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Agricultural machinery, the novelties of EU Regulation

The new legislation, which amends the 2006 “Machinery Directive”, came into force last June, at the end of a complex negotiation process started in 2021. For agricultural machinery manufacturers, the regulation will apply from 20 January 2027
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Agricultural machinery, lights and shadows in the European market

The first half of the year, albeit with significant national differences, shows substantial stability in the European tractor market, confirming the high sales volumes seen in the same period last year. In the second half of the year, a drop in demand is expected due to falling farm incomes and reduced 4.0 incentives
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Tractors, European market down at the start of the year

After a strongly profitable 2021, the first quarter of the new year saw a slight contraction for the European tractor market, which lost 5.3%. Nevertheless, demand for agricultural machinery continues to remain at high levels. War in Ukraine, rising raw material prices, and logistics problems are the main unknowns for the coming months
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Market at its peaks in the first half of 2021

Europe ended the first half of the year with 25% growth compared to the same period in 2020. All European countries are in the black. The raw material crisis is weighing on the market, but demand remains high
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Tractors, European market growing in 2019

Positive closing balance for the tractor market, which concludes 2019 with an increase of 5% over 2018. The medium-low power ranges, which account for 52% of the more than 191 thousand vehicles sold last year, are growing. The coming months are overshadowed by a great uncertainty: the unknowns linked to the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic

Mechanization: the prospects for development in the Old Continent

The historical task of agricultural mechanization has been to increase productivity and make work less tiring. These basic objectives have been achieved and today Europe offers a particularly advanced agriculture concept. However, new challenges, such as those of the quality and healthiness of production, environmental sustainability, and the reduction of greenhouse gases, call into question agricultural mechanization and envisage a new phase also in terms of research and technological development

Tenders for the supply of agricultural machinery: the EU budget in 2018

For the agricultural and landscaping machinery and equipment sector, 773 tenders were published in 2018, a significant increase compared to 2017 (+18.3%) and compared to the average for the 2015-2017 three-year period (+22.3%). Tractors are the type of asset with the largest number of lots. In 2018, 282 lots for tractors were put out to tender, an increase of 24% compared to the average of the previous three-year period
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Growth for European tractor and machinery market

Registrations and sales on the increase in Europe in 2017 with good prospects for current year. The Mother Regulation leading to strong gains of tractors in power category of less that 50 Hp
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The subcontracting, an european phenomenon

According to data provided by the "Guide to European subcontracting", produced by the Ceettar (European Confederation of agro-mechanical companies), there are 150,000 rural agricultural and forestry subcontractors operating within the EU, estimated to be employing over 600,000 people in the sector at the Community level
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Tractors braking on the European market

Data compiled by CEMA, the European agricultural industry association in Europe, underscore the substantial decline in tractor sales in the first eight months of the year. The negative trend for the Italian market is continuing but signs of recovery might be seen next year. The head of the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, Massimo Goldoni, said the arrival of public incentives in 2016 for the purchase of agricultural machinery could stimulate the market but it must not be forgotten that there are still European Union funds in the Rural Development Plans which will return to the EU coffers if they are not committed

The state of the art of bioenergy in Europe

Published in October, the "European Bioenergy Outlook" report produced by AEBIOM is a guideline instrument for proper strategic planning. The study shows clearly that from 2000 to 2013 the production of primary energy, fell by 16%. In the same period the contribution of renewable energy sources has doubled, going from 97 to 192 Mtoe, of which 2/3 are attributable to bioenergy. This trend demonstrates the significant potential of RES that today stand as the main local resources
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2015: cautions outlook for Europe's agricultural machinery market

According to CEMA's forecasts for the european market, overall equipment sales are expected to drop by around 5-10%. This decrease, which follows the recent boom in agricultural machinery sales between 2011 and 2013, is expected as a result of the political crisis in Ukraine, lower commodity prices and reduced farmers' income in Europe

European agricultural machinery market takes a breather

Cema is predicting a European market slowdown in 2014 but refers to only a change of pace following on a strongly dynamic period over the past few years. Referring to the deep agricultural machinery market crisis in Italy however, the president of the manufacturers federation, Massimo Goldoni, underscores the risk of weakening the entire national agricultural system

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