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Year 2019 Number 11


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Agrievolution, the future agriculture is specialized

At the beginning of October, the seventh Agrievolution world summit took place in Madrid and hosted 120 delegates coming from 15 countries. The focus was on new eating styles and the growth of specialized crops. The world demand of fruit and vegetable products is constantly increasing and this has consequences on the destination of agricultural land as well as on the market of machinery for specialized crops

Year 2019 Number 7-9

July - September

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Agricultural mechanization, the Madrid summit

The seventh public event dedicated to the scenarios of agricultural machinery at a global level, promoted by Agrievolution, focuses on the major issues related to the primary sector: technologies for agriculture, training, and "pink" companies. Forecasts are expected on the sector's performance, with scheduled field trials to promote the most innovative technologies

Year 2018 Number 6


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Positive trend for global market

After the peak reached in 2017, for 2018 Agrievolution and Cema expect a decline in sales, based on the manufacturers' confidence index. The market should remain dynamic in the major countries also due to government support policies. The Russian and French markets are slowing down

Year 2018 Number 1



Agricultural Tractors: India and China have half of the global market

Of the 1.9 million tractors sold in 2016, the two Asian giants absorbed 990 thousand units, confirming their trends as rapidly expanding markets. Analyses of the demand for agricultural mechanization – carried out in New Delhi in the context of EIMA Agrimach, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery – however highlighted the fact that in order to improve agricultural productivity it is necessary not only to increase mechanization, but also to implement more up-to-date agronomical techniques, systems for an optimized management of natural resources and professional training for agricultural operators at all levels

Year 2017 Number 5-6

May - June

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Europe, market recovering over the year

The agricultural machinery market is showing positive signals for expectations of a general revival in during 2017 in the wake of problems experienced in the most recent seasons. Growth is seen in Germany and the UK whereas the French market is still in decline. For Italy the outlook is for significant growth owing to an overall favorable trend

Year 2016 Number 7-9

July - August - September

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Tractors: uncertainty for the world market

The figures published by Agrievolution on the first half year partly confirm the negative trend of the sector in the years 2014-2015. Tractor sales decreased in several European countries but also in China, Japan and Russia. Negative effects on Italian exports, that in May 2016 decreased by 4%. EIMA International could mark the divide between market's negative trends and the first signs of economic recovery

Year 2016 Number 5 - 6

May - June

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Agrievolution: Spain joins and new statistics program

The Spanish manufacturers' association Ansemat joins Agrievolution Alliance. There are now 14 members in the alliance representing 6,000 enterprises. The Agrievolution Statistics Program for monitoring the markets is starting up

Year 2016 Number 2-3

February - March

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Istanbul meeting: new mechanization geography

Traditional agricultural mechanization markets of reference provided a centerpiece for the fifth Agrievolution summit conference with a focus on five Central Asian republics. Also highlighted was the agricultural mechanization market potential of the African continent

Year 2015 Number 1-2


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Tractors: slight decrease in sales on the world market

The sales of tractors reached in 2014 the share of 2,130,000 units, with a decrease of only 3% compared to 2013, a record year for the world market with 2,200,000 units. In numerical terms, India and China alone cover more than 50% of the market, with the US returning players with over 208,000 registered vehicles (+3%). The sales in Europe recorded a decrease of 8%. The forecasts for 2015 still expect high sales volumes for the Asian giants, with a decline for the European market

Year 2014 Number 12


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Tractor market: India on top for the numbers, Europe for turnover

Data made public during EIMA International point to a world market in steady growth with variations from country to country and great differences between the continents. India and China are leading the way for units sold but as regards value, Europe and the United States are the richest markets. In this setting, the Italian industry is playing a high profile role with elevated levels of production and standings on markets around the world

Year 2014 Number 7-9

July - September


Russia, agricultural machinery market slowing. Italian exports holding out

Recovery over the past three years is being followed by a decline in tractor sales in the Russian Federation where, however, units moved in 2013 came close to 40,000. The Russian machinery inventory is obsolete and not up to the requirements of modern and competitive farming

Year 2014 Number 2



Agricultural Machinery: world market racing ahead

With the sale of over two million units around the world in 2013 the tractor market displayed growth of 10% over 2012 up to a total value of 93 billion euro. India took up 620,000 units to confirm the country as the world's leading market while France and Germany put in good showings and Italy reported a further decline

Year 2013 Number 12


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Worldwide agricultural mechanization: Agrievolution check-up at EIMA Agrimach

EIMA Agrimach is providing the forum for Agrievolution for mapping out future scenarios covering agricultural mechanization around the world. The Chinese and American markets are racing whereas Europe is slowing as expected in the wake of the gains of past years. Promising prospects for Turkey experiencing an agriculture boom and a pricing risk brewing in Japan

EIMA Agrimach: advanced technologies for the Indian market

The international review sponsored by Ficci and FederUnacoma comes to New Delhi for a run from 5 to 7 December as the most important agricultural mechanization showcase for the subcontinent and neighboring countries. The major manufacturers are taking part in the event growing in exposition area and number of exhibitors arriving. Italian companies in the front rank plus special interest in the schedule of conferences on agronomic, technical and political and economic issues
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