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The Delta shredder, safe and durable

by Fabrizio Sereni
November 2023 | Back

It is called Delta and it is a flail mower designed for contractors and large farms that need a high-performance working tool for the care of pastures, uncultivated land, grassy areas as well as for shredding crop residues and corn stubble. This model is signed by Maschio Gaspardo, which presents it at the Hanover exhibition. Equipped with two side flail mowers and combinable with the BUFALO 280 or 310 frontal flail mower (for a total working width of up to 8.30 m), Delta is a reliable and flexible machine that allows even the largest areas to be managed with a single pass, thanks to its robust flail mower. The 219 mm rotor has a cutting diameter of 465 mm, while the helical arrangement of the tools on 6 rows with anti-damage drop supports (together with the double counter-blade) ensures better suction and even distribution of the shredded residues. The hydraulic floating system of the chopping bodies allows the machine to adapt to all types of terrain regardless of the amount of residue to be chopped. The operator can set the working height by means of the rear roller with removable caps (220 mm diameter), which, moreover, is placed in a self-cleaning position near the rotor. Maschio Gaspardo's new flail mower is also a strong machine, thanks to its spring protection system and its cutting chamber with double reinforced sheet metal (5 + 5 mm) that offers optimal protection against wear and impacts, while facilitating the chopping of large diameter wood residues. Other noteworthy design features include the 1,000 rpm gearbox with incorporated free wheel (for tractors up to 400 Hp), the lateral cardan shafts with sheet metal guards, and the 5 SPBX notched belts with automatic tensioner for the drive of each chopping unit. The overall dimensions of 2.98 m and the maximum height in transport position of 3.82 m allow the forage harvester to be transported on the road without any problems, also because the hydraulic hooks and the pair of support wheels facilitate manoeuvring even in the most difficult situations.

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