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MAXIFORST, the new forestry mulcher made by SEPPI M.

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2021 | Back

Medium-and high-powered forestry mulchers are a valuable aid in forestry and environmental care. Lately, these machines have also been used for cleaning and felling pest-ridden plants that infest forests. For this work, performance is not the only important element. There is also resistance to difficult working conditions, such as large quantities of brushwood in which stones and earth can be found, which affects the life of the machine. For these jobs SEPPI M. has decided to develop the second generation of the MAXIFORST forestry mulcher. Renewed in its technical content and design, the new mulcher combines reliability, ease of use and the latest technological innovations in the sector.

The new machine has been designed to be coupled to tractors with a power range of 300 to 500 hp, and is highly resistant to stress, guaranteed - says the South Tyrolean company - by the AR400 wear-resistant steel construction with the addition of Hardox plates in the shredding box, which can also be replaced at the end of the cycle. It should be noted that the slides, also made of wear-resistant steel, have interchangeable plates, a solution that avoids having to change the entire part, replacing only the worn section.

The transmission has been revised, the central gearbox has the ADAM alignment system, which allows the hydraulic inclination of the mulcher to better follow the ground contours, while the transmission of motion to the rotor is provided by a system of six V-belts per side. The MAXIFORST can be equipped with the M-TURBO hydrodynamic coupling start system (replacing the previous mechanical centrifugal clutches) and with a soft start of the rotor and better impact protection on the PTO of the tractor. In addition, there is a new ventilation system which, in combination with the integrated cooling system, protects the entire system from overheating, thereby improving the durability of the components. The temperature can be monitored at all times directly from the tractor, using ISOBUS technology already in the basic version.

The speed and quality of the cut are ensured, SEPPI M. emphasises, by the patented V-LOCK tool mounting rotor. Some of the advantages of this system are: less wear, better balancing, easier and quicker tool changes, cutting capacity of up to 60 cm in diameter, and the mounting of high-strength tools with tungsten carbide inserts which, in combination with the five rows of counter-blades, offer fine and uniform shredding.


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