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The Arcobaleno: an even more innovative sprayer

by Fabrizio Sereni
January 2014 | Back

Bertoni is coming to the Verona exposition to showcase their Arcobaleno sprayer, a semi-mounted machine especially designed for operations in hilly single-row vineyards and equipped with pivoting wheels for travel on roads and work on purpose-built slides for spraying between rows. The Arcobaleno's telescopic frame with hydraulic control and the innovative wheel-slide arrangement means that this compact machine is flexible and highly maneuverable and reliable thanks to the telescopic construction and screens equipped with special anti-collision couplings. Other advantages gained with this Arcobaleno over the earlier model is that the sprayer is based on a unique and patented ventilation system for air conveyors, located inside the shields, for creating a vortex generated by two couples of electric fans and an especially designed outlet section, both in combination underpinning the innovation air circulating system. This new smaller and lighter model also ensures greater stability, greater efficiency uphill on slopes, self-levelling regulated according to the topographical gradient, less compaction of the terrain and greater agility in maneuvers in reduced spaces. This new semi-mounted version is ideal for the requirements of small and medium size operations from the points of view of safety and maneuverability as well as that of the costs of purchase and maintenance. Moreover, Bertoni's ongoing focus on innovation has led the manufacturer to come up with a full line of sprayers, which have won certification from Enama, the Italian Agricultural Mechanization Agency, for meeting the needs of all enterprises, from small farms with croplands on the plain on in hilly terrain and those requiring transverse operations on up to big spreads for treating three or more rows at a single pass. 


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