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EIMA 2018, a young trade fair

The international exposition of agricultural mechanization is planning events and information initiatives dedicated to young farmers, agrarian students and members of the new generation as candidates for jobs in the agricultural machinery sector. The EIMA International agenda includes the national assembly of the AGIA Agricultural Association, the Mech@grJjobs program, the Campus Area and information meetings sponsored by the Ministry for Economic Development

by the editorial staff
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The 2018 edition of EIMA International will train special attention on the youth target. As never before, young farmers and students studying in university faculties and in agrarian education will have access to issues and special initiatives.

On the exposition’s inaugural day, Wednesday, November 7, The national assembly of AGIA, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, promoted by CIA, will be held to deal with strategies for the future of agriculture. Partners for the event are FederUnacoma and institutes as well as CEJA, the European Council of Young Farmers representing two million young farming entrepreneurs on the continent, the Agrarian Institutes Without Frontiers Network, ENAMA, National Agricultural Mechanization Agency, as well as Alfa Evolution Technology and Vodafone which has developed IT and special telematics specifically for the requirements for start-ups. The young people attending the assembly will take part in a guided tour of EIMA for gaining first hand illustrations of the significant innovations for agriculture mechanics, machinery revision and training processes to achieve the skills needed for agronomics and agro-mechanics.

The young farmers and students will be leading players in Bologna thanks to the Mech@griJobs initiative backed by UNACMA, the National Agriculture Machinery Dealers Union, collaborating with FederUnacoma for informing them on professional profiles and occupation opportunities in the agricultural mechanics sector.

Those on the tour with be directed to the EIMA Desk area where an institution stand is located and the Live Shop for demonstrations of maintenance and revision procedures of machinery will be on show.

The Desk will also provide information encounters handled by the Ministry for Economic Development, MISE, with its own presidium to deal with counterfeitting and the protection of patents to make new generations aware of these issues. In the same area, the Desk will run a new EIMA Campus initiative set up with the cooperation of the Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering, AIIA, for students studying Agraria Education.

Some universities with these faculties will actually hold lesions in the Campus area set up in a classroom to give students an exceptional learning experience with direct contact with manufacturing industries, farmers and business people.

Thus the EIMA youth format will be geared to raise interest and enthusiasm with the more substantial support of internet and the social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in use by the Social Team on the website organized by Imageline in collaboration with FederUnacoma and a YouTuber video for documenting the event via their own clips for the purpose of raising the profiles of tractors, other machinery and equipment and the digital technologies exhibited at the exposition to make the vast world of networking more visible.


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