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Agricultural machinery: turnover of Italian industries on the rise

Demand for tractors, operating machinery, equipment and components remains at good levels, but turnover is growing beyond all expectations due to the sharp rise in prices. The value of Italian exports increases by 16.7% and pushes national production to 15.5 billion euro
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Agricultural machinery, the Indian market sets new records

In the first five months of the year, the Indian tractor market is on the way to setting new sales records, while the USA is showing a moderate decline compared to last year, but still high volumes. Two-speed trend for Europe: Germany and the United Kingdom are growing, Spain and Italy are slowing down. France is stable

Electronic and digital weight measurement on agricultural machinery

A wide range of sensors is required for data acquisition leading to operational decisions aimed at the application of Agriculture 4.0. Those measuring weight undoubtedly play a significant role in monitoring products harvested or distributed in the field by agricultural machinery. Strain gauge load cells represent the main category of this type of sensor
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Market: Made in Italy export do well

Italian exports continue to grow in 2022, recording a percentage increase of 15 points between January and November compared to the same period in 2021. United States, France and Germany remain the main importers of Italian agricultural machinery
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Agricultural machinery: the 2022 closing balance confirms the sector's resilience

Sales fell for all major types of agricultural machinery. The market downturn, which may be considered partly normal after the boom in 2021, is also due to the well-known supply problems and high raw material prices. Demand for machinery, however, remains high, thanks to government incentives. Allocations for agricultural machinery under the NRRP are in the pipeline
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Agricultural machinery: high demand on the world market

Agricultural equipment sales have maintained good levels over the past two and a half years, characterised by the economic crises following the Covid pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. In the nine months from January to September 2022, the market remained at higher volumes than before the 2020 pandemic, although between the end of this year and the first part of 2023 the sector is set to be affected by inflation
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Agricultural machinery, good performance fot the Italian market

The economic downturn is reflected in the market for agricultural machinery, which is declining for all types, yet sales volumes are still good. In the nine months from January to September, 15,800 tractors were sold, a lower number than the 18,500 of the same period in 2021, but still higher than the average of the last four years. Manufacturer President Alessandro Malavolti points out the difficulties of the current economic situation and hopes for a relaunch of the incentive system
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Production up, but the cost variable weighs heavily

The value of Italian production of machinery for agriculture, green care and related components will grow to EUR 13.7 billion in 2021. The made-in-Italy production is driven largely by foreign demand, which leads to a growth in our exports of 20.5% in 2021, and 9.7% in the first quarter of this year. Soaring production costs, however, risk slowing down current production rates and also affecting the list prices of machinery on the market
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Market growth but with productions risks

During 2022, the Italian agricultural machinery market should maintain good levels, also due to the presence of incentives and financing. On the industrial front, however, the cost of raw materials and energy is likely to curb production and substantially increase machinery prices
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Agricultural machineries, Italian export goes up

Global growth in the agricultural machinery market is also driving Italian exports, which are up 20.8% in the tractor segment and 19.8% in the operating machinery and equipment segment. 2022 has many unknowns, mainly related to the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine
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Digital agriculture, the italian boom

Public incentive tools are contributing to the growth of agriculture 4.0 in Italy. Between 2020 and 2021 the turnover of the digital market tripled, rewarding in particular expenditure on machines and equipment connected natively. As investments in 'smart' systems have grown, so has their spread: today 6% of the agricultural surface area is cultivated with smart technologies
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The agricultural machinery market and its "variables"

EIMA 2021 was the setting for the Club of Bologna session dedicated to the analysis of the factors that can influence the global agricultural machinery market. The elements that were analysed included the emergence of the Coronavirus, the impact of mechanisation on employment in agriculture in the various areas of the world, and the trend of strategic segments such as components
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Agricultural machinery: growing market in 2021

At the end of the year, registration figures show very significant increases for tractors (+36%) and other types of vehicles. The effects of incentives for 4.0 machinery, which will remain in force in the new year, are positive. Further support may come from EU funds, through the Rural Development Plans (RDP) and the Next Generation EU (Recovery Plan)
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Agricultural machinery: record growth for the Italian market

In the first nine months of the year, tractor registrations grew by 43.8%, and strong increases were recorded for all other types of machinery. The excellent performance of the domestic market combined with the growth of exports - says Alessandro Malavolti, president of the manufacturers - will lead to an overall turnover of the Italian industry of no less than 14 billion Euros by the end of the year

Agricultural machinery, the alliance between universities and companies

At the 44th edition of EIMA, the international exhibition of agricultural and gardening machinery, collaboration between universities and companies has been strengthened for the development of research and innovation in mechanics
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Agricultural machinery, market at top performance with the commodity uncertainty

Between January and August, sales grew in all the main markets. In Italy, tractor registrations were up 45% compared to 2020, driven by the digitalisation of the primary market. Raw material trends weigh on future trends
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Agricultural machinery: good production in the Covid year

The Italian agricultural machinery industry closed 2020 with a production value of 11.5 billion euros, slightly higher than the previous year (+0.4%). The favourable trend of the agricultural economy at the global level keeps production levels high for a mechanical engineering sector that derives 70% of its turnover from exports
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Raw materials: Agricultural mechanics in emergency

Demand for agricultural technology is growing, but supplies of raw materials are scarce. Ferrous materials and plastics are hard to come by and showed record increases in March, to the detriment of agricultural machinery, which uses large quantities of these materials. In the manufacture of a tractor, the ferrous component accounts for 75% of the total
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Agricultural machinery, market recovery expected

Compared to other production sectors the primary sector is the one that has shown greater resilience. Global production of grains and milk increased, as did the prices of the main agricultural commodities. Agriculture and mechanization are strategic in sustaining the population, but the pandemic has held back the agricultural machinery market, where a recovery is expected in the coming months
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Italian agricultural machinery: "useful and ingenious"

The institutional advert entitled "Agricultural machines, useful and ingenious", narrated by Luca Ward, was broadcast on the national networks Rai, Mediaset, La7 and Sky. Created by FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, the advert tells the general public about the strategic role of agricultural machinery. This is one of the Italian excellences, with a turnover of over 11 billion and about 100,000 employees

Agricultural machinery: the age of robots

Electronic systems are now growing exponentially, and the formidable spread of digital products offers particularly beneficial economies of scale. This has very important effects on agriculture "4.0" and on the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in the agricultural machinery sector. What are the limits within which machines can learn and operate, and how can they test their behaviours, in particular when they have to do with human interaction: this is the issue that the sector's industries are already taking on
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Agricultural machinery: Italian production growing

The decline in exports for tractors leads to a decline in "made in Italy" production, while it grows with regard to other types of machines, including incomplete tractors and parts of tractors. Turnover is at 7.9 billion euros (+1.5%), to which we must add an amount for components estimated at 2.7 billion and for gardening estimated at 800 million, for a total of about 11.4 billion euros. The Italian market accounts for 18,442 tractors, less than half of the sales of used vehicles
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Agricultural machinery inspections extended to June 2021

The text of a decree-law defining a new timing for the inspection of tractors and other types of machines bearing a registration plate has been published on the Ministry of Transport website. The dead line for inspections of the first group of vehicles registered before 1983 is postponed for two years but the implementation of the decree-law indicating the relevant control procedures is still not effective

Farm machinery theft, 300 million in business

In 2017 in Italy there were 9.114 thefts of tractors and of different farm machinery. The data are provided by Unacma, which reminds that in the last five years there has been a reduction in "jobs". But the business of tractor theft is still profitable, and Coldiretti estimates the damage caused to farms by agro-criminals to be around 300 million
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Agricultural machinery: INAIL financing arriving

INAIL, the National Institute for Accidents at Work Insurance has completed a procedure for allocating contributions for the purchase of safe and eco-compatible machinery and equipment. November 10th has been set for opening applications which will cover 40% of the cost of machinery. FederUnacoma has announced that in the setting of EIMA International, the institute will provide an information window to facilitate requests filed by farming enterprises
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Agricultural machinery: 2014 market worse than expected

Data on registrations by the end of the year signaled a 4.4% decline for tractors and downturns for all other types of machinery. The total number of tractors sold did not exceed 18,178, below the figure named in forecasts drafted last November. FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni affirmed that another extension of the terms for the revision of agricultural machinery in use on farms does not favor the exchange of old units for new generation technologies.
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Italian agricultural machinery market still in decline

Registrations of tractors, combine harvesters, transporters and trailers all showed negative balance sheets for the first ten months, January through October. Tractors slipped 1.7% and are likely to close the full year with no more than 18,700 units to confirm the trend beginning in 2004 and running through 2014 for declines totalling 43%. The mechanization deficit, said FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni, weakens agriculture and the land maintenance and conservation system

Agricultural machinery: contractors the locomotive of the market

A survey sponsored by Edagricole/New Business Media and conducted by Nomisma shed light on the role of the agricultural mechanization enterprises play in providing for the economic and structural shortcomings on farms. The study disclosed a number of critical factors for them such as delayed of payment for their services and difficulties in gaining access to credit for the purchase of machinery

Strong outlook for italian farm machinery sales in the United States

Net farm income in the United States will come to $113.2 billion by the end of the year, the lowest since 2010. The decline is due mainly to the reduction of cereal prices. This factor, together with the decline of federal subsidies and the reduction of incentives for speeding up depreciation for the purchase of new machinery have resulted in a drop in sales of tractors and combine harvesters. In the first eight months of 2014, however, agricultural machinery imports rose 6% and those from Italy gained by 23,6%
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Balkan agriculture rewards machinery Made in Italy

The Balkan countries make up one of the leading markets for Italian agricultural machinery manufacturers as shown by 2013 exports valued at more than 247 million euro, a marginal decline under the 2011-2012 figures but still in line with...

Agricultural Machinery: world market racing ahead

With the sale of over two million units around the world in 2013 the tractor market displayed growth of 10% over 2012 up to a total value of 93 billion euro. India took up 620,000 units to confirm the country as the world's leading market while France and Germany put in good showings and Italy reported a further decline
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Agricultural machinery: poor market also in 2013

Closing data furnished by FederUnacoma signal a decline in tractor registrations, down 1.7%, transporters, off by 16.7%, and trailers, dropping 5.7%. Tractor sales in the Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Puglia regions ran counter to this trend to show substantial gains. Also growing was the national average for combine harvester sales, ahead 13.9%. The president of the italian manufacturers federation, Massimo Goldoni, is asking for initiative policies to prop up the sector and for a focus of attention especially on the new agrienergy and multifunctional farming production chains

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