spading machines and all bivanga models in the 150.150, 180.250 and 180.350 series. This platform has been...

Sicma: a specialized range for soil working

A new tool-carrying machine for working between rows of vines and orchards. It is presented at EIMA International by Sicma from Miglianico (Chieti) that widens its range of working soil machinery with this new entry. The latest Sicma machine has...

The new Skimmer lopper by Tecnoagri

At the EIMA International, in the exhibition spaces of Tecnoagri, a company from Romagna based in Conselice (Ravenna), the Skimmer lopping bars designed for the maintenance of bushes, hedges, trees and orchards are on stage. Easy to handle - the...

Tierre expands its range with Hydro Pantera

The Padua-based company Tierre (headquartered in Curtarolo), which specialises in the design and construction of agricultural flail mowers, recently extended its range with the Hydro Pantera hydraulic model, which is intended to be fitted to track-loaders and skid-loaders . It...

Bioenergy and ecological transition

Bioenergy should be recognised as having the capacity to reduce energy dependence by replacing fossil fuels with those derived from residual biomass, which is useful in terms of circularity. Short supply chains for the supply and exploitation (energy and/or industrial) of biomass stimulate the local economy, especially for mountain and rural areas, thanks to the national industry that expresses excellence in the manufacture of machinery and the provision of services

Saffron, towards mechanized harvesting

Saffron, with a price which can reach 35 euro per gram, is one of the most expensive spices on the market. Hence, over the years, its cultivation has attracted an increasing number of operators. And the research for its progressive mechanization is growing up

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