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The new BL0/EX mulcher by FAE

by Emanuele Bredice
December 2023 | Back

Once again present at Hanover, FAE presented the new BL0/EX mulcher to the public at the German exhibition. The model, one of the smallest fixed tool machines on the market, is capable of processing light vegetation, shrubs and trees up to 8 centimetres in diameter. The strength of the head is the introduction by the Trentino company's engineers of Bite Limiter technology for the first time in this segment, which enables high performance with excellent shredded product yield. Among the main components of the mulcher is the rotor, which is equipped with special wear-resistant steel profiles that limit the depth of action of the tools and make it possible to reduce the power requirement in favour of a constant working speed, thus achieving excellent performance in wood shredding. In addition, the use of this technology reduces the possibility of rotor stall and optimises fuel consumption. The Direct Drive motor of the BL0/EX - the Fondo company explains - allows for minimal routine maintenance, no drain line and a compact machine body, all to the benefit of manoeuvrability. The small dimensions and clean-line design of the head are possible thanks to the hydraulic block with flow control valve integrated in the motor, and the positioning of the rostrum inside the frame. The new mulcher can be equipped with BL/MINI blades or C/3/MINI tools and is available in working widths from 56 to 80 centimetres.


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