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EIMA Agrimach, a record edition

The fourth edition of the New Delhi review closed with a sharp increase in the number of visitors arriving with a public attendance of more than 40,000 to confirm the event as a key reference for India and the countries of Asia and the Far East. Italy and India will pursue their cooperation in 2016 with demonstrations staged in the regions of the subcontinent and the arrival of numerous Indian companies and delegates for the EIMA International coming up in Bologna in November as well as for the fifth edition of the great New Delhi exhibition scheduled for December 2017

by the editorial staff
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The international exposition of agricultural mechanical engineering held last December 3 to 5 in New Delhi, EIMA Agrimach, closed with a success beyond all expectations.

The three days of the event in India revolved around an exhibition of agricultural machinery, equipment and components in pavilions and outside areas allocated to brand names plus an area for trials in the field with 270 companies taking part, including 33 Italian manufacturers. The number of visitors came to 40,300 for a 26% increase over the previous edition held in December 2013. These results rewarded the organizers, the Federation of Indian Cambers of Commerce and Industry, FICCI, and the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, FederUnacoma, aiming not merely for a market event but for an exposition of business-to-business dealings on technological innovation issues primarily for business people and professionals in the sector.

The director of the FederUnacoma Events Office, Marco Acerbi, pointed out that among the original features which marked the difference between EIMA Agrimach and other specialized trade fairs in the sector, to be remembered was the arrangement of a large area for trials to allow business people to witness machinery and equipment at work to take in their technical and functional characteristics. He affirmed that the crowds arriving for this 2015 edition clearly showed that the EIMA Agrimach formula is a winner. The venue chosen for the exposition, the Campus of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, IARI, and partnership of the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, clearly signals the country’s intention to make of the event an instrument for orienting strategy for work in the primary sector and the development of the farming models most suitable for India. Furthermore, the success of the review added strength to Italian-Indian collaboration in the sector of agricultural mechanization, collaboration which brings together FederUnacoma for organization, the Italian Trade Agency ICE, the Italian Ministry of Ecomic Development, backing the Agrimach project since the first edition in 2009, as well as the Italian Emilia Romagna Region, the stronghold of the nation’s agricultural machinery manufacturing districts with many leading brand names active in trade and production in India. This Italian combination, grouping FederUnacoma, in Confindustria, the Italian Manufacturers Confederation, the ministry and the region, demonstrates the way synergy and a capability to create a system make up the winning formula for developing work in new markets. Italian-Indian cooperation is looking to 2016 with plans for other demonstration events, such as the field trials held in the State of Maharashtra last May, and especially the important initiatives for EIMA International. This world exposition, scheduled for next November 9 to 13, will bring to Bologna a large number of Indian industries and a full delegations of business people and institutional representatives. This event is expected to lead to stepped up commercial cooperation, new partnerships of companies in the sector and, in the setting of the huge array of technologies exhibited at EIMA International, the identification of those best adapted for the needs and policies for the development of agriculture on the Indian subcontinent. The next appointment for EIMA Agrimach has already been set for New Delhi for December 2017.



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