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Italian industry: growing turnover despite the economic situation

FederUnacoma's forecasts for the end of the year indicate a drop in the quantity produced (-6%), but an increase in the value of production (14.2 billion euros, amounting to +3.7% over 2021). The resilience of the domestic market and above all the good performance of exports (+10.4% in July) support the sector, which is nevertheless suffering from the crisis in production costs and the lower agriculturals incomes
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Production up, but the cost variable weighs heavily

The value of Italian production of machinery for agriculture, green care and related components will grow to EUR 13.7 billion in 2021. The made-in-Italy production is driven largely by foreign demand, which leads to a growth in our exports of 20.5% in 2021, and 9.7% in the first quarter of this year. Soaring production costs, however, risk slowing down current production rates and also affecting the list prices of machinery on the market
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Market growth but with productions risks

During 2022, the Italian agricultural machinery market should maintain good levels, also due to the presence of incentives and financing. On the industrial front, however, the cost of raw materials and energy is likely to curb production and substantially increase machinery prices
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Agricultural machinery: good production in the Covid year

The Italian agricultural machinery industry closed 2020 with a production value of 11.5 billion euros, slightly higher than the previous year (+0.4%). The favourable trend of the agricultural economy at the global level keeps production levels high for a mechanical engineering sector that derives 70% of its turnover from exports
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Agricultural machinery: Italian production growing

The decline in exports for tractors leads to a decline in "made in Italy" production, while it grows with regard to other types of machines, including incomplete tractors and parts of tractors. Turnover is at 7.9 billion euros (+1.5%), to which we must add an amount for components estimated at 2.7 billion and for gardening estimated at 800 million, for a total of about 11.4 billion euros. The Italian market accounts for 18,442 tractors, less than half of the sales of used vehicles

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