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RCU-55, the compact crawler from FAE

FAE expands its offerings with the RCU-55, a new compact radio-controlled crawler for professional use. Born from the design experience on the tracked vehicles of the PT line and on the remote guidance systems of the Demining line, the RCU-55...

New FAE mulchers with Sonic technology

FAE expands its range of forestry mulchers for excavators with Sonic technology. Four new models - BL2/EX/SONIC, UML/HY SONIC, UMM/EX/SONIC and UMM/EX/HP/SONIC - have been added to the other five, with a range from 8 to 36 tonnes. A common...

Reliability and performance of the BL5/EX/VT mulcher from FAE

FAE extends its range of Bite Limiter forestry mulchers for excavators with the new BL5/EX/VT. This machine has been designed for those jobs where a high shredding capacity is required, such as in the management of vegetation in forest areas....

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