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CIAME 2015, top flight appointment for agricultural mechanization in China

China's economy is also of great importance in the primary sector and the CIAME International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition staged annually provides an opportunity for updates on the technologies available for those in the sector and an outlet for Italian products arriving in Qingdao with a group exhibition organized by ICE, the Italian Foreign Trade Agency, and FederUnacoma

SIMA 2015: innovation in the foreground

Important news for the SIMA-Simagena Salon that, arrived at the 76th edition, has new exhibiting areas, an increased number of exposing businesses and initiatives of internationalization. Innovation in the foreground and focus on the "professions" of the mechanization chain and on good practices in agriculture

The Savigliano fair: the innovation in agriculture

Italy's first springtime trade fair featuring agricultural machinery is the Savigliano Fair staged for the past 33 years in the Province of Cuneo. The exposition brings together new and used machinery and equipment, vintage tractors and bio-energy systems. Also on the agenda are a new technologies competition and conferences to round out the event dedicated to professionals in agriculture and the general public
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Edmond Panariti: a policy for cooperation

The South East Europe EIMA event is targeted on the entire Balkan region from the starting point of Albania, a country which is not only hosting the mechanization exposition but is also focusing great attention on agriculture and the development of the primary sector named as a priority on the government's agenda. Mondo Macchina/Machinery World interviewed Edmond Panariti, the minister for agriculture for the Land of the Eagles
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Capital goods for SME: the new Sabatini Law

The plafond of funds made available to small and medium-size enterprises in Italy under the new Sabatini Law comes to 2.5 billion euro for financing acquisitions of machinery, plant and brand new digital technologies
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EIMA in the 80's: debates, innovation, and new specializations

In the second decade of life of Eima, the exhibition increased and developed until becoming an important reference point for the market and the political, economic and technical debate. The Competition for the new techniques, the Club of Bologna and Eima Zootech were born

The Madonnino Fair: two events in one

The exposition is divided into two large areas planned to host some 300 stands. The first is covered and features artisan products, clothing, leather goods, food and drink, gift items and household goods, equipment and products for offices, businesses...

Tarquinia Fair, for a territorial agriculture

The city of Tarquinia, in the province of Viterbo, is hosting from 30 April to 4 may, the traditional Fair of Agricultural Machinery that this year has reached its 65th edition. During the same period the 520th edition of...

Agriumbria for an economic recovery in the agricultural key

The exhibition activity in the agricultural sector continues to represent, in Italy and in the world, an important meeting point between demand and supply of products, services and technologies. The event Agriumbria continues to contribute to this comparison, through its market-exhibition dedicated to agriculture, food and livestock

Expoagro: mechanization for the universe Argentina

The Argentinian exhibition Expoagro allows thousands of visitors to experience the most recent technological innovations for agricultural production and to evaluate their efficiency and performance thanks to many dynamic demonstrations, with the machines as main characters

Fiera di Savigliano: story of the land worth telling

New and used agricultural machinery and equipment, biotechnologies, awards for new techniques and practices for sustainable agriculture and meetings on specific issues all coming together at the Fiera di Savigliano to continue the trade fair's narrative of farming from tradition to innovation

Lanciano, a trade fair for center-southern Italy

The Independent Consortium Ente Fiera di Lanciano hosts from 11 to 13 April 2014 the National Agriculture Fair, a showcase of products and services for the primary sector, arrived this year at its 53th edition. There are 250 companies...

Vita in Campagna: enthusiasts of agriculture

The appointment for hobby farmers in Montichiari, in the Province of Brescia, is set for 21 to 23 March for the 4th edition of the Life in the Countryside Fair. The outing is sponsored by the magazine Vita in Campagna...
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Star-chef: ambassadors of the Italian agri-food sector

Presented on Frebruary 21 in Bologna, at the headquarters of Numisma, a book that locates in the Italian communities and restaurants abroad two excellent communicators of the Italian Way of Life, agri-food sector included
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MachineryWorld on-line: the federation is increasingly "in the net"

The web communication FederUnacoma has added a new tool with the creation of the online magazine Mondo Macchina (, an expanded internet version of the federation's magazine, which since 1992 publicizes the culture of mechanization in Italy and abroad, thanks to the integral Dual Italian-English version of each issue

Fieragricola 2014: agri-appointment in Verona

The Verona Exhibition Centre will host the February 2014 edition of the biennial Fieragricola. Space to technological innovations for agriculture and mechanization, but also to meetings aimed at analyzing the problems of the primary sector

Zaragoza FIMA golden anniversary

FIMA, the Spanish exhibition for agricultural machinery this year celebrates 50 years of activity. 1200 exhibitors are expected to showcase on a surface of 133,000 m² and display the latest innovations in the sector

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