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BKT launches the "digital" experience

BKT brought an entirely new experience to EIMA 2021. The Indian tyre manufacturer's exhibition space offered a journey into the digital world. A hybrid world - called BKT Virtual Experience - halfway between the virtual and the real where, through...

BKT, a strategic centre for the European market

After being a simple warehouse for years, since last April the BKT facility in Seregno, just outside Milan, is now a true strategic centre to win a prominent position on the European market. The new centre was inaugurated last April...

BKT: technological and sport challenges

Football is the key theme on which BKT’s promotional activity will be developed at the EIMA International Exhibition, after the participation of this Indian tyre company in sport promotional activities, which linked its trademark to the Italian second division championship....

Sponsorship: BKT invests in sport

The “Serie B” league has a new sponsor; BKT, an Indian multinational specialized in the production of Off-Highway tyres. The partnership was signed at the end of June at Torneria Tortona, in the centre of Milan, between the national professional...

BKT, an innovative and sustainable multinational

The colossal Indian BKT is a multinational which looks to the future without neglecting human values and the environment. Last year BKT reported turnover of more than $815 million, 65% of which in the sector of witch in the sector of agricultural tires

Agrimax Sirio, BKT tires for heavy duty operations

BKT is planning a stylish debut for their new Agrimax Sirio tires at the upcoming SIMA International Agri-Business Show in Paris. In two sizes, 710/70 R 38 and 540/65 R 38, the Agrimax Sirios are arriving to join the the...

BKT: Expanded Specialist Tyre Range at Agritechnica

BKT, one of the world's leading makers of off-highway tyres, is offering substantial new additions to its already extensive catalogue of specialist tyres at Agritechnica 2013 in Hannover.The Indian multinational is expanding its range for high-power tractors boasting over 250...

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