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Europe, market recovering over the year

The agricultural machinery market is showing positive signals for expectations of a general revival in during 2017 in the wake of problems experienced in the most recent seasons. Growth is seen in Germany and the UK whereas the French market ...


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Revision and training, a strategy for safety

The correct use of agricultural machinery and equipment at the centre of a conference at the Foggia Fair. Safety policy involves manufacturers in designing intrinsically safe machines, and involves users and dealer networks with specific awareness-raising and training initiatives

EIMA Show: technology for agricultural work

The demonstration of machinery and technologies for precision farming to be held in Casalina di Deruta at the end of July is coming up for presentation at Agriumbria. The grand event is organized by FederUnacoma, UmbriaFiere, Coldiretti Umbria, the University of Perugia, the Agriculture Education and Ce.S.A.R. Foundation in Perugia with the sponsorship of the Umbria Region. The new methodologies call for the deployment of satellite, IT and sensor systems as the new frontier of agriculture to enable the timely and scientific use or production components to benefit productivity and the environment

Precision farming, agriculture "close up"

Electronic and computer systems for the scientific management of agricultural work parameters represent the new technological frontier, which farmers in all the most developed countries are increasingly interested in. In addition to the advantages in strictly agronomic terms, precision farming systems allow businesses to produce at lower cost, with the ability to cope with those crises of profitability that nowadays regularly affect the global primary sector

From automotive to agricultural, the applications of the Ethernet system

Remote function control technology derives from the automotive sector, but can find important applications in agricultural machinery. Like in the automotive field, in agriculture too the use of digital cameras can improve the quality of work and the control of procedures, with positive effects also in terms of safety

Gardening: market stable in 2016, growing in 2017

In spite of the weather tending toward a scarcity of rainfall leading to the reduced vegetation of plants lowering the demand for machinery and maintenance, the 2016 balance sheet shows sales substantially in line with the previous year at a decline of 0.5%. Estimates based on the first quarter of 2017 point to an overall increase of 2% with significant gains for brushcutters, trimmers, leaf blowers and vacuums and robotic mowers. Comagarden President Franco Novello affirms that innovative technologies and new types of products are decisive factors for the industries in the sector which have to focus on professionals as well as private users and hobbyists

Comfort and performance with new blowers Emak

Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 backpack blowers, the most recent products brought to the market by the Emak Group, ensure maximum comfort for operators and top-flight performance for cleaning up urban greenery and providing support in agriculture as...

Enovitis, high technology for viticulture

The wine sector continues to be one the main protagonists of Italian agriculture. The hills around Verona will be the setting of Enovitis in the Field, the dynamic fair promoted by UIV and VeronaFiere, which will be held June 22 and 23, to showcase

Variable rate fertilizer spreaders

The goal set by the manufacturing industry is not merely the uniform distribution of fertilizer but providing it where it is actually needed and in quantities which are strictly necessary. There are now on the market systems capable of detecting in real time the real requirements of the soil

New Series R put to field trial

The new Series R with a 99 Hp engine is up for a warm welcome at the debut of the articulated isodiametric reversible tractor at Enovitis 2017 for the specialist's great maneuverability and comfort for the driver

Arag: new factory in Argentina

Arag in Rubiera in the Reggio Emilia Province, specializing in the manufacture of spraying accessories and the field of precision farming, inaugurated a new factory in Argentina in March. Taking part in the ceremony marking the opening of the plant,...

Anniversary CBM, fifty years of successes

An important goal for CBM, as a manufacturer in Modena specialized in agricultural machinery components since the 1960s, rising to success by extending ranges through partnerships and acquisitions to become a leader in the sector with a workforce of one thousand and annual turnover of more than € 150 million

Cifarelli, an italian story

Raffaele Cifarelli and wife Rita founded his company in 1967 in Voghera now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with a packed schedule of event planned to underscore the role played by intuition and creativity in the life of a manufacturing industry. The festivities are also intended as a look into the future bringing further development thanks to a new organization of the company

Wrapping, the new frontier of decoration

Wrapping is the complete or partial decoration of a vehicle or bodywork, generally applied to cars, buses or subway carriages. It can be achieved simply by painting the surface of the vehicle, but the current standard involves the application of...

Valtra series A: performance and respect for the environmet

The new tractor series coming to market by the Finnish manufacturer is equipped with the Stage IV 4-valve Agco Power diesel. This new generation Common Rail engine with the SCR system guarantees great powerful performance with full compliance with European Union emission standards without increased fuel consumption
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Thor, advanced timber processing technologies

Established in 1977 by Andrea Ricca, the Cuneo company has been able to gain momentum in the Piedmontese manufacturing field, focusing on the centralization of factory processes and the investments in a production sector that has experienced a real boom in the last few years
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