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NRRP and innovation: the "worksite" of new funds

With two different decrees signed in August by the MASAF, the first using NRRP resources and the second the Innovation Fund, the modernisation of the machinery fleet of SMEs operating in the agricultural and forestry sector is being promoted. FederUnacoma: two important measures with an ongoing process
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Market growth but with productions risks

During 2022, the Italian agricultural machinery market should maintain good levels, also due to the presence of incentives and financing. On the industrial front, however, the cost of raw materials and energy is likely to curb production and substantially increase machinery prices
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NRRP: agricultural machinery on the political agenda

The policy document drawn up by the manufacturers was presented at the FederUnacoma "Forum". Mechanization is fundamental for the Next Generation objectives, but more funds and greater chain coordination are needed. Alessandro Malavolti listed nine key points to relaunch the sector

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