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MAXIFORST, the new forestry mulcher made by SEPPI M.

Medium-and high-powered forestry mulchers are a valuable aid in forestry and environmental care. Lately, these machines have also been used for cleaning and felling pest-ridden plants that infest forests. For this work, performance is not the only important element. There...

L9 flex, the shredder that fears no obstacles

A powerful and stable mulcher with variable trim for large areas, these are the main features of the L9 flex branded Seppi M. The heart of the new machine is the PENTALINK system, a device with two additional stabilisers connected...

Seppi M.: the new STAR-FC stump grinder

The STAR-FC rototiller by Seppi M. is an ideal tool for land reclamation and the stabilization of subsoil in tight spaces. Increased working width, increased engine power, and systems that facilitate job settings are the strong points of the new equipment

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