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The "top" performance of the Opera 300 seed drill

by Emanuele Bredice
December 2023 | Back

On the occasion of Agritechnica 2023, Maschio Gaspardo presented a new model for combined seeding. Opera 300, this is the name of the machine, is an agile and light vehicle designed by the technicians of the Veneto-based company - the operational headquarters are located in Campodarsego in the province of Padua - to work in the hills with medium-power tractors. The seed drill, in fact, allows you to manage headland turns with greater ease and, thanks to the hopper with innovative lines, the result of collaboration with the SID (Italian School of Design), offers good working autonomy thanks to the large load capacity. The coupling to the tractor is of the towed type with the two-point hitch that facilitates both road transfers and headland turns. Opera 300 has been designed to come into action after the primary tillage of the soil, using several types of tools at the same time. The first to come into action is a two-wheeler that breaks the larger aggregates before the disc holder is deployed. The latter consists of two sets of 460 mm discs, widely spaced to ensure a good flow of material, even in the presence of a large amount of crop residue. The special design of the discs also reduces the accumulation of soil inside them even on the wettest soils. The large diameter wheels, used to move the machine, are positioned in a staggered manner and help to reconsolidate the seedbed evenly, thus optimizing the transfer of moisture from the tilled soil to the seed. The seeding bar consists of 24 elements with 12.5 cm row spacing. The seeding depth is regulated by a hydraulic system and is kept constant thanks to the seed press wheels. The last section of the machine is represented by the seed harrow that ensures the correct coverage of the soil, favoring germination uniformity.

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