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Tractors: the global market is slowing down, yet the trend remains positive

In 2023, growth in the agri-mechanical market slowed, with double-digit declines in some countries. Geopolitical tensions, inflation and rising interest rates are the factors that have affected the sector

January year 2024 / nr. 1

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Agricultural machinery, the economy and geopolitics are holding back the market

Tractor sales fell over the past twelve months to 17,613 units (-12.9%). It is mainly the medium power ranges that are losing ground. Minus signs also for telescopic handlers (-3.4%) and trailers (-8.1%). Against this trend were combine harvesters (+10.2%) and tractors with loading platforms (+15.9%). The downturn is due to economic and geopolitical factors. FederUnacoma: demand for tractors is worth over 70,000 units, but is largely met by obsolete second-hand vehicles

EIMA International, the 46th edition presented in streaming from Bologna

The great agricultural mechanics event aims to confirm the success of 2022. Among the innovations planned by the organizers of FederUnacoma is the REAL area specifically dedicated to robotic technologies and a contest reserved for social communication. Already rich the programme of conferences and thematic events

The new Tractor of the Year formula

The prestigious international award comes to the 46th edition of the event with many new features, starting with the category for robotic tractors. Another novelty concerns the award for open-field tractors, which has been divided into two distinct power ranges

Global Warming: the compromise of COP 28

Countries from all over the world met in Dubai to fight climate change. It is essential to triple the production of energy from renewable sources and phase out all fossil fuels "in a just, orderly and equitable manner"

Mechanization, lights and shadows of the Spanish market

In the first ten months of 2023, the agro-mechanical sector experienced a two-speed trend. Sales of tractors and self-propelled harvesting machines fell, but those of equipment, particularly for tillage and seeding, grew

Subsoiling and chiselling in conservation agriculture

The deep tillage of soil is a periodic practice, to be carried out selectively, depending on the specific requirements. Sustainable management of agricultural productions involves the use of various equipment, such as subsoilers, chisels and cultivators, aimed at restoring the most suitable physical structure of different agricultural soil horizons

The aeroponic cultivation

Soil-less agricultural production methods, such as hydroponics and even more so aeroponics, allow significant savings in water and inputs, including pesticides, thus being compatible with the growing sustainability needs of the primary sector to reduce environmental impact and effectively tackle climate change

Antonio Carraro specialised tractors in the spotlight of Fieragricola

Antonio Carrato's exhibition space at Fieragricola showcases the specialized supercompacts of the Tora series. Available with power from 50 to 66 horsepower and specifically intended for professional use, Tora tractors are available with mechanical gearbox, a driver's seat on a...

Volcan 85 isodiametric tractors, BCS presents restyling

News coming soon for BCS 75 horsepower isodiametric tractors. The Lombard manufacturer (headquartered in Abbiategrasso, Milan) has in fact implemented the Volcan range with several technological upgrades that mainly concern the hydraulic system and the driver's seat, which has been...

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