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The versatility of Vitasem seed drills

by Giacomo Di Paola
March - April 2024 | Back

Mechanical, practical and reliable. These are the seed drills of the Vitasem line, made by the Austrian manufacturer Pöttinger with two different working widths – 2.5 and 4 metres – to adapt to the work needs of small as well as large farms. Offered with different types of equipment and characterised by a wide freedom of customisation, the new Pöttinger seed drills can be combined with different types of tools for seedbed preparation and are equipped with coulter devices that create a clean seeding furrow. This – explains the Austrian company in a note – makes it possible to optimise seed deposition in almost all working conditions. Another plus of these models is the multiple dosing system with mechanical (standard) or electric (optional) drive, which allows the product to be distributed evenly. On the Vitasem, the Austrian company has renewed the container, which now has a 25% increased capacity, the calibration, even more accurate, and the tanks that allow the operator to quickly identify any operational anomalies. Moreover, the container is also available in the flexible Tegosem version, which allows you to work with a second type of seed, placed behind the seeding coulters. The latter are available in a version without a disc, suitable for working with a lower amount of organic matter and reducing the weight of the machine, and in a single disc version, recommended for soils with large quantities of organic matter.


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