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Agricultural mechanisation in India, the strategic role of EIMA Agrimach

The robust growth of the agricultural machinery market has not yet filled the technological deficit of Indian agriculture. Forecasts indicate that the incremental trend, favoured by state subsidy programs, will continue in the coming years with investments in the latest generation of machinery. Agromechanical exhibitions are a knowledge hub

Agricultural innovation: digital technologies for Indian companies

The most advanced digital systems, which are already widespread in European countries, have great opportunities for development even in the Subcontinent where the need to increase the productivity of farms by reducing costs and optimising production factors emerges. The most advanced solutions, on the basis of which to develop Italian-Indian cooperation, were illustrated by the President of Agridigital Carlo Linetti during a conference at EIMA Agrimach

Agricultural mechanisation: the eighth edition of EIMA Agrimach India

From February 29 to March 3, Bangalore is the showcase of agricultural mechanics. Over 130 exhibiting industries, 15 of them Italian, will present at the University of Agricultural Sciences the latest technologies able to meet the needs of the different models of agriculture of the subcontinent. Sustainability and innovation at the heart of the event

India continues to run

Also in 2024, the Subcontinent will register the highest GDP growth rate among the 'big ones' on the planet. Agriculture remains a strategic sector for the country-system but is affected by climate change and low productivity. The role of mechanisation in modernising the primary sector

Agricultural machinery: Indian market at an all-time high

In 2023 tractor sales will again exceed the 900,000 mark and set a new record. The Mahindra brand leads the market, however, Italian manufacturers have an established presence in both the tractor and equipment segments
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India heads toward the "one million" quota

With 912,000 tractors sold in 2022 and 680,000 in the first nine months of this year, the Indian Subcontinent remains the world's leading market. Investment in mechanization is necessary, given a gross agricultural area of 200 million hectares and a growing population. The objectives of the agricultural policy are to provide food security as well as to diversify production to improve the food style and profitability of agriculture

Agricultural machinery for India, the success of EIMA Agrimach

Positive results for the seventh edition of the exhibition dedicated to innovative machinery and technologies for crops from the Subcontinent. Over 10,000 visitors over the three days of the exhibition, which has already set the next edition for December 2023

Tractors: sales 'boom' in India

The Asian giant will surpass one million registered units in 2021, establishing itself as by far the most active country in the agricultural machinery market. The figures - released during EIMA Agrimach India - describe a market that has more than doubled in the ten-year period 2009-2019, and today has a clear advantage over the - also very substantial - markets of China, the United States and Europe

EIMA Agrimach, spotlights on made in Italy

15 Italian industries in the agro-mechanical sector took part, directly or through their local distributors, in the seventh edition of EIMA Agrimach. An important business opportunities on the Indian market for Italian agricultural machinery

EIMA Agrimach, a strategic event for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of EIMA Agrimach India ended in New Delhi with good results. The market decline during the year (-10% as a repercussion of the boom in 2018) led to a decrease in the number of visitors. The "B2B" meetings with businesspeople were positive, while a FederUnacoma-ICE "road show" is already planned for 2020 to promote Made in Italy technologies in the country
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New Delhi fair, technological solutions for Asian agriculture

Sixth rendezvous for the exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment for the Indian sub-continent, organized by FederUnacoma and Ficci, and scheduled in New Delhi in the first week of December. Growing numbers of exhibitors and visitors. A project will be presented during the event, promoted among others by the Emilia-Romagna Region, which also includes field trials of orchard machinery

India: the map of a boundless market

The Foreign Trade Agency ICE and FederUnacoma have promoted a study on the horticulture sector in the Indian Subcontinent, with the aim of analysing the evolution of individual crops and assessing the mechanical technology needs. The support of the Government is fundamental, through specific plans for agriculture and mechanization to guide the country in the development of the primary economy. Interesting business opportunities for Italian industries

EIMA Agrimach, an important event for Asian markets

The fifth edition of the international fair of agricultural machinery, which took of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from of audience. More than 42.000 people from the various Indian states, but also from many foreign countries, visited the fair to experience firsthand the characteristics of innovative machinery specifically designed for local crops

Agricultural Tractors: India and China have half of the global market

Of the 1.9 million tractors sold in 2016, the two Asian giants absorbed 990 thousand units, confirming their trends as rapidly expanding markets. Analyses of the demand for agricultural mechanization – carried out in New Delhi in the context of EIMA Agrimach, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery – however highlighted the fact that in order to improve agricultural productivity it is necessary not only to increase mechanization, but also to implement more up-to-date agronomical techniques, systems for an optimized management of natural resources and professional training for agricultural operators at all levels

EIMA Agrimach, the engine of Asian agriculture

The international exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment will take place in New Delhi from 7 to 9 December. 300 Indian and foreign manufacturers will attend the exhibition showing thousands of models of machinery and components to suit any production requirement. Many official foreign delegations, from several Asian countries, will attend this exhibition as a result of the successful cooperation among Indian and Italian institutions

Indian agriculture, a potential to be valued

The international EIMA Agrimach exhibition is an opportunity to assess the status of Indian agriculture and its progress. According to the data processed by the Ministry of Agriculture, during the period 2005-2006 and 2015-2016, production increased considerably for all types of product thanks to the introduction of innovative agronomic and mechanical technologies. The optimization of production factors is the key element which can compensate the risks associated with climate change and frequency of rainfalls that in this Asian country remains a very influential variable

Policies and instruments to promote mechanization in India

Although the internal market has developed over the last few years, reaching huge sale volumes, the demand for agricultural machinery remains very high. The Asian colossus has to meet the demand for agricultural machinery by attracting new investments from abroad and using at its best the instruments available for financing innovation in the primary sector

Bioeconomy challenges climate change

During the recent COP 23, special attention was paid to bioeconomy as a key strategy to fight global warming. High-level ministers and representatives of member – countries of the "Biofuture Platform" – also joined by Italy and India – have signed a declaration of intent to support the sustainable development of bioproducts and bioenergy. Investing in renewable sources is the challenge for the decarbonization of future economy
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CBM-Mita: a high tech factory is launched in Dewas

The countdown has begun for the inauguration of CBM's manufacturing facility in Dewas, which will enable the Modena company to further expand its production. The site, located in a strategic area for logistics, was created with the most modern construction technologies and the most innovative equipment

EIMA Agrimach, the great Indian exhibition

The organization of the fifth edition of the Indian exhibition (7-9 December) is at cruising speed. The event is sponsored by FederUnacoma in partnership with FICCI and it is addressed not only to operators of the Subcontinent but also to the entire Asian area, which represents the most dynamic market on a global scale
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EIMA Agrimach, a platform for the Far East

The 2017 edition of Agrimach, the exhibition on agricultural machinery that will be held in New Delhi December 7-9, has been presented in Paris during the SIMA International Agribusiness Show. The fair is the point of reference for the Indian subcontinent, but also for all the countries in the Far East aiming to develop their primary sector and that are recording record increases in demand for agricultural machinery

Eima Show, a formula for the Indian market

The fourth edition of the demonstration show of agricultural machinery and equipment was held in India by the end of August. This is only one event of a series of initiatives aimed at promoting the circulation of "made in Italy" technologies in the great Asian country

EIMA Agrimach, a record edition

The fourth edition of the New Delhi review closed with a sharp increase in the number of visitors arriving with a public attendance of more than 40,000 to confirm the event as a key reference for India and the countries of Asia and the Far East. Italy and India will pursue their cooperation in 2016 with demonstrations staged in the regions of the subcontinent and the arrival of numerous Indian companies and delegates for the EIMA International coming up in Bologna in November as well as for the fifth edition of the great New Delhi exhibition scheduled for December 2017

Mechanization for India, a political challenge

The fourth edition of the EIMA Agrimach international exposition was inaugurated by a great conference. For the occasion, Indian Minister for Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh and the heads of the organizing administrations of the event presented the goals of the country's agriculture policies and the exhibition's role for boosting the spread of innovation technologies here

New Delhi, center of gravity of vast Asian market

Delegations from numerous countries came to the review dedicated to agricultural machinery and equipment held in New Delhi. Economic technologies and specific solutions for farming in Asia and Africa where featured at the Indian exposition which also hosted important international conferences such as the one on the issue Transforming Agriculture Through Mechanization

Indian agriculture, the challange of productivity

The Indian subcontinent represents one of the largest producers of agricultural commodities worldwide. However, with regard to cereals, the productivity of some regions is still significantly below that recorded in the main producing countries. The production of fruit and vegetables is consistent, with a diversifying and expanding offer

Irrigation and agricultural machinery to overcome "meteorological variables"

The presence of the monsoon and the variables linked to the performance of rainfall affect the productivity of vast regions of India. The government projects and the initiatives for the development of water supply and mechanization aim to increase agricultural productivity by reducing the dependence on weather trend

Biomass for India, a winning choice

In India, where most of the population lives in small villages, the ability to create the conditions for widespread production of electricity from renewable sources at a local level is a winning choice. In the specific case of energy from...

C.I.M.A. in India, a successful experience

From South Africa to the United States, C.i.m.a. SPA in Montù Beccaria in the province of Pavia, has been strengthening its international markets with great expansions in the Asia and Oceanic quarter and especially in Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Australia and...
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Maharashtra, the EIMA Show success

The two days dedicated to farm machinery and equipment technical tests makes its début in the Indian state of Maharashtra and is well received by the public with about one thousand Indian professional operators attending. Eleven Italian companies were present
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EIMA Agrimach: agriculture in progress

The fourth edition of Eima Agrimach, the exposition of machinery and equipment for Indian agriculture, will be held in especially favorable economic conditions. The event is planned as a platform for providing solutions to the many questions open which are hindering the full development of agriculture in the country
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EIMA Agrimach, a winning project

Great crowds of people present and arrivals from many countries around the Asian area were among the outstanding features of the third edition of EIMA International, the agricultural mechanization exposition held in New Delhi in early December. Also on hand were Ficci and FederUnacoma for the presentation of an accord for staging another five editions planned to accompany the development of agricultural mechanization in India for another ten years, up to 2023
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Energy: Italo-Indian cooperation in the biomass sector

The EIMA Agrimach exposition hosted a conference organized by FederUnacoma and Itabia on technologies and strategies for the use of agricultural biomass for the generation of energy. The quantity of biomass available in the country is estimated at 623 million tons with the potential to supply a flourishing energy industry with considerable fallout at the level of creating jobs

Agriculture, a strategic sector for the Indian economy

The weight of the primary sector in the formation of GDP is in decline due to the steady growth of the industrial and services sectors. Within these dynamics, typical of a country experiences strong economic development, agriculture is not loosing importance but is increasing productivity. Dependence on climatic and weather factors and the fragmentation of land ownership are the persistent critical components in the agricultural system which is, however, differentiated according to region and reasoning

India, a fertile market

The dissemination of mechanical equipment is considered by the Indian government and by the administration of single states as a fundamental element for the development of agriculture. The market, already the largest for tractors, is now geared to growing in quality and a trend towards more powerful tractors

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