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Agricultural machinery, market potential in Ukraine

Thanks to very favourable climatic and soil conditions, Ukrainian agriculture has great potential for development, but is lacking in terms of production technology. In addition to being obsolete, the fleet of agricultural machinery is undersized compared to the sector’s needs. Potential demand is estimated at 40,000 tractors and 5,000 combine harvesters per year
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Agricultural machinery: Italian industry betting on Asian markets

The new FederUnacoma president, Alessandro Malavolti, has named development of Asian markets as one of his priorities, especially for Far East countries with great demographic and economic potential and in need of technologies for improving agriculture productivity. Coming up in India in December is the international EIMA Agrimach appointment, the trade fair platform for the promotion of Made in Italy agricultural mechanics throughout the vast Asian regions
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The global challenges of agricultural mechanization

The demand for food is expected to increase in the near future, at a global level, not only to meet the needs of a growing population, but also to satisfy the qualitative evolution of diets, especially in developing countries. The introduction of innovative technologies is an unavoidable step for all agricultural economies, and thus the growth rate of machinery demand is an important development indicator of the primary economy
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Global markets declining, emerging markets in ferment

Agrievolution data on tractor sales signal declines in almost all the major countries' markets due to the downturn in income in the primary sector leading to reduced investments in the acquisition of machinery. According the findings of a FederUnacoma/Nomisma survey, some countries, especially in the Asian area, are showing a positive trend of growing mechanization demand in spite of unfavorable economic conditions
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Tractors: uncertainty for the world market

The figures published by Agrievolution on the first half year partly confirm the negative trend of the sector in the years 2014-2015. Tractor sales decreased in several European countries but also in China, Japan and Russia. Negative effects on Italian exports, that in May 2016 decreased by 4%. EIMA International could mark the divide between market's negative trends and the first signs of economic recovery
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Istanbul meeting: new mechanization geography

Traditional agricultural mechanization markets of reference provided a centerpiece for the fifth Agrievolution summit conference with a focus on five Central Asian republics. Also highlighted was the agricultural mechanization market potential of the African continent
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New markets: the agricultural turn taken by the United Arab Emirates

The plunge of oil prices and slowdown of China's growth have carried repercussions to the Persian Gulf states requiring them to diversify their economies. Arising against this backdrop is a new United Arab Emirates strategy aimed at such sectors as tourism, services and especially the management of trade in the agri-industrial sector

Indonesia: an arcipelago of opportunity

The Indonesia of today is a leading Southeast Asian economy and ranks sixteenth at the world level and is also the world's fourth largest country for population. With economic growth behind only those of China and India, a land with riches of raw materials, an increasingly stable democracy and economic policy focused on investments, this country is a reservoir of opportunity for Italian industry

Agricultural machinery in Iran, the market can bounce back

Lifting sanctions could be worth eight billion euro for Italian manufacturers. The need to renew the machinery inventory and increase the productivity of agriculture offers good prospects for market penetration also in the agricultural mechanization sector

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