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T-Lock: CBM's hitch is even safer

It's called ‘T-Lock’ and it represents an evolution of CBM's automatic lower hitch from the Modena-based company. The new version, which is an enhancement of the previous one and is being presented specifically at Agritechnica 2023, has been developed with...

CBM, innovative technologies for the rear tractor

At EIMA International, CBM of Modena showcases a new mechanical and electronic safety system featuring two pins for its Pick-Up Hitch: when the mechanism is closed, they prevent the sliding lower frame from accidentally disengaging. Another device informs the operator...

OPTI-LIFT by CBM, guaranteed safety

  OPTI-LIFT is the new product that CBM presents at the five day event in Bologna, an electro-mechanical device for the safe adjustment of the Slider tow hooks. The device (awarded as Technical Mention at EIMA 2018) consists of an...
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CBM-Mita: a high tech factory is launched in Dewas

The countdown has begun for the inauguration of CBM's manufacturing facility in Dewas, which will enable the Modena company to further expand its production. The site, located in a strategic area for logistics, was created with the most modern construction technologies and the most innovative equipment

CBM tow hooks, safety and functionality

An automatic tow hook with a dual safety system to counter accidental unhitching which kicks in when the tow pin reaches a position below hitching is the strong point of the CBM tow hook. The range of the Modena manufacturer also includes the new Slider Automatic Tow Hook, a component for trailers with special 50 mm drawbar eyes
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HDPlus by CBM, new generation three-point linkages

Active for nearly fifty years in the design and production of components for agricultural tractors (including three-point linkages, drive units and automatic lateral stabilizers), the CBM group from Modena attends the important Agritechnica event with a new range of products....

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