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Agricultural Tractors: India and China have half of the global market

Of the 1.9 million tractors sold in 2016, the two Asian giants absorbed 990 thousand units, confirming their trends as rapidly expanding markets. Analyses of the demand for agricultural mechanization – carried out in New Delhi in the context of EIMA Agrimach, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery – however highlighted the fact that in order to improve agricultural productivity it is necessary not only to increase mechanization, but also to implement more up-to-date agronomical techniques, systems for an optimized management of natural resources and professional training for agricultural operators at all levels

CIAME 2015, top flight appointment for agricultural mechanization in China

China's economy is also of great importance in the primary sector and the CIAME International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition staged annually provides an opportunity for updates on the technologies available for those in the sector and an outlet for Italian products arriving in Qingdao with a group exhibition organized by ICE, the Italian Foreign Trade Agency, and FederUnacoma

Agricultural engineering in China: the weight of the Made in Italy

After three years of growth at full capacity, in 2014 the Chinese tractor market "takes a breather". Meanwhile, the weight of Italian companies in the Chinese agromechanical sector continues to grow. The first five months of 2015, the italian exports increase of 53%

Trade fairs: collective formula for emerging markets

Italian collectives in the autumn, organized by the ICE Agency in collaboration with FederUnacoma, for promoting Italian agricultural mechanization at trade fairs in the sector in Russia, China and South Korea

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