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Oleo-Mac and Efco, high performance sprayers

by the editorial staff
March - April 2023 | Back

Emak has unveiled two new knapsack sprayer models: the Oleo-Mac Am 163 and the Efco AT 2063, marked by orange and red livery respectively. The two new products - whose manoeuvrability, versatility and performance are emphasised by the manufacturer - are able to dispense liquids and powders for treatment and pest control of crops and nurseries.

Designed to offer an optimal synthesis of ergonomics, efficiency and comfort, they are equipped with a telescopic launch tube with adjustable handle controls that, tilted forward, favour the best position of the wrist when carrying out operations with the tube in a vertical position. Ergonomic straps and a frame mounted on a vibration-dampening system also contribute to easier handling of the sprayer. Other features of the two devices are spacious tanks and a spray opening angle that can be adjusted without interrupting work, adapting it to the various operations. There is also a kit - ULV - for targeted liquid atomisation without dispersion, and simple filter maintenance without the need for tools. Also available as an option, a powder kit, which is easy to install and adjustable in quantity, useful for treatments with small granules that are conveyed into the throw tube without coming into contact with the fan. 

The Emak company, owner of the Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini, and Nibbi brands, headquartered in Bagnolo in Piano (RE), has four production centres and eight commercial branches, and offers a wide range of products for gardening, agriculture and forestry activities for professionals and hobbyists, which is present in 115 countries thanks to an extensive distribution network.


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