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Waiting for EIMA

Eima: all the hits of the 2000s

MachineryWorld's overview dedicated to the 40 editions of the Eima exhibition concludes with an article on the last ten appointments, which have recorded important changes, such as the event's biannual occurring and the launch of specialized salons. Both events contributed to the development and success of the exhibition on the international scene
Waiting for EIMA

EIMA Ninety: the green years

The return of the zootechnics sector to Bologna, the creation of the first salon with Eima Garden and extending the exhibition area under cover to 150,000 m² with pavilions 18/19 and 36; these are the principle new features of the exposition from 1994 to '99, celebrating the twenty fifth to thirtieth editions which consistently carry the hallmark of the most ample merchandise and innovations put on offer and handling the most urgent issues involving agriculture and the industry
Waiting for EIMA

EIMA in the 80's: debates, innovation, and new specializations

In the second decade of life of Eima, the exhibition increased and developed until becoming an important reference point for the market and the political, economic and technical debate. The Competition for the new techniques, the Club of Bologna and Eima Zootech were born
Waiting for EIMA

EIMA 1969: a trade fair debut

This year EIMA International reaches its 41st edition, which will take place on the same dates of the first 1969 edition: 12-16 November. Machinery World traces the most important stages of the 40th anniversary of the event, through a series of articles illustrating the history of EIMA from the beginning to the present day

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