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New Firestone Performer Row Crop

by a cura della Redazione/Editoral Staff
december 2013 | Back

Outstanding among the new products brought to Agritechnica in Hanover by Bridgestone was the Performer Row Crop tire series by Firestone, in the Bridgestone Group, designed for mounting on sprayer machinery. The techniques applied by the Japanese group were perfected to provide a new solution to meet growing, demand due to the increasing weight and volume of agricultural machinery, for a tire with high load capacity and a long life and which would ensure excellent traction and maximum efficiency while reducing costs. As is the case for other farm machinery, sprayers have evolved to reach higher levels of productivity and versatility and have thus increased in power and weight. So the challenge taken up by Firestone was to adapt their agricultural tires to these new requirements. All sizes of the Performer Row Crop tires incorporate the patented Dual Angle Lug, a unique technology which delivers 4% more traction than standard tires, ensures greater self-cleaning of soil to lessen impact on the soil to thereby increase tractor further. At the Hanover trade fair, Bridgestone also outlined the group's multi-brand commercial strategy. Lothar Schmitt, the head of the agriculture and off-road tire division for Bridgestone Europe, declared, "Bridgestone and Firestone have strong points which are different and thanks to our multi-brand approach we can provide farmers with optimum solutions in every sector."

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