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RCU55 and RCU75, the compact stump grinders from FAE

by Emanuele Bredice
March - April 2024 | Back

FAE strengthens the range of RCU55 and RCU75 radio-controlled tracked vehicles, with the introduction of the SCL/RCU55 and SCL/RCU75 stump grinders. Compact and easy to handle, the new equipment proposed by the Trentino company - the headquarters are in Fondo - is equipped with a particularly robust shredding disc to tackle the most difficult stumps and roots, up to a depth of 45 (SCL/RCU55 version) or 50 centimetres (SCL/RCU75 version). The machine's Direct Drive engine allows maintenance activities to be reduced to a minimum and to have a compact machine body, while the hydraulic lateral movement controls allow the operator to oscillate the cutter in order to process the bulkiest material.
The RCU radio-controlled tracked vehicles produced by FAE are capable of shredding branches and wood up to 15 centimetres in diameter, or grass and small shrubs up to 8 centimetres, or grinding stumps up to 50 centimetres deep, depending on the equipment they are equipped with. The RCU model was designed by Trentino technicians for greenery maintenance work, both in the forestry and road sectors. Its versatility makes it suitable for interventions in the most disparate contexts, from maintenance on hilly and forested areas, to the care of road and motorway edges.


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