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A new stump grinder for FAE's crawler machine

by Emanuele Bredice
July - August - September 2022 | Back

FAE is expanding the range of equipment available for the PT-175 tracked vehicle with the introduction of the new 200/SC stump grinder. Compact and agile in maneuvering, the new machine is made for stump removal in a variety of work settings, from forest operations to road and riverbank maintenance, to use in purely agricultural environments. The 200/SC comes with a sturdy shredding disc equipped with additional blades to shred the toughest stumps and roots, reaching a working depth of up to 50 cm.

The FAE stump grinder is powered by a VT hydraulic motor and is equipped with anti-cavitation valves that ensure high productivity while protecting the hydraulic system. Moreover, the Trento-based company explains that the Poly Chain belt drive is designed to offer high performance with optimal power management. Other pluses of this model are the hydraulic side-shift controls that allow the operator to swing the cutter to chop larger logs, while interchangeable protective chains will enable the operator to manage the processed material's spillage safely.

The PT-175 crawler thus gains an additional piece of equipment, the new stump cutter, which is in addition to the 140/U/SONIC forestry mulcher for tending heavier vegetation, and the dozer-type blade for work area finishing operations.

This equipment makes the Trento-based company's crawler a suitable vehicle for contractors who need a wide range of working tools in the most diverse contexts. 


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