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New FAE mulchers with Sonic technology

by the editorial staff
February 2022 | Back

FAE expands its range of forestry mulchers for excavators with Sonic technology. Four new models - BL2/EX/SONIC, UML/HY SONIC, UMM/EX/SONIC and UMM/EX/HP/SONIC - have been added to the other five, with a range from 8 to 36 tonnes. A common feature of the three FAE debutants is the Sonic technology, which - the manufacturer explains in a technical note - has been designed not only to optimize the combination between the excavator and the mulcher through an automatic calibration system, but also to constantly monitor the hydraulic parameters of the equipment, offering a significant increase in productivity. An increase that the Trento-based company estimates at up to 30%. Another advantage of the Sonic system is its ability to minimise the risk of rotor stall and reduce recovery time thanks to a rapid recovery. The BL2/EX/VT is a mulcher designed for medium-sized excavators from 8 to 14 tonnes. It can shred logs up to 15 cm in diameter and is available in two working widths, 100 and 124 cm. The rotor is equipped with steel profile tools; this technology, called Bite Limiter, limits the working depth of the tools and reduces the power demand, but without impacting on the working speed or performance of the machine. One of the BL2/EX/VT's plus points is the VT (Variable Torque) motor, which increases torque when necessary and reduces the risk of rotor stall. The UML/HY SONIC is an excavator mulcher with a rotor with fixed tools or mobile hammers. The couplings are positioned in such a way as to make it easier and quicker to hook up and unhook the mulcher, while the hydraulic bonnet drive device facilitates the operator during reclamation work. The range of new products proposed by FAE is completed by the UMM/EX/HP/SONIC model, a machine specifically designed by the technicians of the Trentino company for work on vegetation in wooded areas, for the maintenance of green areas and for all situations that require a high shredding capacity. The UMM/EX/SONIC mulchers, also available with HP equipment, can shred bushes and trees up to 40 cm in diameter and are compatible with excavators from 20 to 36 tonnes.


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