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Agrilevante, Mediterranean prospect

Manufacturers, visitors and business people will meet up at Agrilevante to learn of the most modern technologies for agriculture and the management of greenery. The program of these business-to-business encounters is planned according to geographic areas as organized by FederUnacoma ...



Mechanical trade fair: guide to themes

More than fifty public events will enliven the schedule of the international exposition of agricultural mechanization held in the capital city from October 12 to 15. The issues taken up in these assemblies will range from policies, finances and techniques with the promotion of FederUnacoma, the Puglia Region, the University of Bari, Unacma and ITABIA among others

Technical innovations, and Mentions 2017

On the occasion of the 2017 edition of Agrilevante, FederUnacoma has promoted the 5th edition of a contest for the recognition of Technical Innovation applied by the exhibitors. The purpose of the contest is to highlight the attention of the...

Technologies and digital systems for viticulture

Viticulture is one of the most important sectors in the agricultural sector, not only with regard to the added value of grape production and winemaking, but also with regard to the adoption of advanced cultivation systems. High-tech devices provide efficient and eco-sustainable processing, while the use of digitalized systems for precision farming enables the scientific management of all production parameters

Asian markets: the mission in Vietnam

Mechanization is the turning point for the modernization of the Vietnamese agricultural system, which has a great growth potential, but is still linked to a traditional type of production. The local mechanical industry is not able to meet the demand of agricultural machinery and equipment and for this reason the country approaches foreign technologies with interesting opportunities for the

harvesting also on slopes

Keeping productivity without compromising the quality of the harvest and ensuring a clean product is difficult, especially in operations on sloping terrain. Combining highly evolved manufacturing techniques and sensor and electronic systems have considerably helped achieving this objective. The top brand names producing combine harvesters rely on innovative and original solutions, often created by specialized supplier companies

Garden, advanced systems for irrigation

The irrigation methods used for green spaces are basically "sprinkler irrigation and "drip irrigation". The first type of system is mainly used for large areas, football fields, golf courses and parks, while the second is more suitable for smaller surfaces, such as hedges and flower beds. Nowadays, there are also automated systems that plan the water delivery according to the specific needs of each site

CIMA technologies for vineyard: forty years of history

For over forty years, CIMA has been taking care of crops by building low-volume pneumatic sprayers and pesticide dusters. The company was born in the heart of the Pavia province, initially dedicated to the protection of the area’s vineyards, then...

FAE forestry mulchers: the new UML/S/DT model

The FAE Group headquartered in Fondo, in the Trentino Alto Adige, specialized in forestry and agricultural shredders has presented the new UML/S/DT model forestry mulcher with a fixed tooth rotor system for tractors with power from 130 to 190 Hp....

Ideal: a prestigious anniversary

Seventy years of business and a passion for innovation are the goal that Ideal, a company engaged in the design and construction of machines and equipment for the protection of agricultural crops, celebrates in Bari at Agrilevante. The company from...
PROJECT IRAQ 23 - 26 ottobre 2017 Erbil (Iraq)
SAUDIBUILD 23 - 26 ottobre 2017 Riyad (Arabia Saudita) -
KAZAGRO/KAZFARM 25 - 27 ottobre 2017 Exhibition Center "Korme", Astana (Kazakhstan)
FIERA INTERNAZIONALE DEL BOVINO DA LATTE 25 - 28 ottobre 2017 Cremona (Italia)
INDAGRA 25 - 29 ottobre 2017 Bucarest (Romania)
ANIMAL FARMING UKRAINE 25 - 27 ottobre 2017 Kiev (Ucraina)
CIAME 26 - 28 ottobre 2017 Wuhan (Cina)
ANFD 26 - 28 ottobre 2017 Orange (Australia)
SIAMAP 31 ott. - 5 nov. 2017 Kram Exhibition Park - Tunis (Tunisia)