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Agricultural machinery: market recovering at the end of 2020

The sharp surge in sales in the last two months of the year made it possible to partially offset the collapse recorded between March and May due to the first pandemic wave and the lockdown. Final balance in the red, ...


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RDP: how commitment of expenditure are proceeding

Data on the state of progress of expenditure related to the Rural Development Programmes show an adequate level of use as of last December 31. Except for Apulia, all the Regions have hit the target, avoiding the decommitment of funds allocated by the European Union
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"Rex Operator Portal": a new platform for exporters

The portal has been active since 25 January, enabling the self-certification of the preferential origin of goods. The site makes it possible to issue a “proof of origin” to be affixed to the commercial or transport documents accompanying the goods. This procedure, which follows Brexit, will significantly streamline customs procedures between Great Britain and the European Union

Agricultural technologies: sales increase in the U.S.

Tractors close 2020 with a 17.7% increase, combines 5.5%. The market is benefiting from the flywheel effect induced by the increase in federal aid, which reached a new high of $37 billion. The first estimates for 2021 show positive results

Technical Innovations: the winners of the "second round"

Innovation will, once again, be the key theme of EIMA International, the great exhibition of agricultural mechanics that will take place in Bologna next 19 to 23 October. Organized by FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, the Bologna...

Snow emergency: vehicles for road safety

Snowplows, snowblowers, salt spreaders and sprayers are crucial to restoring the road system in case of snowfall. A wide range of machinery and implements, partly manufactured by the agricultural and gardening machinery industries, can meet the most wide-ranging needs, and help make roadways and urban areas safe

Minimum tillage machinery

The agricultural machinery industry provides effective solutions for carrying out minimum tillage operations. This cultivation technique reduces stress on the soil and keeps the organic substance, with advantages over time in terms of economy and sustainable tillage

Log splitter, core machinery of the bioenergy chain

With their many different versions, log splitters are crucial machinery for handling biomass aimed at direct combustion. The market size explains the presence of several brands and models in Italy. When choosing the model, it is necessary to evaluate the volume of material to be treated, how the machine is operated, the maximum diameter of the wood to be cut and the thrust force, and the resistance of the wood species to be processed

New ownership for Sigma 4

Changing of the guard at the helm of Sigma 4, a company from Romagna (based in Russi, near Faenza) specialized in the production of front loaders and agricultural equipment.  The Morra family, already owner of the Argo Tractors brand, took...

Vitis 2 Pro: from Dondi a versatile implement carrier

Vitis 2 Pro is a double inter-row implement carrier developed by Dondi of Bastia Umbra (Perugia) with the aim of making the most of the current specialized tractors. The flagship of the implement carrier created by the Umbrian team is...

Kosma seed drills: agile and efficient

New addition to the Kuhn stable. Kosma is the name of a series of pneumatic precision seed drills which, as the French manufacturer himself explains on its website, combines the precision of the Maxima seed drill range with the agility...

Phantom M120 NewPort20, treatments on four rows

  Phantom M120 NewPort20 is the name of the articulated sprayer designed by Martignani, a Ravenna company based in S. Agata sul Santerno, as an evolution of its first mounted sprayer model developed in the 1960s. Suitable for treating alternate...

Durable and versatile the MF "5S" tractors

Comfort, manoeuvring agility and a wide view of the work area. These are the strengths of the MF 5S series which sees the debut of five new models designed for the typical operations of livestock farms and for mixed processing,...

Pöttinger anniversary, 150 years of business

“Honour the past - be the future”, this is the claim that Pöttinger coined to celebrate 150 years of business, a century and a half that saw a small artisan company from Grieskirchen (Austria) become an internationally recognized manufacturer of...

The "eco" snow groomers by Prinoth

Hydrogen propulsion could soon replace diesel power in the snow groomer sector. The standard bearer of this innovation is the LEITWOLF h2MOTION model, designed by the Alto Adige company Prinoth (based in Vipiteno, part of the HTI Group), which has...

SAER L series, heavy duty pumps

A range of pumps designed for applications not only in the civil or industrial sector - where very high operating temperatures are usually reached - but also in the agricultural sector. We are talking about the L series, one latest...

Supersoil, the versatile mulcher & crusher from Seppi

A new version for the versatile SUPERSOIL by Seppi, which implements the technological equipment of its mulcher & crusher with the 2SPEED POWERSHIFT system. The innovation by the engineers of the company from Caldaro (Bolzano) simplifies the operation of the...
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