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Tractor market: Europe is down, the United States is growing

Sales of tractors on the European continent decreased by 10%, with particularly marked declines in France, Germany and Italy. In the global landscape, the positive trend of the US is confirmed, with sales in Brazil and Russia recovering. The market ...


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Italian market downsized in 2018

After the effect of the Mother Regulation, which triggered a race for registrations in 2017, pushing the market beyond its actual capacity, tractors sales in Italy are back to 2016 levels. Registrations have also declined, as far as other types of machines are concerned, and for the new year, the effects of the general negative economic trend are feared. In order to support the sector, the provision of the EU RDP funds continues, together with the € 35 million re-allocated by INAIL for the purchase of agricultural machinery with high safety standards

Paris SIMA Show, technologies and projects for innovation in agriculture

The French agri-business show, a traditional appointment for agricultural mechanization, takes place from February 24th to 28th. For the first time ever, an Italian exhibiting area organized by FederUnacoma is hosted at the event. The interesting schedule of the show is mainly focused on electronic devices, with a view to the Startups implementing services for agricultural enterprises

Arag-Ynnova, technologies for agriculture 4.0

After the debut at EIMA International, the new Arag-Ynnova partnership also makes a stop at the SIMA in Paris, where the most innovative solutions for agriculture 4.0 take the stage. The technologies developed by the Venetian company (the headquarters are...

Spraymax wagons, high technology for weeding

The Spraymax range of weeding wagons already presented in preview by Bgroup at EIMA International, makes a stop at the SIMA in Paris. This is a line of machines equipped with single-girder chassis, single shock-absorbed rear arm and the innovative...

Tiger 190 by Celli, an organic rotary tiller

At the Sima in Paris, the spotlight on the “organic” version of the Tiger 190 rotary tiller. This is a model designed by Celli of Forlì, with mechanical solutions tailored for organic farming, such as the couple of twin front...

Salvarani technology for weeding bars

Present on the market for over 35 years, Salvarani began to produce technologies for the agricultural sector in a garage in Poviglio (Reggio Emilia), focusing mainly on the components sector. Since then, the company’s turnover has grown considerably (Salvarani also...

A high-tech line for pesticide treatments from Geoline

In recent years, the sensitivity of farmers to environmental protection issues has grown significantly, especially with regard to pesticide treatments. This is why Tecomec, a company based in Reggio Emilia, has developed a line of technologies under the Geoline brand...

Farm machinery theft, 300 million in business

In 2017 in Italy there were 9.114 thefts of tractors and of different farm machinery. The data are provided by Unacma, which reminds that in the last five years there has been a reduction in "jobs". But the business of tractor theft is still profitable, and Coldiretti estimates the damage caused to farms by agro-criminals to be around 300 million

Agrilevante, a very promising edition

The Bari event, organized by FederUnacoma from October 10 to 13, confirms the steady growth of the last few years. The credit goes to the technical contents, the wide range of products, the schedule of meetings and the international character of the event, which is specifically aimed at the countries of the Mediterranean basin

Costa Rica: energy and fertilizers from pineapple residues

The current management of crop residues in Costa Rica's pineapple plantations is a serious problem, while going forward it could be an opportunity for sustainable development. With this in mind, as part of the Extraordinary Promotion Plan for Made in Italy products, the Ministry of Economic Development has stimulated the establishment of an industrial partnership between Italy and the Central American country based on innovative mechanization in agriculture. This is a summary of the results of the preliminary tests carried out by CREA on machines found on site to optimize their performance in the field

The Club of mechanics met in Bologna

There was a record number of participants in the 28th meeting of the club of Bologna which took place during EIMA 2018. The main theme was the new technologies and services for the mechanized agriculture sector. The Pellizzi Prizes were awarded. The next meeting will be held in next November in Germany

Biomass, a campaign against fakes

Sustainable progress must be supported not only on the economic level, but also on the cultural level. For implemeting works of public interest it is necessary to promptly inform and involve the communities of the territories concerned. In the absence of adequate participation processes, there is a risk of also blocking virtuous initiatives due to fears based on unfounded news. With this in mind, Itabia, together with FederUnacoma and the Nuova Energia magazine, launched an information campaign during EIMA Energy "So much rubbish about biomass"

Semi-hayed forage wrappers

Compared to traditional haymaking, the wrapping of semi-wilted forage bales effectively creates mini-silos, with several advantages regarding the quantity and quality of the product. The wrapping machines on the market today offer various alternatives for carrying out this routine, including the simultaneous packing and wrapping, in many cases with a high degree of automation

Cingo haulers, the news for Merlo crawlers

Their name is Cingo and they are multi-tool tracked conveyors designed by the Cuneo company Merlo (the headquarters are in San Defendente) to offer primary operators multi-purpose and versatile work tools. The characteristic of the range, which is in the...

Ra-Rake, the winning tests of the new Repossi

Although they are still awaiting validation, the preliminary studies by the Milano1 University on the quality of forage collected with the Repossi Ra-Rake rake are decidedly positive. These tests revealed that the product treated with the innovative rake by the...
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