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EIMA Agrimach, a platform for the Far East

The 2017 edition of Agrimach, the exhibition on agricultural machinery that will be held in New Delhi December 7-9, has been presented in Paris during the SIMA International Agribusiness Show. The fair is the point of reference for the Indian ...



Development of mechanization: a map of incentives

The RDP is, by far, the most substantial measure to finance the purchase of agricultural machinery. However, a detailed analysis by region reveals the existence of many other tools that, in financing interventions for the improvement of firms' productive and energy efficiency, also provide funds for the purchase of agricultural and forestry machinery

Operations: the importance of hoeing machines

For achieving excellent cultivation, especially for widespread crops, the careful aeration of the soil surface is required. There are differing technological solutions for this operation for various soil types and the specific requirements for each crop. The Italian industry markets a wide range of models which combine efficiency and flexibility

Mechanical and ecological, the weeder according to Badalini

The manufacturer Badalini takes great pride their machines for soil working and especially for weeding as demonstrated by the innovative Biodiserbatrice (Bioweeder) created by the Mantua company for a market increasingly attentive to respect of the environment, the health of...

Versatile and innovative the new Lamola hoeing machine

The Puglia manufacturer Lamola Costruzioni Meccaniche in Torremaggiore in the Foggia Province, specializing in soil preparation machinery, has brought to market a weeder designed to adapt to any inter-row cultivation and guarantee the best precision operations possible. The new weeder...

Rotosark, the new hoeing machine by Oliver

The Rotosark is a hoeing machine designed and built by the Veneto Oliver manufacturer in Engazzà di Salizzole near Verona to incorporate in one machine operations performed by three, an aerator, a ridger and, of course a mechanical weeder, designed...

Club of Bologna: evolution and perspective of global agricultural mechanization

The international assembly of agricultural mechanization experts performed their work last November in the setting of EIMA International. The numerous scientific contributions provided a look back to the mechanization evolution in the sector and brought out an updated picture of the salient issues for various regions around the world

The subsoiler does not go out of fashion

To ensure an optimal circulation of air and water, soil preparation (both traditional and minimum tillage methods) still avails itself of a periodic deep slicing, carried out with a subsoiler

Agriculture and territory: an appointment in Foggia

The agriculture of southern Italy that, in the last few years had a good performance in terms of quality and quantity, is on display in Foggia at the 68th Trade Fair of Agriculture and Livestock. Machinery, technical devices and services are on display in a sector that has still great development opportunities. The focus is on the local hydrogeological disruption and on the possible solutions provided by farms and the mechanical industry

Smart cities: maintenance and management of public green spaces

Urban green spaces in contemporary culture are no longer seen only as an aesthetic element, but also a factor in combating pollution, industrialization and anthropization. Maintaining green areas is a delicate balance between environmental and economic sustainability, which is why machines with electric motors are increasingly used

The new VT-COMBINE tires by Bridgestone

Greater load capacity, excellent traction, larger tread footprint, great durability, less soil compaction and comfort for the operator are the key features of the new VT-COMBINE tires introduced by Bridgestone. Designed for cyclic field operations, the VT-COMBINE with Improved Flexion...

Lemken, the balance sheet confirms levels reached in 2015

The German company closed 2016 with a turnover of 325 million euros, the same level reached in 2015. Lemken's performance in eastern European markets was very positive, while Germany and France recorded a standstill. New technologies make their debut in 2017, among them the Azurit single-seed drill

U-Drill Smart from Kverneland: agile and technological

Two new seed drill combination models are arriving with working widths of 3 meters and 4 meters to flank the 6 meter Kverneland flagship machine. Constant uniform depth, excellent preparation of the seed bed and the electronic distribution of seeds are the principal strong points of this new range of seed drills

MechFiber 345 SP, comfortable and efficient

The MechFiber 345 SP self-propelled diet feeder based on the self-propelled Pointer and Terrier cutter-mixer wagons by the Italian manufacturer Storti and Kennan made its debut at the Sima Show in Paris. The new self-propelled machine is equipped with a...
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Fontana srl, laser technology for ground levelling

The Piedmont company was set up in the mid-1970s for the production of machinery for the levelling of ground. This specialized manufacture of ground levelling machines expanded more recently to meet new demands for the geolocation of agricultural sites. All Fontana machines feature resistance, stability and modular construction
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