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Striker ST, the new Caffini technology

Caffini offers the market the new range of Striker ST self-propelled sprayers, created in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth and intended for open field work. The machine, presented at Fieragricola last February, was designed by the Verona-based technicians – Caffini's headquarters...

BioAir sprayer targeted operations

It is called BioAir and is a sprayer suitable for treatments on small to medium-sized espalier vineyards. The machine, made by the Padua-based company Ideal (based in Castelbaldo), is able to perform effective and targeted work thanks to two stainless...

Blitz 55 sprayers, precise and intelligent

A range of low volume trailed pneumatic sprayers designed for olive groves in the Mediterranean area. It is offered by the Pavia-based company CIMA (based in Montù Beccaria) with the Blitz 55 series models. This is a line of machines...

Oleo-Mac and Efco, high performance sprayers

Emak has unveiled two new knapsack sprayer models: the Oleo-Mac Am 163 and the Efco AT 2063, marked by orange and red livery respectively. The two new products - whose manoeuvrability, versatility and performance are emphasised by the manufacturer -...

Kubota's 'specialised' sprayers

Kubota launches a new range of high value crop sprayers. Six models have been produced by the Japanese manufacturer - XTA21, XTA22, XTA24, XTA31, XTA33, XTA63 - designed to perform precise and sustainable treatments, modulated to the specific needs of...

From aeronautic to agro-mechanical, the story of Fieni industries

Giovanni Fieni's entrepreneurial story goes back a long way. It began during the Second World War, when he served in the Italian Air Force as an airman engine driver. In those dramatic years for Italian history, the Bolognese airman would...

Sprayers: sustainable technologies

Sprayers with product recovery are an innovative and ecological solution. Furthermore, more and more cases are being reported where this technology proves to be beneficial also from an economic point of view

EIMA 2021, in the spotlight Nobili's new "electric" model

Moving from the virtual to the real. After their official launch, which took place last November on the EIMA Digital Preview platform, the two pieces of electric equipment- the E-SPRAYER and the E-MULCHER– developed by NOBILI from Molinella (Bologna), will...

EPA 2.0, the high tech of the CIMA range

EPA 2.0 technology makes its debut at CIMA, to be implemented in the range of sprayers of the Lombardy-based company (based in Montù Beccaria, near Pavia). EPA 2.0 - an acronym for Proportional Advancement Delivery - is a system developed...

Air Tandem 2000 Noceto, a sprayer for nut orchards

Air Tandem 2000 Noceto is a sprayer developed expressly by the Friuli company Agricolmeccanica (the headquarters are in Torviscosa, in the province of Udine) for the cultivation of walnuts. "This type of cultivation - explains the company with a technical...

John Deere precision sprayer

John Deere signs one of the novelties in the field of turf maintenance, in particular in the precision spraying sector. It is the PrecisionSprayer GPS technology applied to the Amenity Turf HD200 sprayer, available exclusively combined with ProGator vehicles.  Designed...

Ventis FF Pro, an award-worthy sprayer

The Nobili company was rewarded for the Ventis FF Pro towed sprayer with staggering head, as part of the initiative “Vota in Vigneto” [Vote in the Vineyard] organized for Enovitis in Campo, held last June in Fabbrico. The Bologna-based company...

Spray Veg, the new Caffini sprayer

Time for new products in the Caffini house, with the debut of Spray Veg, a sprayer designed for range IV horticultural crops. Suitable for greenhouse or open field work (on 4 rows) and equipped with asymmetrical hydraulic bar (three working...

Braglia SmartSpray, spraying on demand

Two new products from the Emilian company at Agritechnica. The first is SmartSpray, a system designed for sprayers which allows application range and pressure control. The second is the M203 Series valve, allowing for precise control of the bar section

Quality accessories for sprayers

The equipment for spraying operations must comply with specific Community directives, which set binding requirements for manufacturing companies, and must be subject to periodic inspections under the National Action Plan as an obligation for users. The industry has developed a wide range of technological solutions that optimize treatments and dramatically reduce environmental impact

Baby TRB, technological sprayer signed Bertoni

From the Ravenna company Bertoni (the headquarters are in Castel Bolognese) comes a new tunnel sprayer of the “Arcobaleno” series. This is the Baby TRB dual-row towed model (with a 1,000 litre tank), which represents an evolution of the dual-row...

From Caffini a new machine for water-powered weeding

EIMA International is the stage for the premiere of the latest arrival from Caffini, awarded at the Bologna event with the Technical Innovation 2016 prize. We are talking about Grass Killer, an application intended for anti-pest treatments in spaces between...

Flexible treatments with the new wrap around head by Cima

Cima’s latest addition for crop protection is ROB3, an innovative wrap around distribution device with three drops, currently applicable only to low-volume articulated pneumatic sprayers of the Link series, also made by the Pavia company (headquartered in Montù Beccaria). In...

M 612 Multi-Flow Südtirol 2015, born to respect the environment

A Special Mention and the EIMA International 2016 Blue Award went to the latest arrival from Martignani, the tangential-flow electrostatic sprayer M612 Multi-Flow “Südtirol 2015”, a machine designed for vineyards and orchards in areas that enforce anti-drift regulations which are...

Oktopus Boom, targeted plant treatment with Nobili sprayer

The Oktopus Boom designed and built by the manufacturer Nobili in Molinella, near Bologna, specialized in mulchers and machinery for plant treatment, is coming along as a valid alternative to air sleeve treatment. The Oktopus Boom deploys a flow of...

Distribution of crop protection products: the sustainable defense

For the best distribution on crops of plant protection products modern and efficient sprayer booms are absolutely necessary. New generation pressure regulators, anti-drift nozzles and sensor systems ensure an increasing scientific and measured use of chemical products and provide economic and environmental benefits

ROB3 by CIMA, the evolution of the straddle head

The most recent plant treatment product from the Pavia manufacturer CIMA is the ROB3 pneumatic sprayer with a new three drop straddle device and a linkage parallelogram system to equip the low volume pneumatic sprayers of the Link series. Thanks...

Poly Super Plus, by Ideal agile and durable

It’s called Poly Super Plus, and it’s the new sprayer developed by Ideal (headquarters in Castelbaldo, in the province of Padua), a company specializing in the manufacture of applications for crop protection such as atomizers, sprayers, weeders, cannons and dusters....

Maschio Gaspardo: wide range on display in Paris

The Veneto manufacturer is arriving in Paris with all their leading products. Coming up for preview showcasing are the Tsunami sprayer, the Primo fertilizer spreader and the Camilla and Katia hedge and verge mowers. Other models presented at EIMA International will also be in the front rank

Bertoni's T6, the eco-compatible sprayer

Awarded at Eima International with a technical recommendation, the T6 is a tunnel sprayer designed by Bertoni from Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) to make phytosanitary treatments of six rows and work in crops with an inter-row distance up to one meter....

Cima: integrated solutions for crop protection

The manufacturer in Montù Beccaria, near Pavia, will bring to center stage of its exhibition area not only the Rateo Variabile (VRT) pneumatic sprayer – tapped for a Technical Innovation honorable mention – but also the entire range of Cima’s...

Martignani: avant-garde technologies for pesticide plat treatments

Martignani is coming to EIMA International with a number of new products led by the new semi-mounted version 3P model Whirlwind M612 Duo-Wing-Jet – Hill electrostatic mist blower to flank the trolley version which captured a New Technology prize awarded...

New entries from Nobili for plant treatment

Nobili is expanding its range of of products with three new entries for plant treatments. The first up for a debut are, in alphabetical order, mounted and trailed ANTIS sprayers equipped with new concept front blower and suction groups designed...

Evolution in Spraying: Cutting Drift

In Italy as elsewhere, substantial amounts of pesticides and the like are still sprayed on crops of all kinds in a serious threat to the environment, so sprayers that can couple efficiency and eco-friendliness by achieving precise regulation of the air and liquid they use remain high on the agenda of farm machine manufacturers

Drift Recovery: eco-sustainable mist-sprayers from Agricolmeccanica

Respect for the environment, assurance of full conformity with regulations on polluting emissions, lowing the cost of operations by reducing the quantity of the plant treatment product, high quality operation thanks to fan regulation and option to spray in the...

Atom 3500: top performance on rugged terrain

The new entry for the Andreoli Engineering sprayer range is a self-propelled unit, the Atom 3500 model designed by the manufacturer in Modena to the scale of big farming enterprises. The distinguishing features of the machine range from the enormous...

New product from Bargam bound for the Verona trade fair

Bargam is coming to Fieragricola 2014 with a new model of a sprayer bearing unique power and flexibility provided by the mechanical dropped axle combined with a variable wheelbase created and patented by Bargam, the really new features of the...

The Arcobaleno: an even more innovative sprayer

Bertoni is coming to the Verona exposition to showcase their Arcobaleno sprayer, a semi-mounted machine especially designed for operations in hilly single-row vineyards and equipped with pivoting wheels for travel on roads and work on purpose-built slides for spraying between...

Drop Save, the sprayer for product recovery from Ideal

Sprayers which recover plant treatment products are taking on ever greater importance on the market because they provide savings of product distributed of up to 50%. Since 2013, Ideal has meeting these requirements with their Drop Save nebulizer equipped with...

Zephir, the sprayer which does not disperse the product

Ricosma is coming to Fieragricola with the manufacturer's new Zephir sprayer with recovery screens designed to meet the needs of farmers requiring a machine with a low impact on the environment, high performance plant treatment and the minimum dispersion of...

A complete range of sprayes from Idroget

The Cesena manufacturer can vaunt a catalogue containing sprayers groups, fan groups and sprayer booms and especially a full lineup of high performance sprayers designed for ensuring precision plant treatment, flexibility in operations and safety

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