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Agricultural machinery for India, the success of EIMA Agrimach

Positive results for the seventh edition of the exhibition dedicated to innovative machinery and technologies for crops from the Subcontinent. Over 10,000 visitors over the three days of the exhibition, which has already set the next edition for December 2023

Tractors: sales 'boom' in India

The Asian giant will surpass one million registered units in 2021, establishing itself as by far the most active country in the agricultural machinery market. The figures - released during EIMA Agrimach India - describe a market that has more than doubled in the ten-year period 2009-2019, and today has a clear advantage over the - also very substantial - markets of China, the United States and Europe

EIMA Agrimach, spotlights on made in Italy

15 Italian industries in the agro-mechanical sector took part, directly or through their local distributors, in the seventh edition of EIMA Agrimach. An important business opportunities on the Indian market for Italian agricultural machinery

EIMA Agrimach, a strategic event for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of EIMA Agrimach India ended in New Delhi with good results. The market decline during the year (-10% as a repercussion of the boom in 2018) led to a decrease in the number of visitors. The "B2B" meetings with businesspeople were positive, while a FederUnacoma-ICE "road show" is already planned for 2020 to promote Made in Italy technologies in the country
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New Delhi fair, technological solutions for Asian agriculture

Sixth rendezvous for the exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment for the Indian sub-continent, organized by FederUnacoma and Ficci, and scheduled in New Delhi in the first week of December. Growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors. A project will be presented during the event, promoted among others by the Emilia-Romagna Region, which also includes field trials of orchard machinery

EIMA Agrimach, an important event for Asian markets

The fifth edition of the international fair of agricultural machinery, which took of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from many foreign countries, visited the fair to experience firsthand the characteristics of innovative machinery specifically designed for local crops

Agricultural Tractors: India and China have half of the global market

Of the 1.9 million tractors sold in 2016, the two Asian giants absorbed 990 thousand units, confirming their trends as rapidly expanding markets. Analyses of the demand for agricultural mechanization – carried out in New Delhi in the context of EIMA Agrimach, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery – however highlighted the fact that in order to improve agricultural productivity it is necessary not only to increase mechanization, but also to implement more up-to-date agronomical techniques, systems for an optimized management of natural resources and professional training for agricultural operators at all levels

A technological future for Indian agriculture

EIMA Agrimach was marked by a very positive outcome in terms of participation, conferences and business meetings, and was characterized by the topic of innovation, with work sessions dedicated to the description of the most advanced technologies which may be applied in the regions of the Indian subcontinent. Among the events held also the award for the competition for most interesting technological solutions developed by students of universities and agricultural schools

EIMA Agrimach, the engine of Asian agriculture

The international exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment will take place in New Delhi from 7 to 9 December. 300 Indian and foreign manufacturers will attend the exhibition showing thousands of models of machinery and components to suit any production requirement. Many official foreign delegations, from several Asian countries, will attend this exhibition as a result of the successful cooperation among Indian and Italian institutions

Indian agriculture, a potential to be valued

The international EIMA Agrimach exhibition is an opportunity to assess the status of Indian agriculture and its progress. According to the data processed by the Ministry of Agriculture, during the period 2005-2006 and 2015-2016, production increased considerably for all types of product thanks to the introduction of innovative agronomic and mechanical technologies. The optimization of production factors is the key element which can compensate the risks associated with climate change and frequency of rainfalls that in this Asian country remains a very influential variable

EIMA Agrimach, the great Indian exhibition

The organization of the fifth edition of the Indian exhibition (7-9 December) is at cruising speed. The event is sponsored by FederUnacoma in partnership with FICCI and it is addressed not only to operators of the Subcontinent but also to the entire Asian area, which represents the most dynamic market on a global scale
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Oriental markets: EIMA Agrimach preparatives

The first round of meetings and conferences has launched the 2017 edition of the international agricultural mechanics review coming up next December in New Delhi. The stages from Bangalore, Pune, Ludhiana and on to New Delhi for the presentation of the exposition have disclosed an increasing success for bringing to the capital business people from all the Indian states and the principal countries throughout the Asian area
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EIMA Agrimach, a platform for the Far East

The 2017 edition of Agrimach, the exhibition on agricultural machinery that will be held in New Delhi December 7-9, has been presented in Paris during the SIMA International Agribusiness Show. The fair is the point of reference for the Indian subcontinent, but also for all the countries in the Far East aiming to develop their primary sector and that are recording record increases in demand for agricultural machinery

EIMA Agrimach, a record edition

The fourth edition of the New Delhi review closed with a sharp increase in the number of visitors arriving with a public attendance of more than 40,000 to confirm the event as a key reference for India and the countries of Asia and the Far East. Italy and India will pursue their cooperation in 2016 with demonstrations staged in the regions of the subcontinent and the arrival of numerous Indian companies and delegates for the EIMA International coming up in Bologna in November as well as for the fifth edition of the great New Delhi exhibition scheduled for December 2017

Mechanization for India, a political challenge

The fourth edition of the EIMA Agrimach international exposition was inaugurated by a great conference. For the occasion, Indian Minister for Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh and the heads of the organizing administrations of the event presented the goals of the country's agriculture policies and the exhibition's role for boosting the spread of innovation technologies here

New Delhi, center of gravity of vast Asian market

Delegations from numerous countries came to the review dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment held in New Delhi. Economic technologies and specific solutions for farming in Asia and Africa where featured at the Indian exposition which also hosted important international conferences such as the one on the issue Transforming Agriculture Through Mechanization

EIMA Agrimach: appointment in India

The fourth edition of the international agricultural mechanics exposition is coming up December 3rd to 5th in New Delhi. The event is organized by the Indian FICCI federation and FederUnacoma with the collaboration of important Indian and Italian institutions and has shown consistent development since the first edition in 2009
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EIMA Agrimach: agriculture in progress

The fourth edition of Eima Agrimach, the exposition of machinery and equipment for Indian agriculture, will be held in especially favorable economic conditions. The event is planned as a platform for providing solutions to the many questions open which are hindering the full development of agriculture in the country

FederUnacoma Agenda: trade fairs at the centre of "promotion"

In an international context which experiences a constant growth of the "factor of mechanization" and an increasingly integration between agriculture production and food industry, the promotion of trade fairs – such as Agrilevante and Eima Agrimach – and the participation in the most relevant supply chains initiatives – above all Expo 2015 – is the key element of the institutional and promotional activities by FederUnacoma
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EIMA Agrimach, a winning project

Great crowds of people present and arrivals from many countries around the Asian area were among the outstanding features of the third edition of EIMA International, the agricultural mechanization exposition held in New Delhi in early December. Also on hand were Ficci and FederUnacoma for the presentation of an accord for staging another five editions planned to accompany the development of agricultural mechanization in India for another ten years, up to 2023
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Energy: Italo-Indian cooperation in the biomass sector

The EIMA Agrimach exposition hosted a conference organized by FederUnacoma and Itabia on technologies and strategies for the use of agricultural biomass for the generation of energy. The quantity of biomass available in the country is estimated at 623 million tons with the potential to supply a flourishing energy industry with considerable fallout at the level of creating jobs

EIMA Agrimach: advanced technologies for the Indian market

The international review sponsored by Ficci and FederUnacoma comes to New Delhi for a run from 5 to 7 December as the most important agricultural mechanization showcase for the subcontinent and neighboring countries. The major manufacturers are taking part in the event growing in exposition area and number of exhibitors arriving. Italian companies in the front rank plus special interest in the schedule of conferences on agronomic, technical and political and economic issues

India, a fertile market

The dissemination of mechanical equipment is considered by the Indian government and by the administration of single states as a fundamental element for the development of agriculture. The market, already the largest for tractors, is now geared to growing in quality and a trend towards more powerful tractors

Arag, cutting-edge technology for plant treatment

Arag in Rubiera, near Reggio Emilia, will unwrap two new computers for precision farming at the Eima Agrimach. The Delta 80 is a new generation model which marks a turning point compared to ARAG's Bravo series in featuring great connectivity...

Braglia, components for tailored Indian agriculture

Braglia in Reggio Emilia is heading to Eima Agrimach for the launch of their range of sprayer nozzle holders available in various versions which all share holders in brass, seals in PVC and NBR or FPM and components in stainless...

Idromeccanica Bertolini in New Delhi with a complete range of pumps

Idromeccanica Bertolini headquartered in Reggio Emilia, founded back in 1918, is arriving at Eima Agrimach with selections from their range of diaphragm pumps built for the agricultural operations of plant treatment and fertilization, spraying and weeding. In the low pressure...

Selvatici's solutions for Italian farmers

Selvatici in Bologna will take the stage at Eima Agrimach for the presentation of their flagship 1105 model spading machine in the 150.75 Series. This robust and compact machine is equipped with five spades and works on a width of...

Reliability and high performance with the new RD tiller from Sicma

The latest arrival from the manufacturer Sicma is the RD tiller, a model produced in the Italian company's plant in India and now scheduled for debut at the Eima Agrimach in New Delhi. The tiller, designed and developed by the...

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