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AGRI STAR II, the tire that sheds its skin

The new Stratified Layer Technology (SLT), used for AGRI STAR II tires by the Alliance Tire Group, was presented at Fieragricola in Verona. The innovation developed by Alliance technical department, allows their tires to be widely applied to various agricultural...
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ATG Group, a global player for off-highway tires

The Dutch group ATG, thanks to the acquisition of the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex companies, has become one of the world's leading manufacturers in the off-highway tire sector. The Amsterdam company works in 120 countries and can boast a turnover that in 2015 reached almost 600 million dollars

BKT, an innovative and sustainable multinational

The colossal Indian BKT is a multinational which looks to the future without neglecting human values and the environment. Last year BKT reported turnover of more than $815 million, 65% of which in the sector of witch in the sector of agricultural tires

The new VT-COMBINE tires by Bridgestone

Greater load capacity, excellent traction, larger tread footprint, great durability, less soil compaction and comfort for the operator are the key features of the new VT-COMBINE tires introduced by Bridgestone. Designed for cyclic field operations, the VT-COMBINE with Improved Flexion...

Agrimax Sirio, BKT tires for heavy duty operations

BKT is planning a stylish debut for their new Agrimax Sirio tires at the upcoming SIMA International Agri-Business Show in Paris. In two sizes, 710/70 R 38 and 540/65 R 38, the Agrimax Sirios are arriving to join the the...
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Tires: technicality and innovation at the service of agriculture

Suitable criteria for choice and optimum management of inflation pressure not only ensure a better performance of tires from the point of view of techniques, mechanics and economy but also substantially reduce their impact from the agricultural point of view. The industry puts on the market an extremely wide range of tires for all work requirements

New Firestone Performer Row Crop

Outstanding among the new products brought to Agritechnica in Hanover by Bridgestone was the Performer Row Crop tire series by Firestone, in the Bridgestone Group, designed for mounting on sprayer machinery. The techniques applied by the Japanese group were perfected...

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