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EIMA 2020: organizational machine already on track

The requests for participation in the next edition of the great Bologna event are proceeding at a record pace. Among the innovations announced is an international event dedicated to Technical Innovations and a competition that rewards the quality of the ...


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EnoliExpo, a project with wide perspectives

The next edition of EnoliExpo, the biennial exhibition dedicated to wine and olive oil production chains, was presented to Agrilevante and will be held in Bari from 19 to 21 March 2020, organized in partnership with FederUnacoma. The synergy with the association of manufacturers will highlight the importance of machinery and mechanical technologies for olive and wine production, products of excellence of our country and of the Puglia region

EIMA Agrimach, a driver for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery takes place from December 5 to 7 in New Delhi. Organized by Ficci and Federunacoma, the event takes place at a particularly dynamic moment in terms of development of technologies and policies for the primary sector

Indian cooperation, a successful reality

The drivers that push the country’s growth are solid, and the number of tractors sold in 2018 is unparalleled. However, the formula for the development of industrial relations in the agricultural mechanics sector is not so much the export of finished products as the joint venture and the creation of local production facilities, in close contact with the realities of the various territories

76 In dustrial Graphics Evolution, the expansion abroad starts from India

Mondo Macchina meets Fausto Mazzali of 76 Industrial Graphics Evolution, who presents to the readers of the magazine the activities of the Emilian company in India. The headquarters of Decal In is in Pune, one of the most dynamic and vital cities of the Indian economic system

ADR, the Pune plant covering the Indian market

The Lombard company ADR has been present in India, in Pune, since 2016 with a factory specialized in the production of axles and suspensions. The city of Maharashtra is a hub of the Indian automotive sector and is therefore an ideal location for ADR’s local activities

Carraro India, turnover takes off

The Italian Group has had a presence in India for over twenty years in deproduction of axles and The Italian Group has had a presence in India for over twenty years in deproduction of axles and transmissions. In 2018 the results were record-breaking and the Indian market now is the first for the Carraro activitiestransmissions. In 2018 the results were record-breaking and the Indian market now is the first for the Carraro activities

Maschio Gaspardo, a complete range for India

The Italian manufacturer has developed products in line with the needs of Indian agriculture, even if the production carried out locally is partly intended for foreign markets. The VIRAT rotary tiller, specific for horticulture and fruit growing but also for greenhouses, was awarded by the jury of ITOTY

Fendt 9442 Vario: Tractor of the Year 2020

The Fendt 942 Vario is the Tractor of the Year 2020. The prestigious prize was awarded at Agritechnica by an international jury composed of journalists specialized in the agricultural machinery sector. The balance was tipped in favour of the Vario...

Mechanization issues: the rich agenda of the Club of Bologna

Rendezvous no. 29 for the experts of the Club of Bologna who in Hanover, on the occasion of Agritechnica, talked about sustainability, electrification and specialized forage machines. The thirtieth meeting of the association will be held in Bologna, during EIMA 2020, together with the IV edition of the Pellizzi Prize

Powertrain Mild Hybrid, the hybrid by Carraro

Among the many innovations presented by Carraro at Agritechnica, the leading role goes to the hybrid power supply technology for specialized tractors, the Powertrain Mild Hybrid, which provides the synergistic work of a combustion engine and an electric one.  The...

Comer Industries, advanced solutions for components

As per tradition, the Comer Industries from Emilia presented the most innovative solutions for the component industry at Agritechncia. Below are the main innovations launched in Hanover. Transmissions for self-propelled misters. With their two-stage gearboxes, a maximum output torque of...

The new Mazzotti products for vegetable crops

In its space at Agritechnica 2019, the Mazzotti company (RA) presented three models with updated engines, made by John Deere. The IBIS 2530 is a light self-propelled machine dedicated to vegetable crops. Configurable in different ground clearances and whellbases, it...

Prinoth technologies for forestry work

Hanover offered a stage to the technologies created by Prinoth (the company is based in Vipiteno, in the province of Bolzano) for the agricultural and forestry sector. These are the flagships of the Alto Adige company. Raptor 500. This is...

AirSpray, the precision sprayers

At Agritechnica, the Bologna company Toselli (headquartered in San Giovanni in Persiceto) presented the complete and updated range of its AirSpray sprayers, which have been on the market since the early 1990s. The longevity of this line of machines can...

Trimble, high technology for precision farming

  From tractors to equipment, from the fields to the offices, the Californian company Trimble (the headquarters are in Sunnyvale) presented its technologies for agriculture at Agritechnica. Its solutions, the company explains, allow farmers and consultants to solve the complex...

Gardening: the weather trend damages the market

After a very positive first quarter of 2019, sales of machinery and equipment for gardening and garden care recorded constant declines during the year, due to climate and weather anomalies. The wave of bad weather that characterized the autumn period will lead to a sharp slowdown in maintenance, making it possible to forecast year-end results in decline compared to the final balance of 2018. There are good prospects in the medium and long term, as a result of the growth of green areas in urban areas, destined to also include rural areas where agricultural and multifunctional activities can be carried out

Training courses for green space operators: EIMA Green Academy is born

A training project carried out by Comagarden in collaboration with specialized schools for gardeners and maintenance workers is presented in Milan. Some educational modules and an "educational tour", organized as part of the international EIMA Green exhibition (November 2020), complete a training course that offers more in-depth knowledge in the mechanical and technological field. The training's topic strengthens the interest around the Bologna exhibition, which continues its preparations at a record pace

The new Cifarelli blower is ergonomic and silent

The latest addition at Cifarelli, a company based in Voghera (Pavia) specializing in the manufacture of shoulder sprayers, shakers and vacuum, is a battery-powered portable blower. It is the Ewind BB55 model, a cordless machine which extends the range of...

Autonomous vehicles, the new frontier of mechanization

Tractors and self-propelled machinery driven by highly automated systems and robots used for different functions represent the new generation of agricultural machinery. The process of automating some functions has been underway for some time, but in recent years the development of electronic systems and artificial intelligence has made great progress and already enables the production and management of computerized means and robots for many different applications
LAMMA 07 - 08 gennaio 2020 Nec, Birmingham (UK)
LANDSCAPE ONTARIO CONGRESS 07 - 09 gennaio 2020 Toronto (Canada)
IRAN AGRISHOW 14 - 17 gennaio 2020 Teheran (Iran)
AED SUMMIT & CONDEX 14 - 17 gennaio 2020 Chicago, Il /
SWISSBAU 14 - 18 gennaio 2020 Basilea (Svizzera)
INTERNATIONAL GREEN WEEK BERLIN 17 - 26 gennaio 2020 Berlino (Germania)
POLAGRA-PREMIERY 18 - 21 gennaio 2020 Poznan (Polonia)
IFEX 20 - 22 gennaio 2020 Tokyo (Giappone)
AG DAYS 21 - 23 gennaio 2020 Brandon Keystone Centre - Manitoba (Canada)
AGRO+MASHEXPO 22 - 25 gennaio 2020 Budapest (Ungheria)