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The "top" performance of the Opera 300 seed drill

On the occasion of Agritechnica 2023, Maschio Gaspardo presented a new model for combined seeding. Opera 300, this is the name of the machine, is an agile and light vehicle designed by the technicians of the Veneto-based company - the...

The Delta shredder, safe and durable

It is called Delta and it is a flail mower designed for contractors and large farms that need a high-performance working tool for the care of pastures, uncultivated land, grassy areas as well as for shredding crop residues and corn...

EIMA, the key role of training for agriculture 4.0

Continuous training for the development of the new skills required at the centre of a conference promoted by Maschio Gaspardo. Made in Italy also enhanced through the most modern digital technologies. Supply chain agreements extended to the world of large-scale organised distribution. The challenge of productivity

Opera 600, the hi-tech solution of the combination seed drill

The range of Maschio Gaspardo combined seed drills is expanded with a new machine, OPERA 600, presented during EIMA 2022. It is a model designed to work over large areas, thanks to a working width of 6 metres and a...

Maschio Gaspardo: the power of Jumbo

Maschio Gaspardo is showing at EIMA International the new Jumbo Isotronic, a top-of-the-range folding power harrow with ISOBUS communication protocol. As a development of the Jumbo model, the Jumbo Isotronic stands out for multiple mechanical, structural and electronic innovations. First...

Terremoto 2, heavy duty cultivator

Reduction of field passages, lower fuel consumption, greater working speed and hourly yields. These are just some of the advantages of Terremoto 2, the new anchor cultivator produced by Maschio Gaspardo. Designed by the technicians of the Venetian company to...

Performance and strength for Maschio Gaspardo ploughs

The Unico plough is one of the flagships of the Maschio Gaspardo range. It is a tractor-mounted model, equipped with the Smooth set parallelogram system and has - depending on the version - a minimum of 2 and a maximum...

Maschio Gaspardo, production expansion in Romania

Maschio Gaspardo, a company based in Campodarsego, Padua, which has been manufacturing tillage, seeding, fertilizing, crop protection, haymaking and green maintenance equipment since 1964, is expanding its production capacity in Romania, where the group is the largest manufacturer of agricultural...

Maschio Gaspardo, the new French headquarters inaugurated

Maschio Gaspardo opened its new French branch in Beauvais last September.    The office can host training courses and has a showroom for the presentation of products, but above all - reads a note from the Veneto company - it...

TORO ISOTRONIC, the high-tech harrow from Maschio Gaspardo

Time for news at Maschio Gaspardo. On the occasion of the 44rd edition of EIMA International, the company from Campodarsego (Padua) is launching a new folding power harrow with Isobus communication system. The TORO ISOTRONIC, developed from the TORO RAPIDO...

High performance for Maschio Gaspardo haymaking machines

In its full-line dedicated to haymaking, Maschio Gaspardo offers a range of high performance tedders and windrowers. Elia Pro is a machine specialised in the spreading of forage, specifically designed at the Cremona headquarters to perform, in the most diverse...

Unico M, the "next gen" ploughs from Maschio Gaspardo

Versatility and adaptability are the strong points of the UNICO range of reversible ploughs, Maschio Gaspardo's flagship product, now with a completely new design. The Padua-based company (headquartered in Campodarsego) offers several models with different header and frame sizes (XS,...

Primo EW Isotronic: electronic control of the distribution

The Primo EW Isotronic by Maschio Gaspardo is a double-disc fertilizer spreader with electronic control of the continuous distribution (DPAE) and loading cell. Equipped with a rotovibrating agitator mounted on bearings to prevent product breakage during spreading, which conveys the...

Primo EW Isotronic, the 4.0 fertilizer spreader

Primo EW Isotronic, Maschio Gaspardo’s mounted electric spreader, wins “Innovation Leaf”, the prize assigned by Fieragricola and the “Informatore Agrario” to the most innovative machinery for their economic and environmental sustainability, manufacturing quality, end user’s ease of use. The new...

Maschio Gaspardo, high tech solutions for processing

Seeders, ploughs and atomizers are just some of the types of products that Maschio Gaspardo presents at EIMA International. Particular anticipation for the new seeders equipped with Chrono element, which arrive in Bologna after their debut in Hannover

Maschio Gaspardo, a complete range for soil tillage

The Dracula cultivator, the Toro harrow and the Pantera tiller are just some of the protagonists of the Umbrian event, all equipment of the Paduan company which has always offered a wide choice of models for every type of soil processing

The winning three years of Maschio Gaspardo

The Maschio Gaspardo Group is back in the black with profits of 5 million euros. The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting certified it with the July approval of the consolidated financial statements for the 2017 financial year. The accounting and financial documents...

Model Farm, a partnership dedicated to productivity

Model Farm is the name of a project launched by Maschio Gaspardo to create strong synergies with companies in the primary sector through a full immersion into products of the Paduan company. It is no coincidence that the watchword chosen...

Agritechnica: a wide Maschio Gaspardo range

The Padua manufacturer brought a wide range of seed drills, sprayers and plows to Agritechnica 2017 in Hanover, all with innovative technologies to make this machinery more productive and versatile at work in the field

Greenhouse gas emissions and agriculture: the "AgriCare" project

Agriculture plays an important role in contrasting the dangerous effects of greenhouse gas emissions. It has been calculated that greenhouse gas accounts for, directly and indirectly, about one third of the total CO2 emissions. The LIFE AgriCare projects stands out among the research activities on the best agronomic techniques, which covers all phases of tillage and also involves equipment manufacturers. The research was carried out in collaboration with Veneto Agricoltura, Enea, the Padova University and the firm Maschio Gaspardo

Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines, reliable and efficient

Reliability and great work capacity on the one hand and, on the other, agility in maneuvers and versatility are the winning features of Maschio-Gaspardo hoeing machines with a range designed for inter-row operations with two fixed frame models, the HL...

New Maschio Gaspardo models for quality soil preparation

The Veneto manufacturer is arriving in Paris for Sima with a wide range of new machines. Maschio Gaspardo flagship disc cultivators for soil preparation and seeding models all designed to ensure top flight performance and optimum yields

Performance and versatility from Maschio tillers

Wide range, diversification, and high product specialization distinguish the Maschio range for soil cultivation. There are several cutting-edge models in the harrow and rototiller segment. Aquila Rapido Plus (from 4 to 6 m) is a folding harrow with 4 rotors...

Maschio Gaspardo Completes Hay Making Buy

Italy’s Maschio Group has completed purchase of 100% of Cremona-based Feraboli top complete its plan to offer a full line of hay making equipment. The group’s president, Egidio Maschio, announced at the SIMA fair in Paris that the group’s stake...

Maschio Gaspardo: wide range on display in Paris

The Veneto manufacturer is arriving in Paris with all their leading products. Coming up for preview showcasing are the Tsunami sprayer, the Primo fertilizer spreader and the Camilla and Katia hedge and verge mowers. Other models presented at EIMA International will also be in the front rank

New Maschio Gaspardo models for productivity and safety

From a self-propelled digestate burier to a three-steering axle dumper, a geometric variable roundbaler and an on-furrow plow, these are some of the Padua group's candidates in their new ranges to take the spotlight on statge at EIMA International

Maschio Gaspardo: the new Corona 400 seed drill

The Corona 400 is the new folding combination seed drill signed by Maschio Gaspardo. This four-meter folding version combines discs, roller and seeder to bring together soil preparation, the consolidation of the seedbed and depositing the seeds in one single...

Camilla Pro, the New Roadside Brush Clearer

Sub-contractors and other road and park maintenance professionals pay heed and consider the new Camilla Pro! Maschio Gaspardo, the Veneto-based maker of brush clearers and other devices for keeping green spaces, woodland, river banks, roadsides and gardens tidy, added...

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