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EIMA 2018, a young trade fair

The international exposition of agricultural mechanization is planning events and information initiatives dedicated to young farmers, agrarian students and members of the new generation as candidates for jobs in the agricultural machinery sector. The EIMA International agenda includes the national assembly of the AGIA Agricultural Association, the Mech@grJjobs program, the Campus Area and information meetings sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development

Enama and the Franciacorta circuit, a partnership for safety

A partnership between the Italian Agricultural Mechanization Agency, Enama, and the Franciacorta International Circuit organized for holding courses on the safe driving of agricultural machinery was opened in April with an educational tour targeted on the media in the sector....

2014 Safety competition, the Enama and UmbriaFiere award

Pruning implements manufactured by the French company convinced the jury commission because of their ability to drastically reduce accidental cuts. Coming away from Agriumbria with honorable mentions were Caffini, Dondi, Fratelli Marinelli e Sfoggia Agricoltural Division

Agriumbria for an economic recovery in the agricultural key

The exhibition activity in the agricultural sector continues to represent, in Italy and in the world, an important meeting point between demand and supply of products, services and technologies. The event Agriumbria continues to contribute to this comparison, through its market-exhibition dedicated to agriculture, food and livestock

"Let's visit agroenergies": educational activities of the Enama Project

A rich programme of visits to biomass plants took place in October, as part of a wide project for the development of bioenergies carried out by the Italian authority for agricultural mechanization. Technicians, students and journalists visited 22 biomass plants situated in 8 regions

Agroenergies in the spotlight, with a new dedicated Salon

During this edition of Agrilevante, the Salon AgriforenergyMed devoted to bioenergies attracted attention

Mech@griJOBS: the emerging professions in agro-mechanics

The demand of highly specialized figures in agro-mechanics is increasing. According to Enama and Unacma (the National Union of the Farm Machinery Dealers), in the next three-year period there will be a potential job offer of 3,000 works but the educational paths are not always appropriate for the production chain's demands. Mech@griJOBS was promoted with the aim of illustrating to the youth the opportunities for employment in this sector

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