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Fast and precise, the new Delta seed drill

by the editorial staff
February 2024 | Back

Delta, this is the name of the new seed drill with variable inter-row distance designed and built by Mascar of Grumolo delle Abbadesse (province of Vicenza), made its official debut last November at Agritechnica. Available in both mechanical and electric versions, as well as prepared for ISOBUS technology, Delta, thanks to the centre of gravity close to the tractor, can also be used with low-power vehicles for the sowing of a wide variety of crops such as corn, soybean, sunflower and rapeseed. It is therefore a particularly versatile machine, which is offered by the Vicenza-based manufacturer with configurations ranging from 6 to 9 rows (possibility of excluding the central element), with row spacing of 45, 50, 70 or 75 centimetres. The inter-rows – explains Mascar in a technical note – are regulated through a system with a slide selector, which allows the operator to configure the elements easily and quickly, setting the desired value when the machine is closed. The seedbed, thanks to the positioning of the wheels, is uniform from the first to the last row. But the Delta seed drill also stands out for another important technological innovation, the MAXI-7 seeding element, previewed at Agritechnica in the SMART-DRIVE electric version. The positioning of the motor inside the SMART-DRIVE electric distributor not only increases the speed of seed release, but also reduces the size of the element itself, as well as containing power absorption. As the speed increases, thanks to the shock absorber, seeding accuracy is not impaired. Compared to the previous model – the MAXI-6 – the new seeding element, made with the latest generation materials, offers greater resistance for the same weight and is appreciated for its optimised management of the seed drill. In fact, as the Veneto-based company itself clarifies, the bedders can be adjusted quickly through a series of holes, therefore without resorting to tools; instead, the seeding depth is selected via a screw adjustment device. Two levers allow the operator to set the pressure and orientation of the wheels, while a lock handle controls the load spring. According to data released by the manufacturer, with the MAXI-7 it is possible to increase the maximum speed of the distributor by 37% compared to the previous model, thus significantly improving the performance of the seed drill.


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