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The versatility of Vitasem seed drills

Mechanical, practical and reliable. These are the seed drills of the Vitasem line, made by the Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger with two different working widths – 2.5 and 4 metres – to adapt to the work needs of small as well...

Fast and precise, the new Delta seed drill

Delta, this is the name of the new seed drill with variable inter-row distance designed and built by Mascar of Grumolo delle Abbadesse (province of Vicenza), made its official debut last November at Agritechnica. Available in both mechanical and electric...

The versatility of the Sicura seed drill

Sicura is a seed drill for small seeds, designed and manufactured by "MA/AG", for the specific characteristics of Italian and European soils. The machine, presented at Agritechnica, was designed by the manufacturer of Casalbuttano (in the province of Cremona) for...

The "top" performance of the Opera 300 seed drill

On the occasion of Agritechnica 2023, Maschio Gaspardo presented a new model for combined seeding. Opera 300, this is the name of the machine, is an agile and light vehicle designed by the technicians of the Veneto-based company - the...

Opera 600, the hi-tech solution of the combination seed drill

The range of Maschio Gaspardo combined seed drills is expanded with a new machine, OPERA 600, presented during EIMA 2022. It is a model designed to work over large areas, thanks to a working width of 6 metres and a...

Celli: on stage at EIMA the MAXI combined harrow

Celli is launching two new products at EIMA 2022: the MAXI fixed harrow equipped for combined use with a pneumatic seed drill and the SCORPIO S flail mower. The MAXI fixed harrow, which features a 3-meter model at the show,...

Kosma seed drills: agile and efficient

New addition to the Kuhn stable. Kosma is the name of a series of pneumatic precision seed drills which, as the French manufacturer himself explains on its website, combines the precision of the Maxima seed drill range with the agility...

An experimental seed drill against weeds

A pool of researchers from Crea Foggia has completed a test programme with a new seed drill that promises considerable benefits in wheat cultivation

Fertidrill AsmaX, high performance on slopes

It’s called Fertidrill AsmaX, a multi-purpose seed drill made by Alpego. This machine was awarded a mention in the competition “EIMA Technical Innovation 2016” at EIMA International. It comes with a stainless steel hopper of large capacity (depending on requirements,...

Greater efficiency with Matermacc "Twin Row" seed drills

Matermacc of San Vito a Tagliamento (Pordenone) will be presenting a trio of new products at Eima International 2014. They start with Twin Row seed drills, multi-purpose tools capable of a wide range of uses, thus considerably reducing the time...

Maschio Gaspardo: the new Corona 400 seed drill

The Corona 400 is the new folding combination seed drill signed by Maschio Gaspardo. This four-meter folding version combines discs, roller and seeder to bring together soil preparation, the consolidation of the seedbed and depositing the seeds in one single...

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