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RCU55 and RCU75, the compact stump grinders from FAE

FAE strengthens the range of RCU55 and RCU75 radio-controlled tracked vehicles, with the introduction of the SCL/RCU55 and SCL/RCU75 stump grinders. Compact and easy to handle, the new equipment proposed by the Trentino company - the headquarters are in Fondo...

Effective and resistant the new STCM stone crushers

FAE renews its range of stone crushers by introducing the STCM series, which replaces the current STC. The new addition to the Trentino company - the company's headquarters are located in Fondo, in the province of Trento - is a...

The new BL0/EX mulcher by FAE

Once again present at Hanover, FAE presented the new BL0/EX mulcher to the public at the German exhibition. The model, one of the smallest fixed tool machines on the market, is capable of processing light vegetation, shrubs and trees up...

The performance of the BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher

FAE is launching on the market the BL1/SSL/VT forestry mulcher, designed to be used on skid steer loaders with power ratings between 45 and 65 Hp. The new machine from the Trento-based company - its headquarters are in Fondo (Trento)...

The high performance of the FAE forestry mulcher

Upgrade for the FAE Group's BL5/EX forestry mulcher, which broadens its equipment range with the BL MAX blade. The large cutting surface, the profile optimised with the use of high-strength materials, and the application of specific heat treatments allow the...

Cold milling technology for new FAE road planers

FAE is expanding its offerings in the construction sector with a new series of products dedicated to the world of road maintenance. These are the RPL/SSL, RPM/SSL and RWM/SSL milling machines, intended to equip skid steer loaders and designed to...

FAE renews its PT-300 D:Mine crawler

New things are on the way for the Trentino manufacturer FAE. The company from Fondo, Trento, presents the restyling of its PT-300 D:Mine radio-controlled tracked vehicle and launches the new 300/FD mine clearance head with mobile flails. The PT-300 D:Mine...

A new stump grinder for FAE's crawler machine

FAE is expanding the range of equipment available for the PT-175 tracked vehicle with the introduction of the new 200/SC stump grinder. Compact and agile in maneuvering, the new machine is made for stump removal in a variety of work...

RCU-55, the compact crawler from FAE

FAE expands its offerings with the RCU-55, a new compact radio-controlled crawler for professional use. Born from the design experience on the tracked vehicles of the PT line and on the remote guidance systems of the Demining line, the RCU-55...

New FAE mulchers with Sonic technology

FAE expands its range of forestry mulchers for excavators with Sonic technology. Four new models - BL2/EX/SONIC, UML/HY SONIC, UMM/EX/SONIC and UMM/EX/HP/SONIC - have been added to the other five, with a range from 8 to 36 tonnes. A common...

Reliability and performance of the BL5/EX/VT mulcher from FAE

FAE extends its range of Bite Limiter forestry mulchers for excavators with the new BL5/EX/VT. This machine has been designed for those jobs where a high shredding capacity is required, such as in the management of vegetation in forest areas....

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