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RCU-55, the compact crawler from FAE

by Emanuele Bredice
May - June 2022 | Back

FAE expands its offerings with the RCU-55, a new compact radio-controlled crawler for professional use. Born from the design experience on the tracked vehicles of the PT line and on the remote guidance systems of the Demining line, the RCU-55 was conceived by the technicians of the Trento-based company to work on terrain that is difficult to access or with steep slopes, up to 55°, which require vehicles capable of ensuring both operator safety and high operating efficiency.

The new FAE product is a vehicle suitable for operations on hilly and forest areas, but also for work on railway and power lines, gas and oil pipelines, and for cleaning ditches and banks of lakes and rivers. The RCU-55 is equipped with a compact and powerful 56 Hp Common Rail Stage V Kohler engine with electronic injection, which together with other technical solutions allows the machine to operate in extreme conditions. The undercarriage features a hydraulically variable track width with independent half-tracks and an automatic tensioning system. Also contributing to the machine's efficiency are the rubber track structure, the triple-flanged oscillating roller system and the idler wheels, also triple-flanged.

The new crawler is controlled by an ergonomic radio control unit equipped with a large 3.5" display to better manage all vehicle and header functions, also thanks to multifunction keys that can be customised by the operator. Communication stability is ensured - the company says in an information note - thanks to the 2.4 gigahertz transmission frequency. The RCU-55 can be combined with two dedicated forestry mulchers. The BL1/RCU header, which is capable of shredding branches and wood up to 12 cm in diameter and which can count on a fixed male rotor with Bite Limiter technology (allows high productivity even with little horsepower available, thanks to low power absorption). The PML/RCU head, on the other hand, is a forestry mulcher with mobile hammers, ideal for shredding grass and small shrubs up to 5 cm in diameter.


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