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Camilla Pro, the New Roadside Brush Clearer

by the editorial staff
May - June 2014 | Back

Sub-contractors and other road and park maintenance professionals pay heed and consider the new Camilla Pro!

Maschio Gaspardo, the Veneto-based maker of brush clearers and other devices for keeping green spaces, woodland, river banks, roadsides and gardens tidy, added the Camilla to fill its high-end slot for you.

Rear mounted and versatile, the machine also enjoys solid construction and various details designed to ensure safe operation, the robustness coming from cast components where the stresses and strains are greatest.

The freestanding hydraulic system is designed to give maximum power yield with minimum power loss.

The two cast iron gear pumps for the cutting head and arm movements ensure power and quick reaction times, while in the more exposed areas, the hydraulic piping is covered with a special anti-wear sheathing and there is a cowling to protect the hydraulics mounted on the cutting arm. Cemented ferrules and zinc-treated pivots give protection against even the heaviest and most intensive wear and tear.

The parallelogram structure of the cutting arm’s first section guarantees the simultaneous opening of the entire arm using a single hydraulic control, at the same time leaving the cutting head at a constant height.

Safety in use is another priority. One point is the mechanical end stop device that holds the arm firm during transport, stopping it from hitting the top of the cab. The device can also be calibrated so that it works whatever the size or configuration of the tractor.

Active and passive safety devices located at various strategic points also help defend Camilla Pro and the tractor powering it from damage.  Optionals include branch cutters, a cutting head with belt transmission, and pump and engine with closed circuit pistons.



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