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Tractors, a "specialised" market

The share of tractors specifically designed for orchards and vineyards in the total number of registered tractors is growing, accounting for almost 40% of the market and recording a 63% increase in the first quarter of the year. The RIVE international exhibition in Pordenone - organised in partnership with FederUnacoma - is a point of reference for the most advanced technologies for the viticulture and winemaking industry

Components, a sector in the spotlight

The first quarter of the year shows a clear increase in turnover for manufacturers of components for agricultural machinery and equipment. The domestic market and exports are doing well. According to Comacomp, the positive trend should continue in the coming months thanks to a high number of orders. The October rendezvous with EIMA International is a great opportunity to give further impetus to companies in the sector. To date, 520 exhibitors have been confirmed for the components exhibition alone

Agricultural machinery, market potential in Ukraine

Thanks to very favourable climatic and soil conditions, Ukrainian agriculture has great potential for development, but is lacking in terms of production technology. In addition to being obsolete, the fleet of agricultural machinery is undersized compared to the sector’s needs. Potential demand is estimated at 40,000 tractors and 5,000 combine harvesters per year
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Agricultural machinery: a changing market

In a 2020 marked by the health emergency, tractor sales grew in all the main markets. India saw a new historical record (more than 800,000 units sold), while in China, medium and high-powered tractors are at the top. The USA is growing, Europe is struggling
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Agricultural machinery, market soars in the first quarter

Registrations of tractors and other types of machinery recorded significant increases in the January-March period, which not only made up for the deficit of the first quarter of 2020, but also pushed sales to record levels. Public support was decisive, with tax incentives for 4.0 and the Sabatini Law. Sales of higher-powered tractors soared

Green machinery, growing market in 2020

After a sharp drop at the beginning of the year, sales of gardening machinery and equipment recovered steadily during the summer and autumn months, reaching a peak in the last quarter that brought the final balance to a profit of 3.3%. The figure for lawn mowers was negative, while sprayers, which are also used for sanitizing environments, showed a clear increase
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Agricultural machinery: market recovering at the end of 2020

The sharp surge in sales in the last two months of the year made it possible to partially offset the collapse recorded between March and May due to the first pandemic wave and the lockdown. Final balance in the red, but with less negative percentages than the period

Agricultural technologies: sales increase in the U.S.

Tractors close 2020 with a 17.7% increase, combines 5.5%. The market is benefiting from the flywheel effect induced by the increase in federal aid, which reached a new high of $37 billion. The first estimates for 2021 show positive results
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Agricultural machinery: new unknowns in a recovering market

Sales figures in the US, India, Germany and other countries indicate a sharp recovery after the crisis of last spring, but the new health emergency risks halting the sector. Registrations are recovering also in Italy, but production risks having a setback if the logistical and transport difficulties were to slow down exports
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Components, a key sector for agricultural mechanization

Despite having the characteristics of an anti-cyclical sector, the Italian components sector was also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Comacomp estimates, in 2020, production's value should fall by 4.6% in 2019. The losses are mainly concentrated in the first half of the year, while signs of recovery can be seen in the third quarter
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Agricultural machinery, market recovery expected

Compared to other production sectors the primary sector is the one that has shown greater resilience. Global production of grains and milk increased, as did the prices of the main agricultural commodities. Agriculture and mechanization are strategic in sustaining the population, but the pandemic has held back the agricultural machinery market, where a recovery is expected in the coming months

Gardening machines, market in recovery

The third quarter of 2020 closes with +19% in total sales compared to the same period of 2019. The growth in the July-September period offsets the collapse that occurred in the first part of the year, limiting the losses for the first nine months to -0.7%

Tractor market: recovery expected in the second half of the year

The European agricultural machinery market closes the first six months of 2020 in the red. The contributing factors are the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made themselves felt especially between the months of March and May. According to CEMA, a trend reversal is possible in the second half of the year

Garden equipment strong rebound in the second quarter

The gardening machinery and equipment market returned to growth in the second quarter of the year with an increase of 13.5% compared to the same period of 2019. However, the figure for the half-year is still negative (-7% on 2019) because the recovery in sales was unable to compensate for the losses of the lockdown. Boom of atomizers and sprayers (+44%)
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EIMA Digital Preview to boost the market

The first half of 2020 meets the forecasts and confirms the sharp stop of the Italian market. Major falls across all the main types of machinery; the downturn occurred mainly between March and May. Recovery is possible for the second half of the year, but the macroeconomic framework’s uncertainty weighs on the picture. EIMA Digital Preview, the first sector exhibition after Covid-19, will bridge the great kermesse in February

Groundskeeping: market in decline

With a 23.1% drop in the first three months of the year, the gardening sector is suffering from the health emergency. The March figure, characterized by the sharp reduction in activities, affected the balance sheet for the quarter and saw almost all product segments decline. Battery-powered models are still growing, on average for the quarter. According to Comagarden and the Morgan survey group, it is possible that in the coming months there could be a market recovery. A 9% decline is expected at the end of the year
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Tractors, the pandemic is holding back the market

All major European countries are reporting a significant decrease in tractor sales in April as a result of the coronavirus. Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom are heavily down; Germany holds. The prespectives of the coming months in a context marked by uncertainty
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Tractors, Italian market impacted by the health emergency

The sales figures for the first part of the year show a collapse in March, characterized by the slowdown in activities and then by the stoppage of production sites. Even with a reopening of the industrial plants, the second half of the year will remain conditioned by the reduction in the volumes produced and by the lower investment capacity of farms
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Tractors, European market growing in 2019

Positive closing balance for the tractor market, which concludes 2019 with an increase of 5% over 2018. The medium-low power ranges, which account for 52% of the more than 191 thousand vehicles sold last year, are growing. The coming months are overshadowed by a great uncertainty: the unknowns linked to the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic

Green machines: stable market in 2019

Sales of green space maintenance machines and equipment held their 2018 levels. After the significant increases recorded in the initial months of 2019, demand decreased in the fourth quarter due to bad weather conditions that blocked maintenance operations. The uncertainties related to Coronavirus are affecting the current year
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Agricultural mechanization: the market scenario

In the third quarter of 2019, sales of tractors decrease in India, which confirms its place as the most important market worldwide, and especially in Turkey. They are increasing in Europe, the US and Russia. Negative forecasts for the agricultural machinery sector, which in the first six months of 2020 is expected to go through a generalized downward phase
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Tractors: the Italian market stabilizes

Registrations stood at 18,579 in 2019, in line with the average figure for recent years. As regards the other types of machines, combine harvesters, tractors with loading platforms and trailers are decreasing, while telescopic handlers are growing
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Agrievolution, the future agriculture is specialized

At the beginning of October, the seventh Agrievolution world summit took place in Madrid and hosted 120 delegates coming from 15 countries. The focus was on new eating styles and the growth of specialized crops. The world demand of fruit and vegetable products is constantly increasing and this has consequences on the destination of agricultural land as well as on the market of machinery for specialized crops
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Tractors: lights and shadows on the world market

Data on sales in the main countries indicate consistent growth in the United States and India, while China and Turkey are in decline. Europe closes 2018 with a 10% drop in registrations, but is confirmed as the main exporter of agricultural machinery with a share of over 60% of the total world exports for a value of 36 billion euros
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Soil processing, a market that grew by 5%

Positive trend in 2018 of the market for the "implements". Soil processing machines, fertilizer spreaders, and seeders recorded a strong growth compared to the previous year, while the sales of precision seeders and equipment for crop protection had a slight decrease. 2019 should also remain at these levels

Landscaping machines, sales surge in the first quarter

The Comagarden/Morgan figures, indicate an average increase of 29% in the first part of the year. The favourable weather pattern, of opposite trend compared to the same period 2017, is at the root of this anomalous growth in demand, which should decrease over the course of the year while still maintaining an index in line with that of last year

Gardening market, a cultural phenomenon

Landscaping is becoming an increasingly stable element of architectural design and the management of open spaces, both public and private. The industry that produces specific machines and equipment has the task of making the work easier and stimulating demand with new types of products. The role of EIMA Green in the sector's exhibition landscape
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The Mediterranean, a promising market

The vast region that includes southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and other neighbouring areas is one of the most important hubs in the geography of the markets. There are good prospects for development for agricultural mechanization, in relation to projects to strengthen the primary sector that are active in countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Great potential but negative economic trends characterize countries like Turkey and Iran
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Puglia: growing the demand for mechanization

The registration numbers for 2018, if compared with those of 2014, 2015 and 2016, show a recovery in the Region in terms of investments for the purchase of tractors. Sales remain high for used machines, which do not improve the efficiency of the agricultural system and which contribute to expanding an already very old equipment fleet
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Tractor market: Europe is down, the United States is growing

Sales of tractors on the European continent decreased by 10%, with particularly marked declines in France, Germany and Italy. In the global landscape, the positive trend of the US is confirmed, with sales in Brazil and Russia recovering. The market in Turkey is in crisis due to the unfavourable economic situation and the currency's devaluation
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Italian market downsized in 2018

After the effect of the Mother Regulation, which triggered a race for registrations in 2017, pushing the market beyond its actual capacity, tractors sales in Italy are back to 2016 levels. Registrations have also declined, as far as other types of machines are concerned, and for the new year, the effects of the general negative economic trend are feared. In order to support the sector, the provision of the EU RDP funds continues, together with the € 35 million re-allocated by INAIL for the purchase of agricultural machinery with high safety standards
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Tractor market: an uneven scenario

The trend of sales in the first nine months of the year shows substantial gains in India, the United States and Canada whereas downturns are reported for Japan, Brazil and Turkey. The European market is down in France, Germany and Spain
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Italian market: September balance sheet still negative

Registration data on the first nine months of the year is in the red for new tractors, transporters and trailers. The sales of tractors came to 14,353 but should reach a total of some 19,000 units by the end of December, in line with the averages in recent years. The trends in the single regions differed, from down in the Veneto, Piedmont and Lazio Regions and on the up side in the Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Campania
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Agriculture machinery, first half in the red

The registration of tractors, transporters, trailers and telescopic handlers showed a decline in the balance sheet for the first six months of 2018. The negative trend has to be assigned to the forced gains in registrations last year but the second half of the current year is expected to stabilize the market trend

Bologna Fair Green Areas

The EIMA Green Salon dedicated to gardening and groundskeeping technologies is set for EIMA International. Some 300 manufacturers from 13 countries will exhibit their products in the context of a market in growth in Italy in the first half of the year following increasing demand also around Europe in 2017
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Positive trend for global market

After the peak reached in 2017, for 2018 Agrievolution and Cema expect a decline in sales, based on the manufacturers' confidence index. The market should remain dynamic in the major countries also due to government support policies. The Russian and French markets are slowing down

Gardening: the first quarter freezes purchases

The prolonged winter weather in Italy in the first quarter of 2018 reduced the demand for machinery and equipment for gardening and the maintenance of greenery. Comagarden, the manufacturers association, expects to see the recovery of sales over the year thanks to bonus tax breaks for restructuring gardens and green areas. In the meantime, preparations are moving ahead for EIMA Green, the salon on gardening scheduled for next November 7 to 11 in Bologna for 270 specialized industries
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Agricultural machinery: sudden braking in first quarter

Data on registrations in the first quarter of the year display wide swings of sharp gains in the month of January and steep drops in February and March. FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti noted that in the wake of the increase in registrations at the end of 2017 the technical time required for registration extended into January this year to still show high percentages then followed in the two successive months by a sudden backlash due to the continuation of winter weather which put off crop operations. Registrations will settle down over the year so it will be possible to reach an effective evaluation of sales only in the months to come

Machinery for greenery: market stable in 2017

Sales of machinery and equipment for gardening and groundskeeping showed a marginal 0.6% decline by the end of last year. Comagarden/Morgan data on single types disclosed the way the long dry spell during the year reduced the growth of greenery to penalized the traditional maintenance machinery, especially mowers, chainsaws and brush cutters
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Growth for European tractor and machinery market

Registrations and sales on the increase in Europe in 2017 with good prospects for current year. The Mother Regulation leading to strong gains of tractors in power category of less that 50 Hp
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Agricultural machinery: variability in a growing market

The agricultural machinery market closed 2017 ahead in Italy and on the increase in all the major world market. Substantial growth in Italy and the leading European countries were assigned mainly to the need to reduce the stock of tractors and transporters in inventories ahead of the enactment of new norms for type-approval. Rural Development Program funds and financing released by INAIL for machinery with high safety standards were also in growth
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Agricultural mechanization key player in Verona

The Verona trade fair will take place in the context of a more favourable market compared to the trends of previous years. The sales of tractors and agricultural machinery are on the rise, and for agricultural operators it is particularly important to be able to see firsthand the most up-to-date technological solutions. Space is also given to machinery field tests

Agricultural Tractors: India and China have half of the global market

Of the 1.9 million tractors sold in 2016, the two Asian giants absorbed 990 thousand units, confirming their trends as rapidly expanding markets. Analyses of the demand for agricultural mechanization – carried out in New Delhi in the context of EIMA Agrimach, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery – however highlighted the fact that in order to improve agricultural productivity it is necessary not only to increase mechanization, but also to implement more up-to-date agronomical techniques, systems for an optimized management of natural resources and professional training for agricultural operators at all levels

Policies and instruments to promote mechanization in India

Although the internal market has developed over the last few years, reaching huge sale volumes, the demand for agricultural machinery remains very high. The Asian colossus has to meet the demand for agricultural machinery by attracting new investments from abroad and using at its best the instruments available for financing innovation in the primary sector

Gardening machinery declining on Italian market

The negative trend of rainfall has reduced the development of plants to result in a drop in demand on the market for machinery and equipment for the maintenance of greenery. The market for battery powered machines and robotic mowers shows a sharp gain in Italy as well as throughout Europe
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Agricultural tractors, international market on the rise

Great gains in the sales of agricultural machinery in the first half of the year have been reported for China, India, the United States and Russia. Turkey's market is stalled but Eastern Europe is showing growth. The revival of the international demand is pushing Italian exports up and increasing domestic production expected to climb to a figure of about 8 billion euro
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Italian market: registrations increasing in 2017

Data on the registered sales of agricultural tractors reported at an Agrilevante press conference in Bari point to strong growth over the first three quarters of the year. Other than improvements in agricultural income, the gains are assigned to better utilization of European Union RDP financing and funds made available by INAIL, for the purchase of new machinery with high safety standards and eco-compatibility
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Sales increasing in first half of 2017

Ministry of Transport data point in Italy to substantial gains for tractors, combine harvesters and other types of machinery registered. At the top of sales of tractors are the Veneto, Lazio, Campania and Tuscany regions. A good performance in registrations is coming in also from Puglia preparing for the Agrilevante, the great exposition focused on agricultural mechanization and typical Mediterranean products coming up in October
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Tractor market, variability of used units

A survey conducted by FederUnacoma has disclosed the sales of machines with of offer of good deals has increased over those of new machines. In 2016, new tractor sales came to 18,341 units compared to sales of 27,946 used machines with an average of less than twenty years. Prevailing strongly on the used tractor market are lower power units where for those in the over 75 kW category, farmers prefer new machines
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Agricultural machinery: Italian industry betting on Asian markets

The new FederUnacoma president, Alessandro Malavolti, has named development of Asian markets as one of his priorities, especially for Far East countries with great demographic and economic potential and in need of technologies for improving agriculture productivity. Coming up in India in December is the international EIMA Agrimach appointment, the trade fair platform for the promotion of Made in Italy agricultural mechanics throughout the vast Asian regions
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Europe, market recovering over the year

The agricultural machinery market is showing positive signals for expectations of a general revival in during 2017 in the wake of problems experienced in the most recent seasons. Growth is seen in Germany and the UK whereas the French market is still in decline. For Italy the outlook is for significant growth owing to an overall favorable trend
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Decline of 2016 tractor market in Europe

Figures published by CEMA, the European association representing the producers of farms machines, show a 6.7% decrease in tractors sales. Downward trend in almost all European countries, with the exception of Spain showing an upward trend. The analysis per engine power categories shows a market segmentation with a good performance of both low-and high-powered machines, and a slight decrease in sales of mid-range machines
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Italy: tractors balance 2016 at a minimum

Data on the registration of tractors, combine harvesters and trailers disclosed a marginal decline compared to 2016 to further confirm the lengthy slide of the domestic market. Sales increases were reported only for transporters and agricultural telescopic handlers. Tractor sales running counter to the national data trend came in the major northern regions. Tractor sales running counter to the national data trend came in the major northern regions
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The global challenges of agricultural mechanization

The demand for food is expected to increase in the near future, at a global level, not only to meet the needs of a growing population, but also to satisfy the qualitative evolution of diets, especially in developing countries. The introduction of innovative technologies is an unavoidable step for all agricultural economies, and thus the growth rate of machinery demand is an important development indicator of the primary economy
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Global markets declining, emerging markets in ferment

Agrievolution data on tractor sales signal declines in almost all the major countries' markets due to the downturn in income in the primary sector leading to reduced investments in the acquisition of machinery. According the findings of a FederUnacoma/Nomisma survey, some countries, especially in the Asian area, are showing a positive trend of growing mechanization demand in spite of unfavorable economic conditions
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Tractors: uncertainty for the world market

The figures published by Agrievolution on the first half year partly confirm the negative trend of the sector in the years 2014-2015. Tractor sales decreased in several European countries but also in China, Japan and Russia. Negative effects on Italian exports, that in May 2016 decreased by 4%. EIMA International could mark the divide between market's negative trends and the first signs of economic recovery

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