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Agricultural machinery: high demand on the world market

Agricultural equipment sales have maintained good levels over the past two and a half years, characterised by the economic crises following the Covid pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. In the nine months from January to September 2022, the market remained at higher volumes than before the 2020 pandemic, although between the end of this year and the first part of 2023 the sector is set to be affected by inflation
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Tractors: Markets hold up, but the economic situation is worrying

Tractor sales fall in the first six months of the year on all major world markets but nevertheless, confirm high volumes. Demand for mechanical equipment driven by the transition to Agriculture 4.0 and sustainable practices. The uncertainty of the geopolitical scenario
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Tractors: slight decrease in sales on the world market

The sales of tractors reached in 2014 the share of 2,130,000 units, with a decrease of only 3% compared to 2013, a record year for the world market with 2,200,000 units. In numerical terms, India and China alone cover more than 50% of the market, with the US returning players with over 208,000 registered vehicles (+3%). The sales in Europe recorded a decrease of 8%. The forecasts for 2015 still expect high sales volumes for the Asian giants, with a decline for the European market

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