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FAE renews its PT-300 D:Mine crawler

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

New things are on the way for the Trentino manufacturer FAE. The company from Fondo, Trento, presents the restyling of its PT-300 D:Mine radio-controlled tracked vehicle and launches the new 300/FD mine clearance head with mobile flails. The PT-300 D:Mine is a special vehicle designed by the Trento-based company to withstand the most extreme stresses as it is used to clear minefields with both anti-personnel and anti-tank ordnance. Tested and certified in accordance with international standards (including CWA 15044:2009), the PT-300 D:Mine makes versatility a strong point, as it can be equipped with dedicated mine clearance heads but can also be fitted with other FAE equipment - trenches, forestry cutters, stump cutters or dozer blades - and thus be used for other purposes. With the 2022 update, the machine saw the introduction of several design innovations. These include the engine, a Caterpillar C7.1 available in two power ratings of 275 Hp and 302 Hp, the hydraulic pumps (of the latest generation) as well as the control units and sensors (this has improved the electronics). In addition, two functions that were already present in the previous version of the crawler have been updated, also electronically: the Load Control and the Floating, which allow the equipment to follow the contours of the terrain precisely at all times. The radio control of the new PT-300 D:Mine has also been improved, as have the 3.5-inch display and controls, which are now more ergonomic. The Fondo designers' retouches also affected the frequency of the communication signal, which has been increased to 2.4GHz for a more stable connection. Together with the new version of the PT-300 D:Mine, Fae has also launched a specific mine clearance head, the 300/FD, which complements the conventional 300/TD fixed tool mine clearance head and features a rotor with moving flails capable of clearing landmines by detonating the ordnance as it hits the flails.


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