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Italian market: growth in September

Positive balance for the month in all the main machine categories. Double-digit increases for tractors, which posted a generous +20.7%. Despite the recovery in September, the balance of the first nine months of the year is still in deficit, given ...


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Italian agricultural machinery: "useful and ingenious"

The institutional advert entitled "Agricultural machines, useful and ingenious", narrated by Luca Ward, was broadcast on the national networks Rai, Mediaset, La7 and Sky. Created by FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, the advert tells the general public about the strategic role of agricultural machinery. This is one of the Italian excellences, with a turnover of over 11 billion and about 100,000 employees
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FederUnacoma, new directors elected

The board members of the five industry associations that make up FederUnacoma, the Federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers, have been renewed. The members of the General Board have also been elected. Appointed on alternate years from the chairman and deputy chairman, the directors will remain in office for two years, renewable with a mandate that may be renewed

Gardening machines, market in recovery

The third quarter of 2020 closes with +19% in total sales compared to the same period of 2019. The growth in the July-September period offsets the collapse that occurred in the first part of the year, limiting the losses for the first nine months to -0.7%

EIMA Digital Preview at the starting line

Thousands of businesspeople from all over the world have already registered through the official EIMA website. Scheduled from 11 to 15 November, is the first exhibition after last spring's

EDP, a calendar full of events

While the virtual stands are being set up by the exhibiting companies and the registration of visitors to the EDP platform continue at full speed, the thematic events that will take place online during the exhibition, from 11 to 15 November, are also being defined. To date, more than 120 meetings are scheduled. Technological innovation in agriculture is the key theme of the exhibition

EDP, the meetings of the "energy" section

The program of events to be held in the virtual platform of digital EIMA includes three important meetings dedicated to research and experimentation activities in circulare economy and renewable energy. Of particular importance is the event dedicated to presenting the European Project Enabling results focused on enhancing "bioproducts"

Green operators: the importance of training

For gardeners, training is increasingly important and recognized in the face of market demands. EIMA Digital Preview offers two important conferences dedicated to the quality courses and the new professional role of groundsman

Multifunctionality and a "green" world at the heart of EDP

In the International Year of Plant Health, the virtual EDP exhibition, which is held online from, turns the spotlight on the issues of multifunctionality in agriculture and on the green universe, thanks to the "Cantieri Verdi" initiative, promoted by Biohabitat, includes a cycle of ten webinars and a symposium on the topic of urban green areas

The "Technical Innovations" contest debuts in the virtual universe of EDP

The 2020/21 edition of the "Technical Innovations" contest, dedicated to the technological innovations made by the exhibiting industries of EIMA International, starts with a first phase that takes place online on the EDP platform. In this initial round, 43 new solutions were awarded: 15 as "Technical Innovations", 28 as "Technical Mentions". Despite the difficulties created by the health emergency, participation in the competition was very high

High-performance mechanization for valuing pruning residues

The agricultural waste handling, which has always been a burden for farms from an organizational and economic perspective, can now constitute a valuable resource if the residual material is used as an energy source. Mechanization makes it possible to use this resource conveniently. Still, technologies must be chosen according to the specific needs of each company. The choice of the most suitable site is, therefore, crucial

The Agricultural Trailers Evolution

Growing needs for transporting products have led to a significant modernization of trailers, particularly in terms of safety and driving comfort. Braking, steering, and suspension technology have made significant technological progress

High technology in the Antonio Carraro specialized tractors

In the virtual exhibition spaces of the EDP, spotlight on the top models of the Antonio Carraro range. Here are some of the machine protagonists of the event. Tigre 3800 Supercompatto Top. This is a versatile specialized tractor designed to...

BCS news for agriculture 4.0

Constant competition on new industrial systems for agriculture requires, in order to be at the forefront, investments in research and development. The BCS Group meets the 4.0 agriculture challenge with an innovative system developed by its R&D division. It is...

Caron anniversary: a new brand identity

  The stylized face of a squirrel, with strong lines and a design with a high-tech flavour. This is the new logo that the Vicenza-based company Caron (the headquarters are in Pianezze) inaugurated for its 60th anniversary. To complete the...

Celli presents IDRA and renews the ranges

In Celli's virtual stand at EIMA Digital Preview it will be possible to preview the new IDRA shredder for hay (straw, corn stalks) and soybeans. The new machine from the Romagna company - lighter than the top model of the...

The CIMA kit for agriculture 4.0

High Tech news at CIMA. The Pavia-based company (headquartered in Montù Beccaria) has announced the debut of the agriculture 4.0 kit developed by its Research and Development department. The kit - explains the Lombardy company with a technical note -...

EK1, the compact tractors by Kubota

A new range of compact tractors for small producers and the amateur segment. Kubota launches the EK1 series, born from a collaboration with the Indian company Escorts Limited, which has been operating in the automotive and agricultural machinery sector since...

Series 4 and Series REX3 F by Landini, performance and manoeuvring agility

In the EDP's virtual spaces, the spotlight is on Landini's Series 4 Stage V, a range made up of light and efficient tractors that stand out for their comfort and are aimed at small to medium sized farms. The three...

TF110 and TF1600, the new Mascar hoppers

  For the Mascar company, the EIMA Digital Preview is an opportunity to officially present two new front hoppers. These are the TF1100 and TF1600, electronically managed models with GPS system, designed for both contractors and farms. Easy to configure,...

McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive, a range of high tech tractors

During EIMA Digital Preview, McCormick presents the best of its production, revealing the technological and design innovations that have always characterized this brand. The protagonists of the virtual stand are the X7 VT-Drive ranges in Stage V and X6 with...

One more award for Merlo's e-Worker

A new award for Merlo Group's multi-award-winning e-Worker electric telehandler. After receiving the gold medal for the Samoter Innovation Award in Verona and the Grand Prix Matériel in Paris, the Cuneo Group wins the Technical Mention at EIMA International 20/21...

Selvatici: "high tech" single and Bivanga spading machines

The single and Bivanga spading machines by Selvatici of San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) take up the challenge of agriculture 4.0 with the introduction of the AgriSmart 4.0 platform. Created by the Smartronic company, AgriSmart 4.0 technology provides a hardware...
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